Mandated Health-Care coverage -How about some other Mandates? Welfare Warranty? College Coverage? [update: Unemployment Underwriting]

“For us to say – that you’ve got to take a responsibility to get Health-Insurance… is absolutely NOT a Tax increase! What it’s saying is – We are not going to have other people carrying your burdens for YOU!
— Barack Obama
… Aside from that whole Moral imperative, he is shifting from what YOU should do for yourself to Government – Mandating TO you what you may not be doing FOR yourself, or your own Family, or your close personal friends and neighbors!* Here, we will focus on only the Mandating Health-Care Coverage aspect.
*Republicans/Conservatives do NOT fear the “It takes a Village” concept, we welcome it in it’s proper (personal responsibilities) context!

In yet another version of Like Hollywood, Democrats use new Actors to replay the same Script on Health-Care, Barack Obama appeared on every Sunday Show – except, of course, Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace – to cover the same Democrat Talking Points we’ve been hearing for Months now! The out-right lies, or sometimes carefully crafted dodges built around a small grain of truth, have been covered thus far at length here, here, here, here, here, and short summary here – and we shall continue to cover the DETAILS while the White House tries to use more Obama Style Over Substance.

The most quoted interview came from, JackAss Party hack and White House Secret Phone Conversations participant (so, as if the Liar-In-Chief didn’t know what exact questions were coming), George Stefan-snuffleupagus-opoulos. While the usual HC Townhall Hi-jinks: Depends on the Definition of “is” is antics continue in regard to whether or not the Mandates are Taxes is getting most of the airplay, the whole “Mandates” concept itself needs further scrutiny. We shall not shirk that responsibility… ๐Ÿ˜‰

In full-fledged CINO/Blue-Pavlov-Dog Democrat fashion, he tried to couch his new found “support” for Mandates he insisted he was against (before he was for) in Conservative terminology and about how “Personal Responsibility” is being shirked and Health-Care costs are being passed onto others when some younger Americans ‘will not purchase their own Health-Insurance despite being able to afford to do so.’ That, like not wanting to take over Auto companies, he really doesn’t want to but, we have to allow Liberals to takeover all of Health-Care to stop that very small percentage of folks that choose to not purchase Health-Insurance and later have an Emergency room visit and impose those costs onto the rest of us because of it.

Since that is being “entertained” I suggest we consider some other Mandates to cover other people’s lack of Personal Responsibilities and costs…

Welfare Warranty….
Perhaps, since people keep filling up the Welfare rolls and “pass the costs” onto the rest of us, by Barack Obama’s Pretzel logic we should create a Welfare Warranty Mandate. Every American, say starting from the age of 12 (twelve), as Liberals are pushing Sex Education on all Children long before that, a Mandated “Welfare Warranty” tax (oops, sorry, it’s not a Tax ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol). That way, they are “covered” for when those Children they cannot, or should we say – they chose not to prepare to, cover come along they’ve paid into the system for them!?!?

To help subsidize the program, a Tacks (yes, pun on Tax) on Condoms could be levied.

College Coverage
When an American has a Child, there would be that “Baby, non-Tax” to take care of the “College Coverage” Mandate and we don’t have to worry about those pesky “Student Loans” and Liberals’ plans to takeover all Student Loans. That way, if the Liberals’ Children manage to not get thrown out of K-12, or drop-out on their own, they will be “all set” with prepaid Advanced Education.

Modeled after the Health-Care “Reform” debate – To help offset the program, savings from Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, in Library book fees could be realized and we could squeeze the Professors and Universities like they want to the Doctors and Hospitals.

Unemployment Underwriting
Since Obamaocare is trying to set a new standard in Taxation by imposing Fees, Fines, Taxes, and even potential Jail sentences, in order to enforce everyone has Health-Care Coverage – how about we get America out of the Unemployment business? How?

Let’s start by putting a Special Tax on Unions. From their why aren’t Democrats imposing Fees and Taxes upon all those who work for a living to cover their own potential Unemployment?!?! All those Unemployment Offices could be shut down and the Government out of the Unemployment business if everyone had their own Personal Unemployment Insurance! Which, of course, provides the answer why they would never consider bothering trying to IMPOSE COVERAGE for that. Don’t more people go Bankrupt due to having no Job, and therefore no money, than by a Medical Emergency?!?!? After all, that is one of the “reasons” why we are supposed to accept that Health-Care can, could, should, be imposed upon all Americans! Maybe those who QUIT a Job should be fined for the imposition they are putting upon others.

After all, to repeat: “What it’s saying is – We are not going to have other people carrying your burdens for YOU!
— Barack Obama[o]

We could come up with additional, spread the wealth coverage schemes, and you can share more if you like here, but I’ll end there/here for now…

Absurd notions? Of course, but in this era of senseless arguments to Mandate safety-net coverages of supposed “Responsibilities” and/or necessities – Why Not?

Going back to Barack’s initial quote – he seems fine with imposing peoples burdens on others if it is a higher Tax burden! Redistribution of Wealth is always an exception to anything Obama says/promises.

Be prepared – Townhalls primers: here, here, here, here, and HC issues summary here.

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
and remember: Liberals, looking to do for? America what they’ve done for? Detroit!
And they are looking to create a No Mo’ Michigan next!