Open Letter to all Pro-Life GOP POTUS Candidates

An Open Letter to all ‪#‎GOP‬ ‪#‎ProLife‬ Candidates regarding the Debate on CNN (Wed 9/16):

Remember, when you are asked about Abortion, as we know the CNN Liberals will want to try and corner all GOP Candidates… The proper response is:

“The extreme position is the Democrat position. Take for example the ‘Life of the Mother’ scenario… I, Pro-Lifers, Republicans in general, all believe that any Pregnant Woman with an ‘issue’ go to the nearest Hospital – where trained Doctors and Nurses, who have taken an oath to: DO NO HARM – which will work for the best interest, the LIFE of, the general Health of, BOTH PATIENTS… Where-as, Democrats want any/every Pregnant Woman with just a mild-headache to rush to the nearest Planned Butcherhood center for an immediate Abortion so the Baby’s body parts can be sold off to the highest bidder!”

….. put all questions/issues BACK on the DUMBocrats/Libtards!

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