Letter I wrote to many Newspapers and Magazines… and encourage others to write on topic…
Dear Editor:
SCOTUS directly referred to RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act); which gotta love when Democrats do something to pretend to care about Religion/Faith and it comes back to bite them; and the Left – as usual – runs around and LIES and deflects to do anything/everything but discuss the actual MERITS of the Case. First lie was “Ruling DENIES WOMEN OF BIRTH CONTROL!” Two lies in one, as it does NOT Deny anyone of anything (just makes them pay for it on their own as was the case before the #ACA); the pills in question are NOT Birth (CONCEPTION) Control but instead DRUG INDUCED ABORTION PILLS; and lastly 16 other Birth Control Pills ARE covered by Hobby Lobby. These lies/distortions failed, so now they are trying to equate/moral-equivalence between VIAGRA (creating Babies) and DRUG INDUCED ABORTION PILLS (Killing Babies). Again, distraction, NOT all plans cover Viagra, but the FACTS never stop a Leftist from their memes/lies. And one has nothing to do with the other. They just have to return to the War On Women meme and hope they can continue to sucker people with Emotional tripe over facts. Liberals must constantly cry racism, sexism, classism, to distract/deflect from their Socialist positions – that they CANNOT BE HONEST ABOUT!
“I Think, Therefore am Conservative”!
“Conservative by Choice, Republican only by necessity!”
“Liberals – looking to do FOR America what they’ve done TO Detroit. Destroy it!”
“You can lead a Liberal to the Facts, but you cannot make them Think!”