Time has come to change the First In The Nation Primary contest locations

The time is long past due to change where the ‪#‎FITN‬ Primary contests are held! Why? It’s simple. Reality dictates that Presidential Elections really come down to the half-dozen, or so, Purple/Swing States! Therefore, we should be concerning ourselves with who it is that those Battleground States think is the best nominee in order to win those States and thereby the Election(s)! Put those States as #FITN on the same day or, at least, within 7 – 10 days of one another for the expressed purpose of finding out who it is that those States believe is the best nominee to (again) win those States and thereby the General Election(s). It would be equally important, IMO, to have those States be CLOSED PRIMARY contests – we simply must stop Democrats from meddling in those key States of determining who is best to be the GOP nominee! I have long respected the place and tradition of having ‪#‎IA‬ and ‪#‎NH‬ first, then ‪#‎SC‬, and so on. However, we must get smarter and more strategic in our thinking going forward!