HC Townhall: Steny Hoyer (D-MD) edition.

The long and winding road toward socialism via a complete HC Takeover continues and the Democrats are driving hard to get down the road before the wheels fall off their, hand-thrown together out of recycled tissues, soapbox derby car. Around the bend is ready yet another Three Ring Circus performance.

The latest was no different. Yet another performing Parrot repeated the same memorized vocalizations to simulate a real human, in the form of Steny Hoyer.

In our past stops along the Obamunism Express we visited (D-MI) John Dingell’s recitation of approved Democrat Talking Point responses in the form of MYTHS versus TRUTHS to distort the language in HR3200 to what they prefer you to believe is really in the Bill (to which direct responses with Section, Page, Line, SPECIFICS to refute their Propaganda was outlined). Next was a review, in part, of the Obamunist Administrations attempt to reshape the narrative and the various incarnations they’ve had their MSM allies attempt to run us off the road along the way in More HC Townhall Hi-jinks. Just previous was a poddy stop 😉 to hear the same-old lies from (D-MI) Gary Peters (New Actor, Same Script). Today, Steny “The Cockapoo” Hoyer reminds us of how they somehow deserve Special/better/different plans from the rest of us! [update: an additional part 5: HC Mandates – How ’bout some others? Welfare Warranty? College Coverage?]

Steny Hoyer (D-MD) was/is certainly not unique, these are all repeats of the same lines already ingrained into the ObamaZombies, and therefore relates to almost all other Townhalls. You may or may not have already seen/heard the soundbite, a man challenging Hoyer, and the rest of DC Politicians, to stop exempting themselves from the Laws they pass for the rest of us and asking: ‘Will you put yourself on the same plans you want to make available via the HR 3200 Bill?’ (more or less) The pre-approved Democrat Talking Point response: “We will have the same Choices as you!”

For the Brain-deads that don’t grasp the Dodge, what he means is they WILL NOT eliminate the Special Congress-critter plans, but will have the choice to take the Public option — can any of you out there really be that numb in the skull so-as to believe any of the Politicians will OPT OUT of their current “CHOICE” and choose the Public and/or any other substantially less generous plan this Bill has outlined to offer the General Public?!?!

If the Public Option is GOOD ENOUGH FOR UNINSURED AMERICANS then it should be good enough for our Congress-critters to TRY IT FIRST and then let us know what they think of it a few years down the road – then give us the choice. How about they pass a Law to completely remove all their current choices and abide by only the “choices” made available under HR 3200?!?! Let them jump off the Cliff, and then the ObaMoron ObamaZombies can jump off after them, while the rest of us thinking folks can remain with our feet firmly planted on solid ground!

The latest we’re seeing is trying to narrowly quote a line, or two, from the entire 1,000+ Page Bill and twisting it out of context. I can recite a line or two from War And Peace, about as big as this Bill, but does that mean those 2 lines represent the whole message of the Book? Of course not! Any thinking person understands this when put to them in such simple and easy to grasp language, unless they just want to remain a Lazy Liberal and oblivious of the Facts/Truth. Equally, if you know someone that hasn’t grasped the MSM advocating the Liberal agenda rather than reporting on it, they will if you can just get them to take The “Pretend you’re a Liberal MSM reporter (and Spin the story)” Challenge [now with Aug.2009 Tom Ridge book Distortion Update].

If you have the chance, get off the Obamunist Express and take the Right turn (yes, pun intended :P) and hop onto the TEApeat: 912 Taxpayers March On DC – Tea Party Express.

Maybe I’ll finally get an answer to my Question: Will Fetus’ about to be Aborted qualify for End Of Life counseling, or is that reserved only for Seniors about to be effectively Euthanized by/from Rationing?!?! from some Democrat while in Washington DC.

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
Liberals, looking to do for America what they’ve done for Detroit

[UPDATE the message I’ve sent to more than a dozen Senators (including John Sellout McCain) and a few House members:

It seems the majority in DC are NOT going to pay any attention to the mood of the country, as many of you in DC hadn’t regarding many other votes, but here goes…. Many Americans do indeed want Health INSURANCE Reform to improve the state of Health Care in America, BUT… there can be No Compromise with the current HR3200 boondoggle… It must be scraped and a new plan, encompassing REAL SOLUTIONS (Not just plans to shift HC to Govt. Takeover that HR3200 is) that we as Republicans have spoken of/for for years. Cross-State line portability, Tort reform, PreExisting condition exclusion elimination (not allowed in MI, enact that Nationally), post employment coverage (modifying COBRA and HSA/MSA accounts to NOT ZERO OUT each year so multi-year savings can/will PAY FOR OWN COVERAGE while between jobs), (avoiding the HR3200 consequence/fact) More Govt. regulations and paperwork will DRIVE UP not reduce costs and bring us more Lawyers and Office Administrators to deal with it NOT Doctors, etc…. The answers are there, if you’d only pay attention:

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to which I wait for responses (though I won’t hold my breath)

further update – Responses? Only the standard Axelrod “WH unReality Check propaganda emails]