It's that time of year again: School is in...

This is now going to be my standard response to any/all “Schools” related stories…. (While I’m mainly writing this article as it pertains to my home State of Michigan, it most likely appropriately is true/applies to yours)

BOTTOM LINE: STOP being the #NoInformationVoters that the Left preys upon with their “vague generalities!”

Whether you have kids in School or NOT… Go to your School District and get the Facts and actual Figures… The Left despises people who are actually informed and can understand for themselves what is actually going on rather than just fall for whatever BS they put out… Ask questions and demand specifics, and if they aren’t willing to openly provide specifics be prepared to file FOIAs if necessary to get them….

Get a copy of the Contracts the District is operating under for yourself and see what they are being paid, rather than their constant cries of being poor and underpaid (and compared to who or what?). KNOW and decide for yourself! Demand to see the trend in test scores – are they rising or falling for the more and more Taxpayer money they keep demanding. KNOW what you are getting! Demand to know the stats on the actual number of Students from year to year and therefore that effect on the Budget (increase or decrease based on the per-pupil funding formulas) rather than fall for their “it’s a conspiracy in Lansing to cut funding” lies/nonsense when per-pupil spending has increased every year! FACT: In a “static” model, Budgets would always go up based upon the Formulas – stop letting them play you for a fool and KNOW the whys and wherefores of what is going on in your District!! Demand to know the Number of School Administrators and whether or not that number keeps growing despite the fact that your District may have less kids (Administrators to Students ratio). Again, KNOW whether they are giving more and more Jobs to more and more of their friends whether the School District warrants it or not!?!?


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