Congress - Here's your Sign* TEApeat - Tea Party Express to DC

Current TEApeat: Taxpayer March on DC, via the Tea Party Bus (Tea Party Express), tour heads toward DC for the 9/12 event. While we touched on this in several TEApeat related Diaries when the Tea Parties were first revving up I wanted to revisit and help us all to get caught up on the latest clever posters in the Slogan War and/or to share other aspects of a stop in your area.
*Here’s Your Sign – came from The Blue Comedy Tour (used here with admiration and respect for their creation).

I’m hoping/planning to catch up with the Tea Party Express when it reaches Brighton Michigan on Day 12 and that you’ll be able to catch the Express [update: Looking to join up with the Express and travel onto DC? info via comment-312 in this Diary (or direct: here).] as it works its way across America:
DAY 1: Friday August 28, 2009
• Sacramento, CA – 12:00 noon
• Reno/Sparks, NV – 5:30pm
DAY 2: Saturday August 29, 2009
• Winnemucca, NV – 12:30pm
• Elko, NV – 4:30pm
DAY 3: Sunday August 30, 2009
• Ely, NV – 11:30am
DAY 4: Monday August 31, 2009
• Las Vegas, NV – 11:00am
• Flagstaff, AZ – 6:00pm
DAY 5: Tuesday September 1, 2009
• Albuquerque, NM – 1:00pm
• Las Cruces, NM – 6:30pm
DAY 6: Wednesday September 2, 2009
• El Paso, TX – 10:00am
DAY 7: Thursday September 3, 2009
• San Antonio, TX – 11:00am
• Waco, TX – 5:00pm
DAY 8: Friday September 4, 2009
• Dallas, TX – 11:00am
• “Whistle Stop” Rally, TX – 2:45pm
• Little Rock, AR – 6:00pm
• Memphis, TN – 10:00pm
DAY 9: Saturday September 5, 2009
• Lousiville, KY – 5:30pm
DAY 10: Sunday September 6, 2009
• Bloomington, IN – 11:00am
• Champaign/Bloomington, IL – 5:00pm
DAY 11: Monday September 7, 2009
• Joliet, IL – 10:00am
• South Bend/Mishawaka, IN – 4:30pm
• Battle Creek, MI – 7:30pm
DAY 12: Tuesday September 8, 2009
• Jackson, MI – 12:00 noon
• Brighton, MI – 3:30pm
• Troy, MI – 6:30pm
DAY 13: Wednesday September 9, 2009
• Canton, OH – 10:00am
• Pittsburgh/Cranberry Township, PA – 2:30pm
• Johnstown, PA – 6:00pm
DAY 14: Thursday September 10, 2009
• Scranton, PA – 12:00 noon
• Albany, NY – 5:30pm
DAY 15: Friday September 11, 2009 (NEVER FORGET)
• Hartford, CT – 10:00am
• Bridgeport, CT – 1:30pm
• Toms River, NJ – 6:00pm
DAY 16: Saturday September 12, 2009
Washington DC
for more details about each stop visit: Tea Party Express Tour dates/times as well as for route details if you want to see if you can even meet up with the Bus and join the procession from one stop to the next or in mid-route. 😉 Parade anyone?

I look forward to seeing some Diaries from folks as the tour progresses along the way or feel free to stop back by this diary to share any of your favorite Pictures, Sights, Sounds, Video, etc, in relation to the events. Some of the Signs thus far…

  • My fave: “Size Matters – Reduce Govt.”
  • “You can’t fix STUPID” which also came from Ron White and the Blue Comedy Tour.
  • TEA is Taxed Enough Already, and we ain’t talking about the drink
  • We The People – Listen To Us
  • Give Me Liberty, Not Debt
  • Go Green -> Recycle Congress

Other related TEApeat info:
Plan to attend a TEApeat 9/12, Thanksgiving, next Tax Day and 4th of July 2010, etc…

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As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)