Democrats are Racist

When will the Black Community tell the Democrats to STOP insulting them? When will they recognize the Democrat Party lies?

Four Points…


Democrats want large numbers of Abortions within the Black Community as a means of suppression and control. Democrats always proclaim that they want CHOICE but Abortion to be SAFE AND RARE. Democrats claim Republicans want to make Abortion illegal. Let’s examine these LIES.

Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency under George W. Bush – did they at any time attempt to make Abortion illegal? NO. Did they at any time attempt to infringe on Abortion Rights? NO! Republicans control the House, Senate, and Governorship of several States – have they, in any of them, moved to make Abortion illegal? Again, NO!

Democrats want Abortion to be SAFE AND RARE. Texas, and other States, demonstrates that LIE! Texas has moved to make Abortions SAFE, and to protect Women’s Health, by requiring Abortionists to have admitting privileges/rights at a local Hospital. Have they attempted to make Abortions illegal? NO! Democrats have fought these Common Sense PROTECTIONS FOR WOMEN and want Abortion to be available ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME by anyone with a Coat-hanger to perform them.


Democrats continually tell the Black Community that their children are inferior and just too stupid to make it on their own. They insist you need Democrats and their Affirmative Action policies. Democrats want to keep young Black, and poor White, Children trapped in failing Government/Public schools. They oppose School Choice programs that would allow young Blacks, and poor Whites, from getting better educations. Democrats keep lying how they are all about “Choice” until it comes to actually giving you any real Choices.

Republicans wish to do something about the continued decline of Education in America. Democrats want to continue to dumb down everyone, generation by generation.


How many times are people going to continue to allow Democrats to call the Black Community STUPID AND LAZY?

Democrats say they have to oppose Voter Id because Blacks are (too stupid and/or lazy and) incapable of getting a Free Id. Republicans treat you with the dignity and respect to know that most Blacks already have Ids and that others are more than intelligent enough and capable of obtaining them and that Programs can, could, and should be created by non-profit “Get Out The Vote” Groups to assist the poor and/or anyone else that does not already have one and get them to a DMV office for their FREE ID.


Democrats are for Gun Control in the Urban Communities and keeping Blacks from being able to protect themselves in their own homes. Democrats want you to continue to be victims of Crime while they continue to be, and appoint Judges who are, soft on Criminals.

The Democrats LIE. Republicans and TEA Party members are constantly being accused of being Racist just for opposing bad policies of Barack Obama that has disproportionally effected the Black Community – higher unemployment, more people becoming poor not less, etc. It’s time to ask yourself, given the FACTS and positions of the Parties – Who are the real Racists?!?!?! Republicans focus on POLICIES and EQUALITY while Democrats obsess over Obama’s Race. Republicans insist Obama be treated EQUAL to other Presidents, while Democrats insist that because he is Black he must be treated differently — THAT IS RACIST!

When will the DENIAL end?

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