Michigan's US Senate Candidates set... Gary Glenn with largest support out the chute...

It’s easiest to convey my thoughts by sharing an excerpt from an e-mail (follow-up to a phone call) I sent …

… as I stated on the phone: “the road to GOP nominations goes through the TEA Party groups…. and that Gary Glenn is that Candidate in Michigan….”

Further, I mentioned that just like Richard Mourdock in Indiana (with Grassroots CONSERVATIVES support – HFCS http://HoosiersForConservativeSenate.com), Michigan will have a TEA Party Candidate: Gary Glenn as our Candidate this fall.
(we’ll call him) ‘John,’ stating the Buckley rule, said he is supporting Pete Hoekstra. Well, like in Florida a lot of people wasted their time entertaining Charlie Crist or Jeb Bush (because they had name recognition and they thought they MIGHT have a lazy win). Fortunately for all of us TEA Party members and real CONSERVATIVE activists held out for Marco Rubio!! Gary Glenn, is Michigan’s Marco Rubio (see: http://www.redstate.com/jlenarddetroit/2012/02/23/mi4cs/) and Pat Toomey, and Rand Paul, and Richard Mourdock, and so on.
You mentioned the Buckley rule, well (after Pat Toomey, over Specter, in PA; Marco Rubio, over Crist/Bush, in FL; Richard Mourdock, over Dick Lugar, in IN, and other names/locations: Dan Bongino MD, Sarah Steelman MO, Ted Cruz TX, and on and on) there is a NEW RULE. The new rule is called the Lugar-rule, and it says someone may be TOO RINO TO WIN – and that is Pete Hoekstra. 43 Michigan TEA Party groups (see: MI4CS – http://Michigan4ConservativeSenate.com/) have examined all the Candidates, and Gary Glenn was/is their hands down “TEA Party” Candidate, because he is Conservative and WILL win by providing a real contrast to Debbie Stabenow and not be Stabenow-lite with an “R” following his name (like a couple of the other Candidates). Every time a Straw Poll is conducted following a debate (well, all but one) GARY GLENN defeats ALL the other Senate Candidates. Because people are tired of settling for RINOs or Party Insider RINO-in-training wanna-bes.
On Tuesday 5/15 Gary Glenn, surrounded by volunteers from across Michigan, filed his petitions for Candidacy. We turned in 27,227 signatures, more than any other Candidate, covering ALL 83 counties within Michigan; something the other Candidates cannot say. We turned in 500, minimum, signatures from each Congressional District in Michigan – the requirement is at least 100 from only half of the Districts – which the other Candidates cannot say. WE had an all Volunteer army, remember the notion of Grassroots, whereas the other Candidates had PAID staffers collecting signatures. This election WILL NOT BE BOUGHT, it will be won by EARNING votes – as we have been doing all through this process (I refer again to http://Michigan4ConservativeSenate.com) while other Candidates expected to be anointed the Candidate by virtue of their sense of Entitlement.
They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – well, consider us flattered….
The other Candidates “imitate, but cannot replicate” the Gary Glenn model. Don’t believe me? Well, listen to the “Opening remarks” of the Candidates from the early/older Debates (still available via: http://Michigan4ConservativeSenate.com) and compare them to their speeches now and you will hear how a couple Candidates comments sound awfully “familiar.” Why, because Gary Glenn wins Straw-poll after Straw-poll following Debates and they are trying to replicate our success. However, while they “imitate, they cannot replicate” our winning campaign. They did NOT earn the support of 43 TEA Party groups from across all of Michigan, as previously mentioned. They could not replicate Gary Glenn’s track-record of winning Straw-polls when and where actual VOTERS have come to listen to all the Candidates to determine who the real Conservative with the WINNING MESSAGE is! Google search the news reports to see Gary’s winning ways!
There is a reason that Union money and effort is backing Pete Hoekstra. The Unions want to aid Pete Hoekstra in the Republican Primary, to leave him high and dry (and in their mind as) the easiest to beat with their real choice: Debbie Stabenow; as there is little distinction, he’d already lost his State-wide run for Governor, and he won’t excite Conservatives. Likewise, if we have two lackluster Candidates in Mitt Romney for President and Pete Hoekstra for Senate it threatens control of the Michigan Legislature down-ticket — as some folks (base, read: REAL Conservatives) may stay hope. We certainly would hope everyone understands the importance of this election and would not do that, but I for one (of many TEA Party Patriots) is NOT willing to chance it!
When you speak with Gary directly, he’ll be able to go into all the details why HE alone is uniquely qualified to defeat Debbie Stabenow.
With the likes of Patriots from all across the country that aided in the Candidates I previously mentioned winning their races (add Allen West and even more), we too (with Gary Glenn, a real Conservative Candidate) will rally forces (and money) from across the United States to take one from the Democrats they never thought they could/would lose – and would not lose if a milk-toast, wishy-washy, RINO, is the nominee.
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Joseph (@JLenardDetroit) Lenard

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