Warning: Children Will Die!

That’s right, that’s the message the Demoncrats want you to be aware of! If you don’t increase the budget of the Department of Education: CHILDREN WILL DIE! We’ve heard this before, remember the Dems claim: ‘Rep (HC) plan: Die Quickly’?!?! It’s coming soon, again.

Despite the Fact that the new budget deals do NOT cut spending by 1 penny, we are supposed to believe that this is a great deal and that spending is being reduced. It is, of course, the usual Base-line Budgeting gimmickry, with just a slight reduction in the rate of growth in Defense spending while all other Government departments get their full 8 percent (about) increases. When it comes time that the plan FAILS, as the Obama-bin-Biden administration and the al-Democrat terrorists will characterize, the attempt to shrink government “YET” the economy declines – the evil Republicans and the “FAILED” attempt to “CUT” Government spending, and there must be MORE STIMULUS, more Government spending, and an increase in Taxes! Again, despite that FACT that there are zip, zero, nada, actual/real cuts in spending in this plan.

What this plan does call for is that favorite Congressional dodge: Triggers. What is threatened to be triggered?!?! If Congress fails in its mission; which Obama-bin-Biden and al-Democrat terrorists will ensure does happen; there will be “DRASTIC CUTS TO MEDICARE” (heard that meme before?), as if the “Doctor fix” isn’t quickly and without fanfare passed every year to immediately cancel out any such ‘reductions’ (NOT CUTS) *AND* the usual Democrat target of DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CUTS. What will happen, of course, is that the CUTS (yes, actually reductions in rate of growth) will be implemented and that is NOT supposed to adversely effect our Troops BUT DON’T YOU EVEN DARE SUGGEST that the Department of Education face a “REDUCTION IN THE RATE OF GROWTH” (NOT any cut) and “CHILDREN WILL DIE” if it were to happen! Obama, who worried so much that the Troops might not get paid if he didn’t get a Debt deal (yeah right, he cared), will be more than happy to reduce our Military projected spending (as Democrats always do) and cut our Troops short of Pay? Well, at least the Democrats don’t care if our Troops have enough bullets to fight with – we should be using Daisies anyway, after all, right?

Every other area of Government gets an automatic PASS! No ‘trigger’ to threaten the automatic growth of the FCC (looking to put Net-Neutrality into effect, going around Congress), or the EPA (looking to enact Cap-And-Tax tenants (How/Why MI Officials spin CAT being “okay” (the jackACES Act (Clean Energy) 44 Dems Against while only 8 Reps for)) – again, going around Congress), nor the Department of Energy (whose sole duty under the Obama-bin-Biden administration is to stamp DECLINED on any Oil permits), nor any “CUTS” (er, “reductions” to the rate of growth) to HHS (which is designing the Death Panels guidelines and Obamaocare Tax increases), and I could go on and on.

Troops, actually in harms way at the end of the barrel of the guns of our Nations enemies somehow don’t need or deserve any increase in their Pay/Budget, but if you don’t increase the budget of the Department of Education: CHILDREN WILL DIE! If you do NOT allow a Base-line Budget increase of about eight percent to the Department of Education to pad the salaries of Government bureaucrats, pad their pensions, inflate their benefits, somehow that would mean Children would go hungry (THEY’LL STARVE!!) and some will inevitably die!

This is as equally predictable as the pathetic snookering we’re expected to accept as some kind of Victory for the Tea-Party because there are “CUTS” (Nope, barely any ‘reduction’) to spending and no “immediate” Tax increases (they are coming automatically with the Bush Tax Rates in 2013 and all those Taxes in Obamaocare (as discussed: here, here, here, here, here, HR3926 here, here, here plus here, and here, or abbreviated: HC issues summary there.)). So remember, it’s more of the same: Surrender Doctrine (Democrats ALWAYS cut/weaken U.S.Defense) and Republicans want Children To Die on top of the Dems: ‘Rep HC plan: Die Quickly’ baseless Welfare Reform attacks, Republicans want to throw Grandma off the cliff (as you’ve seen the commercials already) repeats!

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)
Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit.

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