Who are you supporting for MI-GOP Chair?

Bobby Schostak is not running for Michigan GOP Chair; to be elected the end of February 2015. Well known, and well positioned, Ronna Romney-McDaniel is vying for the position but is being challenged by Grassroots Conservative and TEAParty activist: Kim Shmina. The TEAParty tried unsuccessfully to unseat sitting Lt. Gov Brian Calley for TEAParty activist Wes Nakagiri at the 2014 Michigan State Convention – will the TEAParty be able to muster the strength to control the State Party top spot? Who are you supporting??

Here is Kim Shmina’s Bio:

Dr. Kimberly Shmina has been fighting for your conservative rights for nearly a decade. Serving as a precinct delegate, a St. Clair County Republican Party committee member and a 10th District committee member, Kim’s determination and drive for preserving citizens’ freedoms helped propel her to the Vice Chair of the 10th District. In 2015, Kim wants to be your next Michigan Republican Party Chair, providing a strong voice for your future.

Throughout the years, Kim has strived to serve others and make a difference in her community. Armed with a nursingdegree, Kim began working with young mothers and began to see first­hand how local government policies and laws can provide assistance for families and children.

Kim continued working with young people once she began teaching undergraduate and graduate students at Wayne State University in 2006, and even earned her doctorate in nursing in 2013 from Wayne State (along with her Bachelor’s from U of M, and Masters from MSU).  As both a nurse and full time faculty member, Kim has a unique perspective on how government policy influences our healthcare and educational systems.

Instead of waiting for someone to step in and step up to create the necessary change, Kim became the voice of the people. She got involved. She’s 100% pro­life and a firm proponent of the Constitution.  She’s proven herself to be a true leader in the fight against common core curriculum in her school district, proposing a return to a back­to­the­basics approach within the educational system.

Kim’s background starts from her small­town roots in Cheboygan County, and she understands that the key to promoting change is by fostering relationships, bridging gaps and focusing on collective goals that best represent the needs of the community. Kim still lives in a small town, residing in St. Clair County with her husband and children, andputs those small­town values into all she does.

With your support as the next Michigan Republican Party Chair, Kim Shmina has the vision to build and strengthen the party by continuing the successes of outgoing chair Bobby Schostak, electing and retaining a strong Finance Chair and Finance Committee, but there’s more work to do. Kim Shmina has the drive and the vision to deliver results, and truly unite our party.

You can call Kim any time at home, 586­725­6318 or e­mail her at [email protected] Please visit www.kimshmina.com for more information and to join her growing team.

UPDATE: FEB 2, 2015: I have personally/officially now endorsed: Norm Hughes… see www.normforchair.com




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