Trump, like Obama, did these things called "books"

Dear Trump supporters: The problem with Donald (and you) is the same as it was with Obama (and his supporters). Like Obama, Donald HAS WRITTEN BOOKS and he’s said certain things in those books! He, like Obama, has told us Who he is, What he is, and exactly how he operates!

In 2000 (A year before Bush 43 took Office) Donald wrote about Saddam and WMDs and how Bush 41 failed to finish the Job (take out Saddam) and the need to carry the mission to its conclusion to remove Saddam in “The America We Deserve!” That he went on to LIE about in a Debate! (so, he was before a War, before he supposedly was against a particular War)

Here’s a snippet from a BuzzFeed Article, on Donald talking to Chuck Todd about his opposition to the Iraq War:

“Well, I did it in 2003. I said before that — don’t forget, I wasn’t a politician so people didn’t write everything I said,” Trump said to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd push Trump on the lack of evidence. “I was a businessperson, I was as they say, a world-class businessperson. I built a great company, I employed thousands of people so I’m not a politician but if you look at 2003, there are articles. If you look at 2004, there are articles — in fact, I saw somebody commenting on it last night, that Trump really was against the war.”

In September, asked about his Iraq War opposition, Trump said this:

“You can check it out, check out — I’ll give you 25 different stories.”

A detailed search by BuzzFeed News in September (and other news organization in recent days) did not produce evidence at all Trump opposed the war before the March 2003 start.

The week the war started Trump was quoted as saying it was turning into a “mess” but also said the war would positively impact the stock market, causing it “to go up like a rocket.”

<end snippet>

THEN, there is the whole admission of Trump’s “negotiation” style. In his book: The Art Of The CON (or something like that) – The Donald says to anyone willing to pay attention and read his own words, that he ALWAYS adopts positions that he does NOT believe in and will happily abandon as throw aways in negotiation in any DEAL! He’s doing the exact same thing with his Presidential Campaign Promises and Positions!!

The leaked details of the NYTimes OTR interview, demonstrates that!!! Again, for those that pay attention!!!

I’ve gone on at length in other Posts about Trump’s ‪#‎TouchbackAmnesty‬ position/policy, that he tries to keep quiet now, while people cling to his DEPORT ‘EM ALL (which I agree with) tough rhetoric that is just that: rhetoric (not only should they once Deported NOT be allowed at the front of the line to return, they should NOT be allowed at the back of the line, they should be disqualified from ever getting near the line. Do NOT reward them for having broken the Immigration Laws – in any way, shape, or form. PERIOD!). His tough stances are throw away bargaining chips in any “DEAL!” Trump is no better than Rubio, he’s just a better LIAR and ConMan fooling people!

ObamaZombies had to ignore Obama’s books to remain woefully ignorant of the man they were supporting. TrumpZombies are no different.