Barack Oblunder admits his Failure!

I could hardly believe my ears, I had to play it back a few more times, but it didn’t take long into Oblunder’s speech today (Mon. 8/8 re: S&P AA+ rating) for him to finally slip up and admit the Obama-bin-Biden admin. & al-Democrats failings.

It didn’t take a downgrade for us to understand that a “BALANCED” approach to Debt and Deficit reduction was needed… (the key statement) “… it was true when I took Office…”

Stop right there, we need hear no more to know that everything was/is indeed his failings.

“… it was true when I took Office…” — YES WE CAN … er… YES IT WAS! Yet, despite all his promises (read: LIES) about concern over Debt and Deficits during his campaigning for the POTUS; Conservatives warned anyone and everyone that would listen, and was known by anyone that looked at Balock[head] Obama’s record knew; Obama did exactly the opposite and that he would never be more than the usual big spending Liberal/Progressive.

Need we remind you that the “Debt Man Talking” took office it was Obama that had to invoke the second portion of TARP. It was designed so that the new POTUS, as of 2008, would make the determination whether the additional 350 Billion were required. Obama and the DEMOCRAT/PROGRESSSIVE controlled House and Senate jumped at the chance to use that 350 Billion to buy favor on Wall Street!

More Democrat Money Laundering was undertaken with the quick passing of the Stimulus Bill (read: additional Obama Stash slush fund – which set new Base-Line Budgeting levels to grow yet even more upon) by the DEMOCRAT/PROGRESSIVE controlled House and Senate. If the Democrats wanted to cut (or even slow) spending and raise Taxes, they very much could have at any time (even during the lame duck session) before the Conservative members (it was a Tea Party / Conservative Revolution, from the 2010 elections) took office. YES WE CAN – but No they did not!

This is ALL on him and the Democrats. Since the Tea Party has gained effective influence (and Republican control) of the House, the issues of Spending and Taxes have been nothing but Political fodder for demagoguery (Children Will Die meme). Since Obama-bin-Biden & al-Democrats took office it has been nothing but the usual Democrat Money Laundering and since the 2010 elections nothing more than the Democrat strategy of Political Extortion and Psychological Projection, as usual!. Need we remind, again, the additional FACT in Extortion/Projection and STOP TALKING, START LEGISLATING! that the Democrat Senate has failed to pass a Budget in over 800 days!

The Facts are clear and the “Contrast for America” has also never been more clear. The election of ANY Democrat, in 2012, hands more power back to the ultra-Liberal/Progressive Democrat leadership of Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, Kerry, etc…

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)
Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit.

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