More Townhall hi-jinks as Liberals shift the sham/scam - Hint: Still depends on "Definition of 'is' (Rationing, Euthanasia, Death Panel, etc.) is"

Shining the Light on the Democrats tactics to still shove a Health Care TAKEOVER (soon to be quickly repackaged as KennedyCare) down the throats of Americans – The latest “dodges;” addressing the “Americans spend the most $ per-capita” ($7,290/16%GDP) in HC costs DISTORTION; the “effective equivalence” of Rationing, Euthanasia, Death Panels, etc.; carefully crafted planted questions to allow for equally worded responses (dodges, distortions, lies, etc) and “the definition of ‘is’ is” STILL; “Liberal Laziness;” and more…

The same target with the moving bad sales pitches: It’s about Health Care… then it’s about Savings… then it’s about “the Children”… changed to the Poll tested “Insurance Reform”…. then it’s about Moral obligations…. back to Savings…. back again to “Shut up, I WON!” — but it has always been about HillaryCare (not even rewarmed, served COLD) being shoved down the throats of Americans which was nothing more than the boilerplate of designs on a Health Care Takeover for Liberal Government control they have had designs/plans on since FDR.

What about Dental coverage?!?! After all, Health begins with the Mouth as we keep hearing in the Dentistry care Ads!! Where is my FREE Dental Care?!?! Since everyone dies eventually, where is my Govt. Life Insurance, since they have always been going to Cradle to Grave dependence on Government!?!? Oh yeah, that $500, or so, from Social Security as a Death benefit – so the point there, of course, it is a precedent already!!!

But I wander off into the next excuses for Liberals to Buy votes with the Government “supposed freebies” they will promise. This is about the scams/shams being perpetrated upon Americans under the guise of Townhalls. Some of the same basic dodges (as discussed in the prequel: Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda – a place to report the Dem’s Talking Points (read: Lies) and refute them with specifics Diary – update: joined by, in this expanding series: HC Townhall: Like Hollywood, Democrats used new Actors to replay the same Script., HC Townhalls: Steny Hoyer (D-MD) edition., HC Mandates – How ’bout some others? Welfare Warranty? College Coverage?, and HC issues summary.) are still being repeated, but Senators are trying some new techniques of referring to “POTENTIAL” Senate Legislation THAT DOES NOT YET EXIST IN CONSIDERATION (read, want to make/amend it as they go) while their House Congress-creeper counterparts shift to hiding behind the safety of a TELE-CONFERENCE Dog-and-Pony charade (with same basic planted questions/order).

It is a shame, but there are many Americans that still don’t get it when it comes to a Democrat speaking. How one has to pay close attention to the carefully crafted wording and/or sentence structure and parse it accordingly to get to the root of their DODGE. We are right back to “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” that Bill Clinton so boldly let us know the truth behind the Democrat lies, distortions, and dodges, by re-framing questions to be what they want them to be rather than what they are/were, selectively re-defining terms on the fly, etc. Even though Bill admitted it, some still have yet to grasp the Democrat GAME! But, because of “Liberal Laziness” they still get away with it with some (far too many).

To you Democrat Politicians I say: “You have not fooled us Conservatives for a long time. We can easily parse your carefully constructed sentence structures to build a DODGE (read: LIE). How you say you don’t support something that everyone can read for themselves is in a Bill YOU DO SUPPORT yet try to convince folks is only a figment of their imagination!” Again, we know you are playing the “depends on the definition of ‘is’ is” game. Or, how you want to pretend you do not support certain provisions, but will in the end VOTE FOR THEM anyway (Yea vote for the Bill with all those things you claimed to abhor) as part of the need for “progress” and supporting the President or other non-sense.

As I raised in (the prequel comment section) my favorite question is: “Will Fetus’ about to be Aborted qualify for ‘End Of Life’ counseling or is that only reserved for Seniors about to be effectively Euthanized by Rationing?” Of course, the question has obvious flaws but it very much sums up, in one quick easy fashion, all the points most wrong with HR3200 (and as we all know, any Bill they will attempt to ram through or put back in Conference/reconciliation).

For those who still don’t “get” how the “definition of ‘is’ is” game/dodge and planting questions (straw-man) for easy dismissal works – I guess we’ll have to spell out a few examples. As pointed out by penguin2 (here) I should deal with this in terms of the Life-cycle – Abortion, Rationing, then Euthanasia (ARE – if someone can help work that into a slogan/sign, I’ve thought EAR as in lend my your ear but it doesn’t follow the life-cycle, anyway).

Planted Question #1 (or dodge to genuine concern over) ABORTION. You can hear it around any Townhall, “I hear Abortions will be paid for from MY tax-dollars!?!?” — Carefully crafted dodge is based on the FACT that nowhere directly in the Bill does the plan EXPLICITLY STATE that funds will be allocated for that purpose. However, nor does it for anything else get listed for “explicitly authorized” funding in the HC plans. However, anyone/everyone knows that Democrats deem “Reproductive Services” (Planned Parenthood code-words for ABORTION SERVICES) within the realm of Women’s HC. Abortions will be a approved/covered “PROCEDURE” in the name of HC coverage for women through any/all other separate Regulations HHS (and other Govt. Departments, all filled with LIFETIME EMPLOYEE’S THAT ARE LIBERAL) will be responsible for creating/maintaining under the authority of the Bill (part of that, kick the can down to other Liberals dodge they’ve used for decades).

Planted Question #2 (or dodge to genuine concern over) RATIONING of care. Do we really need to cover this one? Even Democrats are now admitting this is “effectively” in the Bill (by trying to dismiss the concern by saying “well, HC is rationed now by your HC Insurance providers”) while it does NOT explicitly state it with that specific term with that word – and that is, of course, the basis of the dodge. Dingell: “There is NO rationing in the Bill!” – yep, again, dodge, the word “ration” does indeed NOT appear in the Bill, but the “effective equivalence” of it is by way of (or in the name of) “reducing costs.”

Listen Idiots (oops, I need to be nice to our Liberal fools) Listen friend… Whether cost cutting means directly reducing funds available to pay for any particular patients’ particular “need” being paid for (therefore, coverage denied) is only one aspect. If monies are NOT available for the Doctors, facilities, supplies, drugs, equipment, etc, necessary to cover ever increasing demands/needs on the system – RATIONING will effectively imposed whether it is called “RATIONING” or not!

Further, DENIAL of coverage is Rationing! John Dingell ADMITTED coverages would be denied if one doesn’t qualify for “covered/approved conditions” (above and beyond bothering to go into the Democrats demagogue the “Pre-existing Conditions” arguments when their own Bill EXCLUDES some conditions) in his response at his Townhall to Mike Sola about his Sons Cerebral Palsy. Details on that exchange (and picked up by news media of Sola in Dingell’s face at that Townhall all over the country) are in: Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda – a place to report the Dem’s Talking Points (read: Lies) and refute them with specifics. Dingell ADMITS the Rationing by informing us that he has AN AMENDMENT to “correct” (as he put it) the (I guess were to believe what is an) oversight?!?!?

Further still, you have right of appeal with your Insurance company, which you will NOT have with Liberal Death Panel Committee members deciding your Grand-Parents’ care!!!! You ultimately have the Legal outlet, if all else fails, TO FILE SUIT against your Insurance company to have costs reimbursed if you had to proceed with treatments they tried to block (more on this important point further on in this Diary regarding “per-capita HC spending”). The Federal Legislation PROTECTS the Government boards/panels/committees (whatever they ultimately call them) by exempting them from being challenged in the Courts. One of those other little details the Democrats avoid discussing that is in the Bill!!!

Planted Question #3 (or dodge to genuine concern over) EUTHANASIA. Easy response for this question is “NO!” Obviously, the word does NOT appear anywhere close to the language in this Bill. The question is addressing the actual intent/concern of the question/questioner and we all know the Democrats WILL NOT DO SO! They simply want to set-up the Straw-man, hit the easy denial, and completely avoid the language we all have read for ourselves. But it is always the buzzword question they can easily dismiss that lands up as the question and/or they will dismiss others with a more direct questioning of the language in the Bill as “having already addressed that about …” Abortion, Rationing, Euthanasia, etc… Lives will be lost while waiting for Care, just like in any/every other SOCIALIZED MEDICINE SYSTEM on which the Democrats have been trying to move us towards for decades – ‘a pile of dung by any other name, still stinks as bad’ (or something like that, the original quote had something to do with a Rose πŸ˜‰ lol).

Have you still sleeping folks not grasped how this game is being played by the Democrats YET!?!? If you did not read that last paragraph, go look at that if nothing else! The only way you cannot “get it” yet is because you want to, and willfully and malice of fore-thought, remain Politically Brain-dead (see: Dealing with our Frustration with the Politically Brain-dead) so you can continue stumbling/coasting through life without actually caring about what happens to fellow Americans. That old saying about being Open Minded but not to the point where ones Brains fall out comes to mind. It is that “Liberal Laziness” that they want the JackAss Party to just be able to download the Talking Points directly to them to let them know what their thoughts/opinion should be – regardless of truth/facts easily recognizable to anyone that would take just a few minutes to look! Pretending to care, while never having to really do anything about anything by pushing it off onto Government, is NOT caring it is AVOIDANCE of Moral/Personal responsibilities.

“Effective equivalence” is a Legal concept (though not in my/that exact phrasing) that is accepted and (while I could go into examples, I won’t as this Diary is getting long enough already, but) most easily recognized/applied in Negligent Homicide and/or Manslaughter cases. This is NOT a new concept I’ve put forth and we thereby fully understand that Rationing, Euthanasia, and those so-called “Death Panels” exists (in basic principle) within the HR3200 Bill. No matter how carefully the Democrats try to craft the language they use in dodging the issues!

Even if TRUE, which the Democrats’ dodges and distortions of the issues ARE NOT, let us concede for just a moment that all that rotten stuff is removed from the current Bill. Two words: LIBERAL INCREMENTAL-ISM! The tried and true method by which they bypass the will of the people (Dealing with our Frustration with the Politically Brain-dead) and enact the next piece of their “fundamentally changing” America (as Obama out-rightly admits openly) the next time you are NOT looking. But, again, even if true – we know the Democrat BAIT-AND-SWITCH M.O. (for our Brain-dead Liberal friends, that is: Modus operandi, not an abbreviation for Missouri); piece-meal forced (non-germane) approach (like adding things to War Funding Bills that has nothing to do with it to sneak in HC boards like they did in the Stimulus package, Climate $cam, Dem. Money Laundering (PC excuses to $pend), etc) attachments; as well as the “extent possible” language dodge; the Conference Committees reconciliation process; or by other/future Amendment; etc.

It gets tiring covering the extent by which Democrats convoluted the processes to pass their harmful agenda unto Americans, ugh! That is, of course, overly complicated by design to hide their intent/goals. Tiring too is gathering/providing all these cross-references, but I will continue to provide drill-down sub-links to lead to bolstered/additional arguments/materials for our “Liberal Laziness” friends to have no excuse to not be able to find/read it and have the chance to learn for themselves!

The latest Senate Democrats’ tactics was put on display at a Claire McCackle (D-MO – yes, that is Missouri this time πŸ˜‰ lol, and yes the spelling incorrect but intentional) event. The CINO/PLINO Democrat (Red-Dogs, RINOs, CINOs, DINOs, PLINOs, and Blue-Dogs, oh my… The Political Zoo – what/who are they?) tried to dodge the issues/concerns over what is in the HR3200 Bill (THE ONLY ONE STILL ACTUALLY ENTERED INTO CONSIDERATION IN THE CONGRESS) by claiming to support a Senate Bill that doesn’t exist, but they want us to believe is coming soon (see: Gang of Sicks (er… Six) – The Senate HC “Gang Of Sicks” (formerly 7, but Hatch left and that didn’t have the fun play on words)). Obama has been pulling this same dodge referring to “His Plan” (Obama’s “My HC plan” Lie – Obama’s HC dodge, quoting a non-existent and/or not in consideration Plan) that no-one can read because it exists (in ever changing form, depending on his audience at any given time) only in Obama’s empty head!

Claire conveniently insists; while trying to put off folks with “Don’t you Trust me?” dismissals, as you’ve probably already seen video on that unanimous response of NO; that she does NOT support those things to which we object (like Abortions being funded with Tax dollars, Rationing, Death Panels, etc [see those previous planted questions discussion here-in]) in anything passed by the Senate. Again, gets tiring repeating the Democrat M.O., when we all know it will just (not so) magically/mysteriously re-appear in a Final Bill’s passage from reconciliation.

It is pure Bait-and-Switch. It is the usual dodge of setting up Multiple Votes – the “Vote Shell Game.” Yet so many people do not get how they pull this so as to go back to their Districts and CLAIM to oppose something and point to one Vote, while to another audience claim to support the exact same thing being able to point to another Vote they cast – while, all the while, advancing the Radical Left-wing agenda items (whether it be in the name of the ObamAgenda: the 14 Legislative agenda items (and other things) Obama wants to distract from or under any other Democrats’ name). A direct example of this dodge/tactic is covered in this: CRA (and the de-regulation lies) Diary over the whole sub-prime/Mortgage-meltdown the Democrats brought upon the country. The simple examples and explanation of how they distort their “promises” over what they “actually vote for” and get passed exists right there and there is no longer any excuse for any American to not understand how to recognize it and call their Democrat Representative on the CINO/PLINO lies they tell during their Campaigns.

The latest way the House Democrats are staging the HC events is TELE-TOWNHALLS!!!! My House Representative, Democrat Carolyn Cheeks-TheCrookAndKwamesMommy-Kilpatrick not only pulled this stunt but took it one further. Supposedly random Calls to constituents within her District were placed without forewarning (yeah right, as if her SEIU, ACORN, etc, cronies didn’t know when the calls would be STAGED) so this would be somehow “FAIR” I suppose. ROTFLMAO – really?!?! Oh Please! My call came on Wednesday August 12th at 19:05 and, as expected, the questions we were going to be allowed to ask following the Democrat Propaganda (again, actual Myth/Facts specifics covered in: Townhall HC distortions/propaganda Diary and more coverage in HC Townhall: Like Hollywood, Democrats used new Actors to replay the same Script.) were screened for content.

I spoke about these fiascoes with John McCulloch on WJR 760 AM Detroit while he was filling in for Frank Beckmann (Local a.m. guy who has been covering the HC debacle at length for us all) and he noted about being on one of Kilpatricks calls. He noted how they, no doubt recognizing him, didn’t allow him to ask a question (out-right rejected his question even when they insisted on pre-screening what he wanted to ask). Is there anyone on the planet that could possibly think these weren’t all carefully staged and controlled forums to maximize the Democrat Propaganda?!?!? Oh sure, they wanted to “fairly” reach more people – doing so only to ensure they got it to the masses in the way that further distorts WHAT IS ACTUALLY IN THE BILL in order to garner support from/by the easily fooled Politically Brain-dead!

Doctors unnecessarily Amputating peoples feet to collect $30,000 coverage!! You’ve had to be hiding under a rock to not have heard Obama’s last attempts to demonize Doctors and/or Health Insurance providers. That is the latest, after his prior ‘Doctors will say, hey… I can get more if I pull a patients’ Tonsils’ boondoggle remark. Regardless that the $30k amount is also fraudulent representation, it is at best an admittance that ObamaCare will NOT cover Services based on what is best to save a patients’ LIFE but on pre-defined OUTCOMES and/or PRE-APPROVED PRACTICES that Democrats/Liberals will define and NOT be between you and your Doctor (and family), but more-so a complete separation from reality to demonize Doctors to convince folks to scrap the entire HC system for ALL in the name of covering only an additional few Million people. We Republicans/Conservatives, of course, have (also for decades) wanted to actually SOLVE some the issues/concerns but Democrats/Liberals have blocked at every turn our attempts to do so without destroying all HC in the U.S. – because it is NOT their goal to fix anything but to entirely put HC in America under the control of Liberal Democrats!!!!

Lastly, and certainly not least, the HEALTH CARE COSTS/EXPENDITURES PER-CAPITA distortion! I’ve heard this addressed by a few folks, but not in print (my apologies to anyone that may/does have a Diary covering this that I may not have seen yet, please feel free to cross-reference your Diary in any comments you make at this Diary). Simply, there is NO COMPARISON because other Nations with Socialized Medicine have RATIONING, has fixed costs, have NO RIGHT OF APPEAL, are dying while they wait for care (that works wonderfully as a method to keep costs down, but do we want that here too?), etc…

The biggest distortion of these figures comes from the basic fact that in the United States you can have an Elected Procedure done at locations of your choosing without anyones permission!!!! With Socialized Medicine Systems YOU CANNOT GET ANY SERVICE IF YOU ARE NOT DEEMED QUALIFIED FOR IT – REGARDLESS. No appeals, no working around it even if you want to pay for it, NO CHANCE – because the waiting list for whatever procedures, cures, drugs, options, etc, you may want are reserved for those “with permission” for the covered/qualified persons!

That is why people come from all over the World to receive HC in the U.S. and we have Choice (and that high per-capita amount, discussed elsewhere). You can still “Elect” to get Care, which will abruptly end (for any coverage at any amount someone would be willing to pay of their own monies) in the near future – if you do NOT have Govt. authorization, you/anyone WILL NOT GET CARE! The Bill forbids it because it is “unfair” (except for those Special Political Class types, as they exempt themselves from the Laws) to those that will be on the waiting-lists for said procedures – PERIOD!

It is comparing (Adams) Apples to Monkey Butts or Legs to Automobiles. It is comparing some of Pelosi’s Botox treatments (as included in that Health Care spending per-captia) to your Life hanging in the balance needing a Liver transplant (and I have a friend in the V.A. Hospital waiting on just that). Someone paying for Cosmetic surgery (whether under an Insurance plan or paying for it themselves), is still part of the overall Costs per-capita distortion they are making, does not relate to someone needing Heart surgery — and under other Socialized Medicine Systems (which will WITHOUT QUESTION EVENTUALLY HAPPEN HERE under these plans put into motion) someone may not get in time because of the waiting list or the cost not deemed worth the patients age and worth to society and therefore just put on a few Pills. Obama said it out of his own mouth that “perhaps some should just be given a Pill!”

Since examples and REAL solutions could be outlined on and on, I’ll open it up now for comments as this has gotten really long already. I do try to be thourough. πŸ˜‰

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
Liberals, looking to do to America what they’ve done to Detroit.

PS: sneaking in one last thing: As covered in the Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda prequel Diary and a third in series HC Townhall: Like Hollywood, Democrats used new Actors to replay the same Script., the Democrats often take a small grain of truth to hang their big lies onto to try and give it some validity and sneak it by their BRAIN-DEAD supporters. Their answers/comments must be carefully parsed to seperate the fact and fiction parts, but it is easy to do once you are aware of what they are doing and listening! Howard Dean tried to hang all the HC lies on the one grain of truth he threw out at a Townhall, as covered in Moe Lane’s: Howard Dean: No tort reform for fear of trial lawyers, said “Tort reform is not in the Bill – the people who wrote it do not want to take on the Trail Lawyers.” An obvious truth/fact we all knew, as Democrats are the Party of Trial Lawyers (for just one Special interest), as that grain of truth, to bamboozle many that he is “speaking all truthes,” to go on and try and pass the lies that followed from their mouths.

PSS: It is a shame this has to even be said and an example like this needs to be spelled out but… There is a Rep., and I’ll kindly just leave out his name to keep this a generic “lesson.” Despite many many many Townhalls already held in regard to the HR3200 (HC) Bill and weeks of Public debate, he “claims” that he doesn’t know whether or not he Supports/Opposes the Bill. That is, of course, a dodge to cover he is NOT WITH the overwhelming Public sentiment against the Bill. If he doesn’t know what is so offensive that the Bill must be defeated, if things are not unacceptable at this point then it is obvious he will be willing and is going to vote FOR the Bill, then it is clear he is just attempting to bamboozle yet more of the Politically Brain-deads that abound. That there hasn’t been sufficient examples already of these tactics for people to have yet figured this out is beyond me!