The Contraception deception

The Contraception deception…

“If you like your plan, you will get to keep your plan!” Remember Obama promising you that about ObaMAOcare?!?!?!

Do you think Religious institutions, exercising their conscience by not having their plans include contraception and the (Morning after) Abortion pill, like their plans the way they are?!?! Obama shows how “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” is, and always has been; as well as most everything else out of his mouth is; A LIE!

There is something else that everyone is missing here. This is a purposeful, willful, and with malice of fore-thought, a direct attempt to get Religious endeavors TO DROP THEIR PLANS causing countless more Americans to be in that “Public Option,” which was, is, and always has been, their (Liberals) goal. They are moving to complete, outright, Government controlled Socialized Medicine; ObaMAOcare was designed to do this from the outset – to destroy and move people away from Private Health Care Insurance plans to a Government option.

Time and time again, we warned people this was the plan/goal from the outset and so many just buried their head back in the sand – too lazy to pay attention and do any research for themselves, just buying into any and all lies from Liberal/Progressive Democrats about the ObaMAOcare scheme. They have been pushing for this since the 1930’s (long before HilaryCare) and only now under Obama and while they had Democrat control of the House and Senate were they finally able to (do what they couldn’t, but tried, to do under Clinton, and) ram it through.

Shamefully, Mitt Romney continues to struggle on finding the “right message” (response) to the ‘Obama-care is just Romney-care on a National scale’ meme. While there are similarities (Mandate), they are NOT exactly the same. The words Romney, and other Republicans, must be putting forth is the simple truth: Obama-care was designed to DISGUISE itself as a Romney-care clone, but is little more than a Trojan-horse (Wolf, in Romney-care clothing). While it (Obama-care) keeps the facade of “Private Insurance” coverages, countless other pages/sections are designed and in-place to undermine that (“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”) concept and drive more and more people unto the “Public Option.” Obama-care was/is designed TO FAIL over the long haul, at which time having harmed Private coverage and driven people off their plans onto the Public Option, and usher in the Democrats next calls for out-right and complete 100% Government-run Socialized Medicine.

I have seen many Religious spokespersons asking that we contact our Representatives and ask that “this policy” be “corrected!” THAT IS THE WRONG APPROACH, ALL OF OBAMA-CARE MUST BE REPEALED – that is the correct/only option and course of action that will stop Liberals/Progressives from exerting control over any and all aspects of your Life in the name of Health Care. Our Representatives must STOP trying to tinker around the edges and continue to demand complete repeal – no Republican that offers/promises any less should be supported!

Obama’s mistake was letting this cat out of the bag before this 2012 election. Rest assured, if they cave on the issue now, it will only be to get past the election and to once again push this issue. It’s all about pushing people from Private coverage (by badgering, bullying, regulating into submission, or HC inflation to cause cost prohibition, organizations into dropping their coverages – pushing their people) to the Public Option.

Obamaocare primers: here, here, here, here, here, and HC summary here.

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