Why people cannot sit out the 2014 MidTerms

If you are in a heavy RED part of the State – you cannot take your vote for granted! Likewise if you are in a heavy BLUE part of the/your State, margins of wins/loses matter and whether they can be made up across a State in Statewide races!


You must get out and vote for all the GOP Candidates on the Michigan (or ANY States’) ticket to overcome the heavy DUMBocrat votes out of Wayne County, Flint, Saginaw, Pontiac, etc…. If you are not in Michigan, just replace that County and those Cities names with Heavy Blue ones in your State! You cannot just SIT OUT because your State House and State Senate Candidates are a Shoe-in (or have NO chance)… You may jeopardize/sacrifice Governorship, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and US Senator, Supreme Court Justice’s, seats if you stay home or skip any of those races!


There are a number of States where the Senate races are still very close. If any Conservative, TEAParty member, or even establishment Republican, in places like Charlotte, Denver, New Orleans, etc… we could lose these very important Senate seats. We need to have 52/53 GOP Senators at the conclusion of the 2014 MidTerms as we (projections are, based on seats in contention) may lose a couple in 2016 – therefore need as wide a margin now to possibly retain Senate control in 2016 when we’ll hopefully get a Republican POTUS!


We cannot only look at the short-term. We must have a long-term strategy. You cannot just vote in 2014, or ANY ELECTION going forward, and go back to sleep. This is a NEVER ENDING PROCESS. The strategy:


to get GOP Super-Majorities in House/Senate (States and Federal levels)

2) REPLACE as many RINOs as possible while adding to our majorities.

3) REPLACE even more RINOs

etc… (This will take a decade, at least)

PLUS – Our JOB/DUTY is NOT done after Election day. It is up to us to continually stay in touch (get in the face of and/or directly ring-their neck if necessary) to ensure they do the Right thing, pass the Right Bills, etc… regardless of what levers of Government we do, or do not, control.


And for those in Michigan still not “certain” you can vote for Snyder: Folks on our side have to stop being so lazy. Our JOB is NOT done after Election day. It is up to us to put even a RINO into the Governorship and then LAY HEAVY on our HOUSE/SENATE MEMBERS to pass only appropriate Legislation which the Governor then can only SIGN OR VETO!!! As well as other reasons, see that discussion (Why you MUST vote for Rick Snyder for Michigan Governor) elsewhere (briefly: Dept Head appointments, Judicial Appointments, etc)!!


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We must have votes for all:
Your local House/Senate Candidate!
Your Congressional District GOP Candidate
Governor: Snyder
SOS: Johnson
AG: Schuette
USSenate: Land
Supreme Court: Zahra, Viviano, & Redford (all 3)


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