Trump: Tariffs, Trade, and a new Recession/Depression?

#‎Trump‬: ‪#‎Tariffs‬, ‪#‎TradeWars‬, a new Depression, and ‪#‎TouchbackAmnesty‬…. ‪#‎DETAILSMATTER‬, explain them to people….

Trump and the promise of the Tariff/Trade War he’d create if allowed to get his way, that will drag America down from Obama’s WRECKovery into a full-blown Economic Depression…

We need someone in the MSM to have the BRAINS to ask (or Ted Cruz to challenge) Donald. You’re for Tariffs, how about the US (Obama) put a 35% Tariff on the Import of your Ties/Clothes, immediately (making them less affordable, cutting into your Sales/Production, cutting into YOUR PROFITS. Why is it OK for you to OffShore your Work/Products, but you attack other American “Businessmen”/Companies for doing the exact same thing for the exact same reasons you did/do?!?!)…

How do you think he’d squirm out of that question?!?! More attempts to deflect by insinuating he is lying about his position (that can be easily found via google), more insults, maybe even another F-Bomb (that Trump has dropped several, while hypocritically whining about V.Fox having used it)!

Trump will NOT “Make America Great Again” he will “Make Americans Suffer Another Depression Again.” How many Americans do you know that will be able to afford all the things coming from China/Mexico when they start costing 35% more (as they slap the same Tariffs on Goods)?!?!? The Poor and Middle-Class WILL SUFFER from Trump policies, NOT gain! More will be needing Welfare. More will be needing Food-Stamps. Less money will be available in the General Economy! And what about the American Workers who will lose their Jobs?? Chinese and Mexicans will also NOT be able to buy as many of our Goods when they cost them 35% more!! Sales will drop! Production will have to Drop! PEOPLE WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS!!! As less Chinese/Mexicans will be able to afford the 35% markup than Americans can, the Trade Deficits will get WORSE, NOT BETTER!

You BRING JOBS BACK TO THE USA via the proper INCENTIVES not attempted “punishment” that the Corporations don’t actually pay, the Consumers do!!! And ALL the other ‪#‎GOP‬ Candidates (especially Ted Cruz, with what he is calling for) understand that. You LOWER REGULATIONS AND TAXES to encourage Companies to come back because we would have the best environment for them (than the “incentives”/policies that are luring them overseas)!!! We especially need to have a one-time Tax-Amnesty, ZERO TAX, that will allow US Corporations to bring back the TRILLIONS of dollars that are Off-Shore! All those Billions returning into the US Economy will further our Growth, rather than growth of Nations abroad!

And don’t even get me started on Trump’s #TouchbackAmnesty position. He’s said it. RECENTLY! Pay attention. Details Matter. Why would we engage in the greatest “waste, fraud, and abuse” of Taxpayer money boondoggle as: Pay BILLIONS to Deport folks, that Trump says he’ll let right back in!?!? HELLO!!! ANYBODY?!?! Trump is no better than Rubio, he’s just a better ‪#‎ConMan‬/Liar, actually worse with the way he’ll waste money in a sham Immigration shuffle! Deport them and never, ever, allow them to return (no back of the line, let alone front of the line, never allowed anywhere near the line)!


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