Movie: 13 Hours - a brief commentary

I saw #13Hours at the early Thu 7pm showing…. It is great… I give it an A+ (like I did #LoneSurvivor and #AmericanSniper and don’t give to that many other Films)….
[This is, of course, a True Story – so you know what (more or less) happens, but it will still sicken you further than you were before over this incident. Therefore NO Spoilers follow, I just want to emphasize some of what you already know and to pay close attention for in the Film]
While the Stars making the rounds on the Talk Shows to promote the Film saw it does NOT deal with the Politics, but just what happened that Night – I can/will say that is pretty much TRUE (they don’t cast any bad light or question the whys and wherefores about why we were there and the complete lack of security up front), but a few comments/lines in the Film make it pretty clear who is to blame for the lack of support once the attack started! Pay close attention to the time-mark when they indicate Obama was notified/briefed and the hours upon hours thereafter that not a damn thing was done to lift a finger to help!!! Especially pay attention to the comment at the end of the Film when they are to be picked up at the Airport following their long ordeal…. VERY TELLING!!!! …..
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