Political Extortion and Psychological Projection, as usual

FACT: The House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) have passed a Bill regarding the FAA EAS (Essential Air Service) and the Senate (controlled by Democrats) have NOT!

FACT: The House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) had passed a Bill (Cut, Cap, Balance) regarding the Debt Ceiling (in advance of the deadline) and the Senate (controlled by Democrats) had NOT and refused to honestly debate the House Bill or submit a Bill of their own.

Yet, you will see (now about the FAA EAS issue as was true of the Debt Ceiling issue) all over the airwaves Democrats (engaging in their usual Thug politics) insisting that it is Republicans that are “manufacturing crisis’.”

The FACTS reflect that it is the Democrats of the Senate; whom are also engaging in the “Terrorist,” “Hostage Takers,” and accusations of “Extortion” (we’ve been through this before: Extortion, pure and simple (to raise taxes or avoid/enact legislation)) rhetoric; that have/are purposefully, willfully, and with malice of forethought, undertaking the tactics of stalling, delay, deflect, neglect, and deploying Psychological Projection (Political Psychology coupled with MSM spin/bias) tactics in order to attempt to extort concessions from the House. Again: The House (Republicans) have acted and the Senate (Democrats) have NOT – it is the DO NOTHING SENATE DEMOCRATS (and no MSM “Party of NO” about them) that have caused this crisis. No-one in the MSM asks the Democrats: Why have you not acted upon the House legislation? or Where is your (Senate) Bill?

We see this over and over. Unfortunately, the morons that are the Democrat Party base; and the MSM as willing accomplices; fall for the rhetoric over the FACTS every time!

Further background: Obama, at a Presser yesterday (Wed. 8/3) morning, used the tamer version of (hinting at), what I coined as, the Children Will Die meme over the FAA unable to collect the EAS (Essential Air Service) Fees because the Senate refused to pass the Bill passed to it from the House extending the FAA (including EAS Fees) authority – hence the partial shutdown/furlough of the FAA. None of this, of course, is effecting any Air travelers AT ALL, not even (yet) those getting those pathetic subsidized Airfares from/to those remote Airports (mainly Congress-critters and Senate-dwellers use) as while they aren’t collecting the Airline Ticket Fee for it, they are still subsidizing the Flights! Obama proclaimed: ‘At a time when we are struggle for funds for Education and Head Start,’ lamenting the loss of Millions that the FAA is NOT collecting daily over the small Airport subsidization fees and the usual rhetoric about a “CLEAN BILL” being needed – meaning, Republicans are expected to succumb to the extortion and just give Democrats exactly what they want, no actual compromise. All because the Democrats have (in their time tested and often repeated tactic) manufactured the crisis – having waited until the last minute, rather than dealing/debating/legislating it in advance! The Senate Democrats, and other mouth-pieces, have (again) purposefully, willfully, and with malice of forethought, waited until the House has recessed before engaging in the Political Psychology of Projecting unto others what they are guilty of doing each and every time to force more Spending, more Taxes, more Government, more, more, more, more, more! Plus – Obama is using the House recess as his basis for moaning that they should be addressing that rather than going home – while he, meanwhile, goes to Chicago for yet another fundraiser (and no doubt more Golfing).

This just goes to show we can/will survive with, at least several Agencies of, the Federal Government furloughed! Specifically, in this case, the Airways are perfectly safe with these Tax Collector division of the FAA furloughed and not collecting these Airline fees. The critical FAA employees are on duty! Once again, Obama has been completely AWOL on this (as every other) issue until the last minute, when he can demagogue it!

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)
Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit.

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