#FlintWaterCrisis goes National with DC hearings

The #FlintWaterFiasco goes on and the Left continues to deflect… It is now a National issue with Democrat POTUS Candidates trying to use it for the usual #RaceBaiting and other opportunities to LIE. So that you can be informed if it comes up in discussions, no matter where you reside, here are the details….

Fact 1: Regardless of any other “facts” surrounding the reasons why Flint switched to the Flint River – it was the Flint Water Department that failed to properly clean and treat the water that created the crisis of Lead leeching from the pipes! (undeniable/indisputable) Period! (Why is no-one demanding all Communications be released between the Flint Water Detp and Former Flint Mayor, Council, and DEQ/EPA? and asking/demanding: What did they know and when did they know it AND why didn’t they do a darn thing about it?)

Fact 2: Others (after the fact) mismanaged the crisis (created in Fact 1)

Until people are willing to deal with the people responsible for/in Fact 1 – I frankly don’t give a darn who they want to scapegoat for Fact 2 (which would be moot had Fact 1 not happened)!

The Detroit River water, that flowed through the same Flint pipes and DID NOT leech Lead from them, isn’t “good” water and somehow “magical” and “pure” but was/is just water properly cleaned and treated (and Detroit Water Dept deserves credit for that). The Flint River water is not “evil” water but just water that needed to be properly cleaned and treated and was not (and Flint Water Dept is to blame for it, no-one else (The Gov didn’t fail to properly treat the Water, nor the EM, nor the Dem Flint Mayor, nor anyone in DEQ, nor even the Obama EPA Regional Official that also resigned))! And everything else is just an attempt to deflect, distract, and distort! Especially constantly bringing up the EM (which is Fact B) that would not have happened if (Fact A) the constant mismanagement of Flint finances by Flint Mayors/Council dictated the need to bail them out!


The simple/basic timeline/FACTS of the Flint Water situation…

The Democrat Flint City Council (before the EM ever showed up) voted (only 1 dissent) to switch from Detroit Water (run by Democrats, cuz Detroit Democrats have so mismanaged the Dept that the cost of Water is prohibitive – and even Democrats admit that failing when they are marching and complaining about Detroit Water Shutoffs (that Democrats are behind)). Then, the Detroit Water Democrats threw a tantrum and said: Fine, you don’t want our Water we’re going to immediately withdraw the Water from you (fellow Democrats) in Flint which is what FORCED the Flint Mayor, Council, and Water Department onto their only viable (at the time) alternative of the Flint River (The EM didn’t force them, the Gov didn’t force them, the State or Federal EPA didn’t force them – Detroit Democrats did). THEN, we’re not done yet, the Flint (Democrats) Water Department whose job it was to treat that Water (NOT the Gov or EM) FAILED TO DO IT PROPERLY and also failed to monitor the situation properly for some time which then created the situation where Lead leeched from the Old-Pipes. (You can also easily google the facts that Bay City had a similar switch with the same basic Old-Pipes, but did NOT POISON their residents – cuz they properly treated the water so as to avoid Lead from leeching from the pipes – look it up)… Was the State and Federal EPA slow to do anything once things came to light? YES, and guess what – some folks in Lansing were forced to Resign over it and even a person in OBAMA’S FEDERAL EPA that knew about it and did nothing also resigned…. but none of it would have occurred if not for the actions/decisions/failings of FLINT AND DETROIT DEMOCRATS! And no amount of attempts, by the Left, to Distort, Deflect, or Deny those FACTS will change it!! NO CALLS for Flint Water Dept workers that failed and are the ones who actually caused the poisoning of its citizens are, of course, being made. No calls pointing out the culpability of Detroit Democrats for PULLING THE WATER FROM FLINT before Flint was ready are, of course, being made. And while the Left keeps trying to blame the EM or the Governor because both Flint and Detroit Democrats had failed to correct course and prevent their cities from further going to Hell that would have then avoided the whole need for the State to have to appoint an EM to bail them out. PERIOD!!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE and all that actually use their brain and examines the facts knows where the blame actually lies. These are undisputable facts and News-stories that outline every step in this process can be found!


What Snyder said at the #MISOTS16 about Flint being a “Failure Of Government” was spot on. The Democrats, however, will (of course) NOT agree and will twist/use his words against him in their “never let a crisis go to waste” Alinsky tactics of attempting to shift the blame from the Local (Flint) Democrats to their continued moronic calls that Snyder “purposefully poisoned Flint residents!”

We must indeed focus on the solution and going forward as Snyder is trying to do, but surrogates within the Party, and people like myself, must continue to demand FULL RELEASE OF THE FACTS AND FULL ACCOUNTABILITY which means going all the way back to the beginning and NOT allowing Democrats (and their Allies in the Press) to continue to cherry-pick information while completely avoiding ALL OF THE FACTS (especially the MSM who have those facts, via stories they themselves did, in their own archives) that they are conveniently glossing over to try and re-write History!

Michael Moore-on (and then Jackson) came to town and demanded the Resignation of the Republican Governor. While there are many reasons I’d like to see the GoverNerd to resign so that the supposedly “more Conservative” Lt Gov Brian Calley could take over – this is not one of them. There was NO MALICE (on the part of the Liberal Democrats on the Flint Council that voted for it, nor in Lansing) in what happened in Flint.

THEN THERE’S THAT SMALL PROBLEM (AGAIN)OF DEALING WITH THE FACTS….. You’ll notice Mikey Moore-on or Rev Jackson don’t call for the resignation of the Flint City Council members that Voted to approve the Water deal/switch (they were NOT forced to vote for it (only 1 dissenting vote) by Gov or EM) – cuz they’re all Liberal Democrats (and many of whom were crying endlessly about the COST/EXPENSE of Detroit Water themselves, yet, again and of course, not really calling for anything or anyone to be held accountable for that – cuz they are all Liberal Democrats appointed by Liberal Democrat Detroit Mayors). Nor do you hear any demands for resignation or prosecution of Flint’s Water Department Workers/Leaders that were supposed to treat and monitor the water locally – again, cuz they’re all Liberal Democrats. This is, of course, the usual – never let a crisis go to waste (Alinsky Democrat) tactics to engage in a hyper-partisan Witch hunt!!!

There is plenty of blame to go around (those at the State’s version of the EPA are also very culpable) – what needs to be focused on is the immediate needs of Flint residents and all to work toward the long-term fix. Mikey Moore-on (nor Jesse Jackson) isn’t here to help anyone fix anything, he’s just here to grandstand – after all, he has a movie coming out this month he needs sheeple to go see!!! You’ll notice Mikey Moore-on nor Jesse Jackson brought any Water with them!!!!

Amazing how the Democrat Flint Mayor (and other Flint Democrats) were all so eager and happy (as denoted by the quotes in the MLive Article that I link to from the time) when they were accepting the credit for their great move/actions to remove themselves from the “unreasonable” over-charging of those evil Detroit Democrats’ Water system and now that they need to deflect blame it is as if they are in Witness-Protection and are nowhere to be found!

FACTS (try them some time)(read): http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2014/03/flint_residents_should_be_drin.html

see also: http://www.floppingaces.net/2016/01/19/lies-deceit-and-more-sniper-fire-the-obama-administration-knew-about-flint-last-april/

Save the MLive link to back up your delivering of the FACTS, while the Liberals continue to Lie and, of course, have nothing (from a trusted News source) to back them up!

Again, The Flint City Council voted to approve the switch BEFORE THE EM ARRIVED and Detroit Democrats then FORCED (not Gov or EM) them to Flint River… I guess Liberals/Democrats are just angry that neither the GoverNerd nor the EM were PSYCHIC and therefore failed to see the results coming and therefore STEP IN and STOP Flint Democrats from “poisoning their citizens” (as the ridiculous accusation is against the Governor). Could you imagine the out-cry had the EM/Gov STOP THEM from doing it – the cries about meddling they are already screaming about cuz an EM had to be appointed cuz Democrats have driven Flint to the point of Bankruptcy!!

GoverNerd quoted as saying Flint is his Katrina… Exactly right, he will be blamed for what Liberal Democrats did (Flint Council voted to make Water switch before EM took-over) in Flint just as Bush was blamed for what Liberal Democrats failed to do (use monies to fix/improve Levies as they were supposed to, but instead constantly diverted funds to other “pet” projects that enriched their friends) in NOLA which made Katrina worse than it should have been. All because the MSM is (either willing accomplices to the Democrats lies or) too lazy to bother to research and report (some of what they themselves had previously reported) the facts!