Flint Michigan Water fiasco

#Flint #Michigan…. Michael Moore-on (and then Jackson) comes to town and demands the Resignation of the Republican Governor. While there are many reasons I’d like to see the GoverNerd to resign so that the supposedly “more Conservative” Lt Gov Brian Calley could take over – this is not one of them. There was NO MALICE (on the part of the Locals that approved it nor in Lansing) in what happened in Flint.
THEN THERE’S THAT SMALL PROBLEM OF DEALING WITH THE FACTS….. You’ll notice Mikey Moore-on or Rev Jackson don’t call for the resignation of the Flint City Council members that also Voted to approve the Water deal/switch – cuz they’re all Liberal Democrats (and many of whom were crying endlessly about the COST/EXPENSE of Detroit Water themselves, yet, again and of course, not really calling for anything or anyone to be held accountable for that – cuz they are all Liberal Democrats appointed by Liberal Democrat Detroit Mayors). Nor do you hear any demands for resignation or prosecution of Flint’s Water Department Workers/Leaders that were supposed to treat and monitor the water locally (cuz they deliberately poisoned their own Citizens – that, of course, being the moronic charge against the GOP Governor by the Left) – again, cuz they’re all Liberal Democrats. Nor is there any cries about Obama’s EPA (that reports indicate also knew was happening and remained silent). This is, of course, the usual – never let a crisis go to waste (Alinsky Democrat) tactics to engage in a hyper-partisan (gotta be the Republican’s fault, cuz, you know, RACISM or something) Witch hunt!!!
There is plenty of blame to go around (those at the State’s version of the EPA are also very culpable) – what needs to be focused on is the immediate needs of Flint residents and all to work toward the long-term fix. Mikey Moore-on (nor Jesse Jackson) isn’t here to help anyone fix anything, he’s just here to grandstand – after all, he has a movie coming out this month (or soon, if it gets delayed yet again, was supposed to be out in December) he needs sheeple to go see!!! You’ll notice Mikey Moore-on nor Jesse Jackson brought any Water with them!!!!
FACTS (try them some time)(read): http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2014/03/flint_residents_should_be_drin.html