Still rumored that Romney may get in 2016 race

Mitt Romney to join 2016 race?!?! I say: No…. not now… and let me state for the record that I was one of the few folks that was begging Romney to NOT get out of the Race earlier (this time, tho he was never technically in it) cuz just the rumors of Romney running, back at that time, was “WE TOLD YOU SO” (about Oblunder and the DUMBocrats) enough; without anyone having to actually sound like a Grade-schooler and say it! HOWEVER, if the only reason for him to come into the race is to distract and deflect from other GOP Candidates! STAY THE F*** OUT! If you wanna come back in and will appropriately attack Obama and Hillary, then I’m all for it… There is ZERO chance that me, or anyone I know, would support Romney in any Primary tho – but, again, he can/could/should serve the Party by going at/after Hillary and Oblunder. He can, of course, still do that without Officially being in the race – and, again, just rumors of him potentially getting into the race can/will get him the platform/Press to do the right thing! Will he???

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