HC Townhall: Like Hollywood, Democrats used new Actors to replay the same Script. The Razzy goes to: G.Peters (D-MI-09) [Video updates]

Welcome to this week’s Theater Review 😉 No Red Carpet, but plenty of adoring Fans (with professionally printed SEIU “Health Care NOW” signs) awaited at the latest Screening of the “Townhall” Script. This time, Gary Peters (D-MI-09) played the Starring role and he had his lines memorized well to play the part! Yes, it was the same old dull, boring, tired, Hollywood HORROR Script!

How many remakes we gonna get?? Yes, there were many of those pesky folks for the Democrats/MSM to play up as Angry Mob script portion of the TOWNHALL: Part 3,792 (a/k/a: illegal ALIENS VERSUS power hungry democrat PREDATORS, actually they’ve teamed up not opposing one another this time) or was this Barack Back Health-Care Mountain part 722? – yet the venue was still incapable of fitting all who wished to attend the Opening. The West Bloomfield Michigan High School Hall was filled to its 800 person capacity, while a W.Bloomfield Police Officer estimated an additional 1,000 people were shut out. The Lights, (Cell)Cameras, and Action, was to begin at 18:00 but settling the turnout into their seats delayed that by 1 hour, but the program ran for the complete Projected Two Hour run-time.

As one (of the Politically Brain-dead) persons could be over-heard proclaiming: “I came to hear what the Congressman has to say!” She, of course, has it perfectly backwards. We do not work for the Congressman, the Congress-critters and Senate-dwellers are supposed to work for us! However, she wasn’t completely off-base. We should want to hear what our Representatives have to say, BUT THEN (unlike this woman who was clearly there to have her ‘opinion’ and what to believe is in the Bill, rather than what is actually in the Bill, handed/downloaded to her for absorption) we should take the things they have to say and compare them with the FACTS of what is in the/any Bill (checking up on them and if they are telling the truth) by examining all aspects of available information and specifically the Legislation itself! The order is, Listen, Examine, Determine who is telling the Truth, NOT: find the JackAss Party member, Listen, and Determine that anything else you hear/read must be wrong!

Unlike the Dingell Townhall there was no “MYTHS” versus Spun Responses they called “TRUTHS,” easily refuted by those that read the (HR3200) Bill (again: covered in some detail in: Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda), Handout. Instead they left that to the ProBamaCare drones (in our “Movie” theme: ushers) outside before the Event for those that wanted it. The “materials” provided by Peters’ staff was an Agenda, Comment/Question Card for filling out by attendee for consideration during the event, and two local newspapers pieces: The Oakland Press – Guest Opinion: Forget the scare tactics, health care reform needed by Eric Schneidewind (Pres. AARP Michigan) which basically says (and Gary Peters echoed almost verbatim) Focus on the Good Things in the Bill and ignore the Bad and HC Reform should be passed in the name of Compromise. Compromise? With whom/what, we’ve had ZERO concerns compromised with it is all the same old Democrat Health-care TAKEOVER action plans since FDR… HillaryCare… ObamaCare… Now to be KennedyRemembrenceBillCare…. AND The Oakland Press: Editorial: Let’s lower our voices in the health-care debate which basically just took the “Nothing To See Here” Obama Administration line in regard to the Flag-whitehouse.gov is down, but are the unlawful (same old trickery) actions going on via WH:RealityCheck (hint: YES) fiasco.

The Liberal ObamaZombie (h/t: scarlos: Baracklash) looking to Download her “opinions” from her Congressman got her wish with the beginning of the Night, starting in usual Movie formula fashion by introducing us to all the Characters. The Star (of the Cast of Bad-actors) of the Show then provided the “Congressman Peters Introductory Remarks” (read: pre-tested Democrat Talking Points, complete with slides) to outline his “concerns” and that the Bill must address them:

  • From 2000-2008 Michigan HC costs rose 17% faster than Wages and within 7 years a HC policy would cost a projected $24,000/year.
    BUT… Peters insisted you can keep your Insurance (and Doctor)
    My thoughts: of course implying you won’t want to!
  • In 3 to 5 years 1 in 5 Employers will drop coverage (never said according to whose guess-timates)
    My thoughts: At another point he mentioned the UAW’s concerns for costs to members, of course meaning Democrats want Corporate Welfare for Automakers to benefit UAW members and help Automakers compete by passing their HC costs onto Taxpayers. Also, beyond the Big-3 desires to drop HC costs entirely, and especially when faced with over-burdening Tax increases to pay for this boondoggle, that amount will probably raise to 3 in 5 Employers dropping HC coverage for Employees. They (Democrats) wish to make that a self-fulfilling prophecy by driving employers toward the Public Option.
  • Mr. Peters is looking to move to “Incentivize Good Outcomes” in HC.
    My thoughts: Of course, “out-comes pay” for Doctors but NOT for Teachers (they must continue to be compensated no matter how miserably they Fail) and as fellow RedState member DONTREADONME (one of my all time favorite quotes) said: “You can get vouchers for cars but not for schools” … In this case, “Affordability Credits” (as the language in the Slide showed us) but not for “School Vouchers” (credits). ’nuff said! It is the “Affordability Credits” that Democrats hang their half-truth about Illegal Aliens not being covered on (see comments).
  • DEFICIT NEUTRAL to which the mixed response of Laughter and Grumbling was easily predictable, yet every Democrat tries to keep floating this nonsense. Further, of course, this was somehow going to be justified/off-set by Medicare [Cuts] Savings (no $$$ amount given, while other Townhalls $300-500 BILLION has been bandied about) YET/BUT somehow those “happy” with Medicare won’t see ANY changes to their Medicare Coverage.
    My thoughts: pure astonishment at this Basic Math question not adding up. If, as they promise, Fraud/Waste/Abuse can/could be removed from the system – Why not do that first?!?! Prove to us the Federal Govt. will for the first time in history reach a Budgetary Goal and maintain a promise. Further, and so simple ‘doh, if such savings could be achieved the UnInsured (30-45 Million, depending on how inflated they feel they can get away with those numbers) they insist exists could all have PRIVATE HC Policies purchased for them by the Govt. from those Savings! Lastly, Savings? Really? We’re to believe the Govt. will find some Savings? Another pointed quote: “Scientists Discover President Obama’s Budget Savings With Electron Microscope” melvinwinter, as if they would actually look let alone find some other than to just cut (Ration) peoples care!
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
    My thoughts: Easy/No-Brainer, this one can be easily passed (see: A Teddy Kennedy HC Bill Republicans SHOULD SPONSOR) by a simple few page Bill adding to the countless Regulations already being dictated to HC Insurance providers. Michigan, already has a Law/Regulation that PROHIBITS denial on such grounds — enact that Nationally! That could/would get 100% unanimous consent/votes for passage.
  • Denial Of Coverage, when attempting to Purchase coverage — in part, and most easily addressed, the portion of people losing their Insurance due to Loss Of Employment (on the rise due to Liberal policies).
    My thoughts: This could be addressed within the aspects of Amending the COBRA Laws rather than scraping the entire HC System for the 10-25 Million effected! Too simple, of course, and not in the interest of a complete takeover which is the real motive. At worst changes to UnEmployment dictates could be made (and paid for by the Federal Govt.) to cover (again, under COBRA modifications) the costs of people’s Private HC Insurance for up to 1 year of UnEmployment. But, again, it is NOT about covering people for “transition periods” it is all about HC TAKEOVER!
  • To LIMIT higher Premiums based on Age/Gender.
    My thoughts: That’s called PRICE FIXING/CONTROLS (Socialism). Works so well and there is no Fraud/Waste/Abuse in “Rent Control” areas that exist as an easy example of how Govt. fails and creates yet more new problems than it solves at everything it claims to fix (unintended consequences). If we have to actually explain how “Insurance” (whether it be HC, Auto, Life, Dental, etc) is supposed to work there is just no sense bothering to talk to the Brain-dead ObaMoron – they can/could/should start: here (Actuaries). Goes to that Liberal Laziness, they just want spoon fed solutions without having to actually research, think, or even do anything, for themselves.
    The other aspect of this is Medical Savings Accounts reform (HSA/MSA), which Democrats were against the creation of in the first place and worked to keep them as restrictive as possible. Allowing people to save over time rather than having to “use or lose” on a yearly basis would let people save (PreTax) while Healthy for any such time they have a Health Care emergency and/or to pay for their own coverage (COBRA or otherwise) while between employment! Again, Democrats do NOT look to solve the particular issue, but use it as one excuse to scrap the whole system.

It didn’t appear that they had to bother with Planted questions (see: Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda – a place to report the Dem’s Talking Points (read: Lies) and refute them with specifics and More HC Townhall Hi-jinks — More “Depends on the Definition of what ‘is’ is.) because NONE OF THE QUESTIONS honest folks have been, and still are, asking have ever been answered and therefore are continually asked over and over at every Townhall. The questions that we had to write out were collected and whisked off to be “supposedly” put into a box and then be chosen by random. This process was NOT done in front of us, which would have been simple to do to avoid any appearance of impropriety but it wasn’t. However, there was close to a 50/50 mix of Comments/Questions from both Proponents and Opponents. The Cards were not read but instead those chosen were called upon to come up from the audience to make the Comment or pose the Question – of course, anyone could then change from what they wrote to any Comment/Question they wanted – who knows if that provided any hanky-panky in that alone! The predictable and tested Democrat Talking Points were recited in response and some even had (conveniently) supporting Slides. The pre-screened Pelosi, Reid, Obama, approved responses can also be seen at the Whitehouse.gov Reality Check distortion page.

Those Slides contained a couple of lines from HR 3200 to be spun out of context from within the whole sub-sections of the Bill, let alone the overall 1,000+ page document – again, convenient. However, some of the Bold-face Lies were even easily caught if one paid attention to the carefully crafted language (those bouncing language between sub-sections and/or separate votes cast games touched on in: “extent possible” language and CRA, Sub-Prime crisis, Democrat de-regulation lies, etc.) displayed on-screen in even those few lines as they referred to this or that as it relates ONLY within that sub-section of the Bill – NOT to the whole Bill or Subject-matter.

No Slide for the part of the Bill (Section 441, Page 203, Lines 14-15) that states: “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.” THAT IS THE EXACT LINE!!!! That is the kind of game being played, changing definitions in order to pretend it doesn’t mean what you know it says you just read (for those that bothered to read any of it). Again, see: Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda for more specifics on what the Bill actually says and what Democrats choose to spin as MYTH versus TRUTH despite what the Bill has in it for all to see in print!

Also not unexpectedly missing were Slides for the TAXES and/or Costs that the Bill IMPOSES (NO CHOICE THERE) upon Individuals/Companies to pay for it or FEES/PENALTIES on top of those for non-compliance in these supposed “Choices!” I didn’t get a chance to have my Question asked: The ultimate HR3200 Q: Will Fetus’ about to be Aborted qualify for End Of Life counseling, or is that reserved only for Seniors about to be effectively Euthanized by/from Rationing?!?!, which is covered more in-depth in: Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda

One Question that came up 3 times, in varying incarnations was basically a DEMAND FOR TORT REFORM, to which Peters dodged and danced despite being demanded to answer: YES OR NO, Will you support Amending the Bill to contain Tort Reform? His non-answer (refusal to say YES) was obvious that Peters holds the Howard Dean “No Trail Lawyers Left Behind” approach (Moe Lane’s Diary: Dean admits why there is No Tort Reform in ANY HC legislation) and returned each time to CONTROLLING COSTS at the Doctor/Coverage level. Protections for Lawyers, but not for Doctors.

In closing, I’d like to refer to a common theme on a few ProBamaCare signs invoking (what is supposedly) forbidden from Politics: Religion! Charity… Dear Brain-deads: Charity begins at Home and is giving NOT Extortion (Extortion, pure and simple (to raise taxes or avoid/enact legislation)) via the Power of Government. Giving from one’s own holdings rather than reaching into someone else’s pocket-book to give to others. That is NOT CHARITY, it is SOCIALISM – Liberal Brain-dead ObaMorons can’t grasp that basic concept/definition!

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
Liberals, looking to do for America what they’ve done for Detroit

[Videos Update]

NOTE: from the interviews: “They will be having these by phone” and indeed Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick (Kwame’s Mommy) did hold hers by Phone – I got one of the calls to be involved in it!

NOTE: Yes, it was the LaRouche folks again with the Obama as Hitler sign!

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