Who would comprise your Dream POTUS Cabinet?

Who would you put in charge of what? The choices I am pointing out are meant to send a clear message as to the direction of the new Administration…

President: ME, but I’ll have to settle for any current GOP contender.
Vice Pres: Rick Santorum (maybe: John Kasich).
[NOTE: The next VP must take Pres. pro tem of Senate role seriously and should be there presiding over the Senate once a week and helping to push Senate Republicans along a CONSERVATIVE course.]

ATF: John Lott (and shut this down, these are legal products, the FBI can handle cross-State issues).
Attorney Gen: Pam Bondi, Jay Sekulow, or ____?
China Amb.: Donald Trump (Yes, laughing while typing the name, but you know why he’s mentioned).
DEA: ____?
Defense: John McCain (then we can get a real Conservative Senator from AZ).
FBI: ____?
Homeland Sec.: Rudy Giuliani.
ICE/CBP: Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean, Joe Arpaio.
Sect. of State: Joseph Lieberman (clear statement to Extremists) or John Bolton.
UN Amb.: John Bolton.

Press Sec.: Dennis Miller, Bernard Goldberg, or Newt Gingrich.

Commerce and Labor: Mitt Romney or Herman Cain (reign in the NLRB).
Education: Michelle Rhee or Geoffry Canada.
Energy: Sarah Palin or Rick Perry.
EPA: Sarah Palin.
FCC: Michael Reagan.
FEMA: ____?
HHS: Tom Coburn, John Barrasso, or Ron Paul.
HUD: Star Parker.
USPS/Postmaster General: CEO of either DHL, FedEx, or UPS.
Transportation: Eric Harley and Gary McNamara.

IRS (Dir): Michele Bachmann.
Treasury: Arthur Laffer or Steve Forbes.

Fred Thompson, Joe “You Lie” Wilson, Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, Jason Chaffetz, and ____?
Side-note: Daniel Hannan (ref.). Get that man US Citizenship and put him in charge of something! Why is one of the best CONSERVATIVE voices on the Planet British?!?!?

Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, ____? — they are needed where they are!

Speaker: Alan West (other leaders: Kristi Noem, ____?).
Senate Majority: Marco Rubio (other leaders: Gary Glenn [MI’s next Senator], ____?).

Govt. reduction efforts/plans:
Merge (SHRINK) Agriculture, Commerce, and others into Interior.
Energy should be broken into two parts with a minor role going into Interior and an aspect [Natl. Security (ref.)] going under Defense.
What other mergers, or entities within the Federal Govt. PHASED OUT (like CPB), so we can FIRE staff and reduce duties/responsibilities???
[NOTE: The reason I say merge to reduce rather than out-right eliminate moves us into the right direction — face it folks, you still have to get elected — we can PHASE THESE OUT returning the responsibilities back to the States where everything belongs.]

Seriously though (and/or have some fun with this too), who should comprise the Cabinet of the next Republican POTUS?!?!? The time is now to plant the seed of our thoughts as to appointments in 2013.

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from “NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)”
“Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit. – Destroy it!”
“I think, therefore I am Conservative”
“Conservative by choice, Republican by necessity”
“The more things ‘hope and change’ the more they stay the same”
“You can lead a Liberal to the Truth (Facts), but you cannot make them THINK!”
“Romney [No, not my first choice] does NOT have a MORMON problem. He has a, far too many Americans; these days; are MORONS problem!”
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PS: Perhaps Trump could be given a new TV Show – Governmental Apprentice. Where he goes Department by department and gathers Federal workers together and informs them: YOU’RE FIRED!