Meet the [Michigan] US Senate Candidates forum

The event (see: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/events/senate-candidates-night) was held cooperatively by:

  • Clinton County Tea Party Patriots – Meets every 2nd Tuesday
    Saint Johns VFW, 2497 N. US 27, St. Johns, MI 48879
    Visit them on Face-book — Clinton Patriots
  • Eaton County Tea Party Patriots – Meets every 3rd Thursday
    Tony M’s, 3420 S. Creyts Rd., Lansing, MI 48917
    Visit them on Face-book — Eaton Patriots
  • Ingham County Tea Party Patriots – Meets every 3rd Tuesday
    Fraternal Order of Eagles, 1111 N. Cedar St., Mason, MI
    Visit them on Face-book — Ingham County Tea Party Patriots

and included the following GOP Senate hopefuls (alphabetic):

  • Scotty Bowman
  • Clark Durant
  • Gary Glenn
  • Randy Heckman
  • Pete Hoekstra
  • Pete Konetchy
  • Chuck Marino

Some of the questions asked were:

  • Why do you desire to run for US Senate?
  • What are your top 3 agenda items as a US Senator?
  • List 2 specific plans to lower our National debt AND state your position on Illegal Immigration
  • Would you vote to raise Federal taxes? List 2 specific plans to improve our Federal tax code
  • Government has grown substantially in the last 15 years which has led to our catastrophic National debt — list 3 specific ways you would work to limit the growth of government and to get Americans employed again in private enterprise jobs
  • The Candidates were each given an Opening and Closing statement (beginning and end of forum) as well as a chance to respond to each question, one question at a time in order, in random order of Candidate to respond. Channel 6 (WLNS/Lansing MI) was on-hand to cover the event for Air (and web-site print; excerpt below including them quoting me).

    The responses were of typical Conservative fare courting the Tea Party audience from all the Candidates; with perpetually running Candidate, for one office or another for decades, Scotty Bowman going off into usual “Drug legalization” points regardless of the question. Several pointed out that Pete Hoekstra’s (CINO/CCINO/Holland MI) record (with many specific vote examples given) record doesn’t match his current Conservative rhetoric.

    The biggest issue, for Conservatives looking to have a real Conservative nominated for the GOP US Senate 2012 seat challenge to Debbie Stabenow, was it seemed clear; according to the Tea Party groups information tables; that each Tea Party was backing a different Candidate. Unless the Tea Party groups across the state of Michigan come together for a consensus Candidate, it will potentially probably split the vote leaving it open for yet another CINO to take the early 2012 Primary and leaving an un-enthused crowd for the 2012 General Election.

    From WLNS’ web-site (http://www.wlns.com/story/15577833/republican-us-senate-cadidates-hold-forum-in-dewitt)

    Community members listened to Republican candidates square off against each other to decide who would run against Democratic U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow in 2012.

    The Tea Party Patriots from several mid-Michigan counties hosted a forum for the candidates in Dewitt on Thursday evening.

    Hundreds of people braved the rain to watch a battle unfold. The forum featured 6 Republican candidates, fighting to replace Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabanow.

    “We need to replace her she’s not a good leader, we need to go in the other direction,” said U.S. Senate Candidate Randy Hekman.

    During the forum each candidate answered 5 questions about why he should replace Stabenow.

    “We need another direction. I’ve reformed Washington before and, I’ll do it again,” said Pete Hoekstra.

    “For forty years I’ve done work to help people. At my college I started a publication in primus and I started the alternatives program,” said Clark Durant.

    Every man towed his own agenda, but they danced around some key issues, such as fixing the economy.

    “I am willing to sign the pledge on raising no taxes under any circumstances,” said Scotty Boman.

    “We need to cut spending. We need to balance the budget,” said Peter Konetchy.

    Some candidates prided themselves on sticking to the constitution.

    “To fix this country we need to stick the constitutional principles this nation was founded on. I would consider my self a Tea Party activist,” said Gary Glenn.

    Afterwards attendees voted on who they liked the best and some really took the task to heart.

    “There are so many emotions to filter through and I’m still learning about the candidates I’m taking notes on their three important issues. The most important thing to me is finding jobs,” said Dewitt resident, Deb Devries.

    “I know who I’m not voting for. I don’t want another Washington insider,” said Joe Lenard, Tea Party supporter.

    Only one Republican can face off against Stabenow in 2012, so until the primary it’s every man for himself.

    Two other candidates also plan to run for the senate seat but didn’t finish their paperwork in time for the forum.

    The primaries are scheduled for next summer.

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