Jesse Jackson calls Artur Davis (D-AL) UNCLE TOM [updated]

not so much in those exact words, of course!! But none-the-less Jackson said of Artur Davis (D-AL) “you can’t vote against Health Care and call yourself a Black man.” (story here, more) I guess Jackson has forgotten King’s (“Can’t we all just get along?” – oops, wrong King but those work too) words….

In the turnabout is fair play department I want to h/t to haystack for his later (11/23): You Can’t Vote FOR Healthcare Reform and Call Yourself An AMERICAN.

A Pattern Of Behavior
Let us not forget the whole ‘House Negro’ (again, not in so much those exact words) that Warren Ballentine said to Juan Williams on October 15th of this year — First, at the 8 minute 30 second mark of this exchange (listen carefully) he (Warren) accuses Juan of the same Jackson accusation of ‘Uncle Tom’ by using the words “real Black people” toward Juan, as if he isn’t one. That is then followed by the ‘House Negro’ comment a few seconds later with “you can go back to the porch.”

Juan fires back:

I’m not going to go into the whole Ralph Nadar comments, but you can review them here – again, though, it is always those on/from the Left. Countless more examples can be found in Print and Video.

(h/t: TobyToons, this is a recent favorite of mine)

The Race-baiting agenda of Liberals/Democrats continues!

Hey Artur, I guess you now know who wants to be your friend based on your Character rather than whether or not you “Vote the Black Slate!”

Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)