Right Winger applauds Obama (aka: Dead Terrorists)

So… We have a few more dead Terrorists at the hands of the Obama-bin-Biden administration. A Reaper (not a Predator, there is a difference) drone took out Al-Whacky and Con (yes, yes, yes, I purposefully MOCK their names).

Wait a minute… Weren’t these the folks that told us that bombing folks in Muslim countries only “creates more Terrorists?!?!” So, I guess the only conclusion we can draw is that Obama-bin-Biden & the al-Democrats want to create more people that Hate us. NO?

This administration that was constantly bemoaning the “War On Terror” (GWOT) and how it was being fought now seems to drone on and on about “Drones.” (yes, can’t pass the bad pun) It was the policy, except for the occasionally killing of a HVI (High Value Individual) to keep the Reaper Drone attacks (at least) QUIET, to NOT stir the pot over our engaging our enemies in the territory of our Allies. This Administration, of course, seems more concerned about angering/belittling our Allies and propping up our Nation’s enemies.

It is also worth reminding you folks that the Reaper Drones were a SECRET/COVERT; or as I said above, at least somewhat quiet; part of the War until the Democrats spilled the beans…

[from 2009: Loose Lips Sink Ships, Democrats further undermine Secret/Covert Drones systems.]

It would appear that the following Posters need to be put up all over Washington DC to remind Democrats that “Loose Lips Can Cost Lives” and while the old saying used to also have a “Loose Lips Sink Ships” variety – today it is “Loose Lips Will Ground Predators.” And to think these fools think it will be fine-and-dandy to have Trials for Terrorists in standard Court rooms for other fools of their ilk to spill information that needs to remain Secret (or, at least, unconfirmed speculation/rumor)…

No Room For Rumors Somebody blabbed Loose Lips Might Sink Ships Loose Lips Can Cost Lives

The (fairly new and fragile) Government of Pakistan was dealt a blow against “Trust” within its own borders when Diane Feinstein (D-CA, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair) “blabbed” during a hearing before her committee Thursday: “Mr. Holbrooke in Pakistan ran into considerable concern about the use of Predator strikes in the FATA [Federally Administered Tribal Area: map] area of Pakistan and yet as I understand it these are flown out of a Pakistani base.” A spokesman for the Senator, in response to a Foxnews inquiry, stated that the Senator was referring to this Washington Post 03.27.2008: U.S. Steps Up Unilateral Strikes In Pakistan article. Blabbermouth’s staff would have us believe it would be acceptable to discuss unconfirmed speculative reporting in these hearings then, as long as they are not confirming or denying the report?!?!

The United States and Pakistan Governments have been very careful and guarded of any information released regarding Strikes within Pakistan borders by the U.S. military (or other agencies). This was to protect Operational Secrets from our enemies and to shield the unease that the elected government of Pakistan (has with Tribal groups) with relation to its “admitted” cooperation in the GWOT. While we have no “transparency” between its own citizens and the U.S. Federal Government, with regard to the operation of our own government in regard to legislation (passing the Stimulus), it would appear Democrats have no problem having GWOT Operational transparency with our enemies.

More on this story: UK Telegraph: Feinstein Reveals Drones Pakistan Based

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So while I “APPLAUD” Obama and his Administration for killing these Terrorists using Reapers, and getting this (at least kind-of/sort-of) RIGHT! I still have to ask: WHERE ARE THOSE CODE PINK MORONS?!?! Wasn’t Obama supposed to have Surrendered (Surrender Doctrine (Democrats ALWAYS cut/weaken U.S.Defense)) already and withdrawn from the Globe?

So why is this article called “Right Winger applauds Obama?” Well, just another jab at the Lefty MSM that would, of course, distort the purpose/intent of this piece and take the “applaud” line and blow it out of proportion (by making it the Headline (More MSM Lies, Distortions, and Spin)) in the hopes people wouldn’t read what is still really a criticism of their Savior Obama.

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