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Movies and Politics [movies / buyandswitch / tv / music / religion / awards] The Hollywood Hate-fest (aka: Jackass Party Propagandists Peddling). Not to be confused with the Stage Productions masquerading as Townhall forums (see: HC Townhall: Like Hollywood, Democrats used new Actors to replay the same Script.).

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This needs no long build up and is easy to see what goes on out there in Hollywood. As Hollywood and Media elites wander the globe supporting Socialist States far and wide and tout them as “enlightened,” they slant their Media outlet’s and Movie Production releases stories to Indoctrinate as well as either Entertain (Movies) or Report (Media), just as they push the same via Political Correctness, and any other methods available, to support their preffered – Liberal oriented – Politicians here at home.

Michael Moore-on‘s – “Capitalism: A Love Story” (2009) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] Moore realized that a completely one-sided attack piece would not serve to hoodwink Independent/Moderate voters, as too much information and access to the truth exists. He carefully attempts to weave minor criticisms of some Democrats to feign fairness of coverage/criticism, while overtly distorting the Housing Mortgage meltdown by continually repeating the CRA and the deregulation Lies.

The Moore-on hopes that Moderate/Independent voters that supported his Lefty-loon cohorts in the last few Elections will continue to engage in Liberal-Laziness (as discussed in: Politically Brain-dead) and not seek to perform a Reality/Fact Check against his work and therefore just follow the continued under-lying message of – ignore the Democrat Party Socialist agenda (ObamAgenda and ObamAgenda updated) and continue to pull the JackAss lever based on the falsehoods perpetrated by its CINO/PLINO (Pavlov-Blue-Dogs) Campaigns. Again, lack of FACT over Election Campaign Fictions/Promises!

Moore states that ‘Propaganda is easy,’ and his film is indeed clear evidence of how easy it is to create and get main-stream release and coverage – when of the Left-loon bent. (see Moore-on’s: Capitalism, but pay for “Meatballs” thought here.) It is also evident in the MSM responses in some of the very half-hearted supposed “Fact Checking” (more like Truthiness, as we’ll cover later) that is back-door bolstering of the Movie by challenging/questioning minor references (like with Dodd, in this AP article) and wholesale avoidance of Facts not beneficial to their fellow Leftists.

Dissecting this film would require covering the film minute-by-minute and thousands of pages to counter each minute, so I am not going to be bothered when actual and in-depth coverage of the facts (over the Leftist attempts at Truthiness, which is more Left-wing activity they try to “Project” (as discussed here at RS, Psychology thereof and Voting Psychology onto others) exists and is easy to find. A quick search here at RedState will yield clarifications to any and all of Moore’s false assertions (like the CRA link above) – which is recommended rather than my providing any insufficiently quick blurb responses in this Article covering the larger overall issue and not just Moore’s pure Propaganda.

Before going further with this discussion, I want to tackle the topic of: Monitoring Enemy Broadcasts (and likewise, seeing the enemies movies). — and monitoring CNN/MSNBC — Ask a Lib, the last time they listened to Rush? They hadn’t, so we say “So you don’t REALLY know what you are talking about!” Well, I do listen/watch those folks on the other side, so I DO know what I am talking about when they ask and/or as I’ve discussed in The “Pretend you’re a Liberal MSM reporter (and Spin the story)” Challenge, MSM bias, and Voting Psychology (Bandwagon and other effects). I will not be trapped by that Game, nor should you.

Generally, watching any/all pro-Liberal MSM Network TV channels is easy (as is really CNN/MSNBC/etc, as they come with just about any basic Cable/Satellite package, whether you want them or not). As for seeing those Lefty Movies, and yes some are worthwhile entertainment, but not wanting to enrich them for their propaganda — I advocate (semi-quietly) a “Buy and Switch” philosophy, in order to see films you may wish to see (in order to be knowledgeable about them in discussion or) with those Lefty-loons in them you’d rather not support financially. It is really rather simple — I’m not advocating anyone rip-off their local theater by sneaking in some backdoor without paying! I’m suggesting, as I have done this with many movies (“Liars for Losers,” “Sicko,” anything with even just the voice of Lefties Danny Glover or Sean Penn in it, etc) that I would NEVER pay to see, that you just pay to see a film of good value and moral fiber (I bought countless tickets to “Fireproof” and “An American Carol” while they were still in Theaters), even if you may have already paid to see once, and support that film with your money, but (of course) then just sitting in on the Moore-on’s (or whatever other Lefty-bent) flick. That simple. More on that thought here. Out now — buy a ticket for Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” (2009) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets 2-D or Tickets 3-D / Videos].

Liars for Losers” (er…. “Lions for Lambs“) (2007) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] – A movie that has ONLY to do with Politics, the Leftist propaganda peddling kind. This film has only about 2.5 minutes of action, all of which can be seen in its Trailer, and 90 minutes of Robert Redford (in somewhat appears to be realistic setting, form, etc) being the Academic trying to reinforce the Leftist Education Indoctrination that he fears hasn’t taken hold of some of the College students that “volunteered” for the War On Terror efforts. To demonstrate, for the Theater-goers, how they are just perhaps temporarily misguided and still have time to come back to the Leftist correct-think mindset.

Not all of it is as overt and obvious, other films seek to ‘nudge’ (a term that should be becoming increasingly familiar – Sunstein philosophy articulated). Films that might attract wider audiences because of the action, drama, whatever, and tosses out the occasional scenes or rhetoric dialogue. Some include “The Kingdom” (2007) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] which is a film I greatly enjoyed; the recent “The Hurt Locker” (2008) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos]; and current release “Law Abiding Citizen” (2009) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos]. “Law Abiding Citizen” is a good thought-provoking film that ventures into Crime and Punishment, which we, as Conservatives oft lament over Liberals’ inadequacies (Dem’s weak on crime. Always! and more, Liberal Activist Judges, 2008 Election Issues recap [with links], etc). It is worth seeing despite loud-mouth-lefty Jamie Foxx being in it!

Then there are the stark contrasts in availability. Usually easy to find those Left-wing message movies at Theaters about anywhere (“Capitalism” for one) while other ‘positive’ films are often from smaller studios and more limited (like “An American Carol, “Fireproof,” and some others (including “The Greatest Gift”) discussed here). Wait for the DVD? I hear some saying… Well… While “Death Of A President” (2006) is out in DVD release (more) the “Path to 9/11” (2006) Disney is refusing to release (even after it removed some references to the Clinton Administration upon Clinton’s lobbying). I guess they think we are just “lucky” they bothered to show it once in the first place!

What are some of those (more recent) “positive” movies?
Adam Sandler‘s 9/11 survivors movie – Reign Over Me” (2007) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos]; “An American Carol (Laugh like your Country depends on it)” (2008) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos], which is a David Zucker spoof of Michael Moore-on films; Ben Stein‘s – “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” (2008) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos]; and previously mentioned Fireproof” 2008) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos].

Some Movies past of note and to touch on TV:
The Day After (TV Movie)” (1983) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos / Special / Special 2]; “Red Dawn” (1984) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] and the in-production (2010) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos / Special] which is currently being shot on Streets around Metro-Detroit Michigan; “Amerika (TV mini-series) (1987) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos / Special]; which I always thought would make a very interesting (re-written to tie-in/set-up the next) Series trilogy. My premise, that not all areas being hit by Nuclear attack would setup (coincide) with an invasion, allowing for “The Day After” to tie into “Red Dawn” (and as some areas may be occupied while insurgency continued) would still allow “Amerika” to close. What would be even better, would be a complete edit of combining all three films to jump back and forth providing a complete simulataneous time-line. But anyway, that is sure to never happen.

Another TV item worthy of note is: “Jericho (TV series)” [Official] Why? Well, its underlying message was anti-Right (references too numerous to mention), Conservatives had much to have interest in and the hope that viewers might take away those positives over the Lefty-bent. Additionally, “Jericho” fans, when faced with the shows cancellation, retaliated by using an episode mention of General A.C. McAuliffe‘s “Nuts!” quote and sent more than 25 tons of Nuts to CBS (more) and the Network ordered more episodes from the Production company. I posited, that we should likewise be sending Obama ACORNS (here and here) for obvious dual reasons.

Not for Nothing — my all time favorite movie: “The Thirteenth Floor (You can go there, even though it doesn’t exist)” (1999) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos / Special]. The movie was based on the book “SIMULACRON-3” by Daniel F. Galouye (Bantam Books 1964) (Kindle edition) — and the seemingly natural progression/evolution of the “Sim” Games (Maxis Software). “The Thirteenth Floor” could have been called “Sim-City 5000” and probably hooked in alot more folks by the reference, though the Maxis folks may not have allowed such a linkage.

In a town obsessed with finding any reason/excuse to put a Leftist bent into a film, “The Thirteenth Floor” completely avoids the Politics of the SIMULACRON-3 book. The book is all about Politics. The whole purpose of designing the ‘simulated world’ is to find better ways of controlling the masses without having to actually interact with Real Humans with Pollsters – whom, by law, you must comply to questioning. The Movie provides a wonderful mix of Crime Drama, Romance, Action, Suspense, and Sci-Fi.

The Thirteenth Floor” also contains my favorite Movie Tune: The CardigansErase/Rewind “What did you hear me say, You know the difference in Makes…” (where she runs the “me say” together, craftfully to create a Me plural, alternately used in song singular and plural, which only makes sense to the movie) The lyrics of which, IMO, is the best tailored/written set to both fit the film and stand-alone general tune. I mention it, though it doesn’t fit the following comment, of how Music is also (sometimes attempted subliminally and other times overtly) used to move audiences to the Lefty-mindset they are attempting to bring across and “persuade” you into — or to keep all the other Indoctrination fresh in mind! I don’t want to leave the “Music in Movies” thought without mentioning The Who’s “Reign O’er Me” used in Sandler‘s “Reign Over Me” and wonder how much the tune directly lead to the concept/thought of the Movie above and beyond the Title inspiration.

I’ve covered a mix of past and present films – as to some others in Theaters now: “Astro Boy” (2009) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] which is yet another cartoon Indoctrination effort peddling the ‘mankind will kill the planet’ by way of our Capitalist consumerism ways and the evils of the Military Industrial complex message. Frankly, I just thought “Astro Boy” was annoying as I kept expecting him to serve a Big Boy combo with a side of Pie. Even “Saw VI” (2009) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] tows the Health Care Reform Now message, going on about the evils of the Health-Care Insurance companies (Health-Care primers: here, here, here, here, here, and summary here), with a side order of those Sub-Prime Mortgage Predators (CRA and the deregulation Lies). Pass on those films, or at least buy-and-switch as previously discussed, if your child wants to see the former and your friends insist on seeing the potentially last in the series of the later.

Then there is, of course, practically a full subject in and of itself, the relentless assault on RELIGION…
Erick Erickson’s: NC-17 Anyone?. Other films come to mind:
The Da Vinci Code” (2006) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] and “Angels And Demons (2009) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos], both of which drew picketing (which I discuss: here and therefore won’t go into again except to say that those movies actually brought some folks to some Churches interested in actually learning about the Faiths. While others are outright attacks on any/all Religion (yet I saw no picketers) for the outrageous (in Sacha Baron Cohen‘s – “Borat” ambush under false pretense and portray, but NOT in the name of ‘having light-hearted fun’ Comedy, style) Bill Maher‘s – “Religulous” (2008) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos], which I’m none-too-happy about Lionsgate agreeing to distribute.

Then there are the Religious overtones that ask us if we have a sense-of-humor in relation to Religion – though it can be easily contended the other way that they are just mocking Religion – it depends on us I guess. “Invention of Lying” (2009) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] challenges Judaism and Christianity (but not surprisingly: Islam is untoched). Counter to treating
Scientology and/or directly Religion of Climate Change as sacred.

Let’s not forget those wonderful AWARDS SHOWS…
An Inconvenient Truth” (2006) [Trailer / Official / IMDb / Tickets / Videos] — Buy/Watch a real Documentary: Phelim McAleer’s – “Not Evil Just Wrong, the counter to Al Gore‘s Climate $cam Mockumentary.

Now the practice of awarding based on message rather than having earned has crept over to the Nobel Prize (see: Obama wins Peace Prize). How it was that Micheal Moore-on hadn’t received the Nobel Prize in Economics for his “Capitalism” Mockumentary (spoof of actual/real Documentaries), for the Socialist anti-Capitalism mindset, has to now be considered a surprise.

I’ll now swing the door open to the Projection Booth for you to run discussion on “Movies and Politics,” Hollywood in general, Actors/Actresses, Movie Classics, favorite Lines, or if you need a break from Politics a chance to discuss your favorite movies and why, etc…

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)