Dealing with our Frustration with the Politically Brain-dead

It may seem very odd, but dealing with people coming to grips with their Politics (as many things from a Psychological aspect) is like dealing with mourning. You’ve all heard it: Shock, Denial, Anger, and Acceptance (SDAA) phases of grief. It is that SHOCK that a life-long Democrat could possibly been wrong that sticks them in DENIAL so that they can just stick their head back in the sand, go on listening to those hand-feeding them the ever-increasing Radical-Left Talking Points (read: lies), and allow them to continue coasting through Life PRETENDING to actually care!

Getting through that DENIAL with enough of, what so many of us recognize as obvious, truths to advance them to the ANGER stage can be a delicate trick. There are many in that ANGER phase and they are showing up at the HC Townhalls (Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda – a place to report the Dem’s Talking Points (read: Lies) and refute them with specifics and sequel HC Townhall hi-jinks continue) and expressing it (along-side us). While the MSM tries to downplay it, many are Lifelong Democrats expressing concerns – as was the case I loved seeing (sorry, no I don’t have a link handy) one Democrat yelling at his Democrat Congresscreeper when he tried to dismiss him as some “fringe Republican” with “I’m a registered Democrat, but I recognize a LIAR when I see one” referring to the Democrat Congressman.

We have to continue reach them on HC (Harry & Louise want you to pay for their Head examinations?, Senate HC “Gang Of Sicks”, Obama’s HC dodge, quoting a non-existent and/or not in consideration Plan, Townhall propaganda, The ultimate HR3200 Q: Will Fetus’ about to be Aborted qualify for End Of Life counseling, or is that reserved only for Seniors about to be effectively Euthanized by/from Rationing?!?!), $timulus/Debt, Climate $cam, as well as additional ObamAgenda itemsSo, What does Obama NOT want you paying attention to? – revisited/updated: current Distractions. Providing the truth/information as to ObamaFAIL: How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES – since we have to spell it out.

It is, though, and somewhat unfortunately, up to us to continue to be engaged in order to help bring them along. We hate to admit to ourselves (Conservatives) that some of our fellow Conservatives got a tad lazy and unengaged (thinking a much deserved breath could be taken) and Republicans drifted and we didn’t bring more people to the Light!

Remember the Edmund Burke quote: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…. As for that ACCEPTANCE, we’ll get to that phase later.

These thoughts really began here about Hillary (as there are some PUMA’s that somehow think Hillary is really different/better), onto Holder and others, but is really about all Democrats of course. The discussion wasn’t about just Hillary or Holder, but had an underlying implication how there are many still thinking there are some in that JackAss Party that would not be as bad as others (which we’ll dispel that myth in this Diary). It is about all Democrats, but morons not able to look at them and know that all of that lot of Democrats are as bad, has always been pathetically only concerned about their own power and never solving anything, and always will be. There is NEVER any Democrat (How electing ANY Democrat empowers the antithesis of Conservatism, the Ultra-Far-Left Progressive/Socialist/Democrats – Blue-Dogs we’ll touch on later) that people should allow themselves to think worthy of voting for (my point of what we must get through some peoples Politically Thick Skulls and those few that have briefly opened their eyes that we must teach/reach/etc) as they just empower the Ultra-Lefts in that Party.

How do so many not realize that ObamaCare is really just HillaryCare rewarmed and that HillaryCare was nothing more than a dust off of mostly boiler-plate Progressive plans to takeover and put HC under full Government control for Decades as a natural “progression” from Social Security and then Welfare. No matter how “Moderate” (or even semi-Conservative) any Democrat may sound during a Campaign they Rule Ultra-Left SOCIALIST and don’t give one wit about maintaining (or working within) the frame-work of the Constitution.

As for Republicans, I really don’t care whether they “feel it” or not but that they “get it” enough to perform properly. It can be for their own best-interest, just as long as they get it is Conservative positions that gets them elected and what is right (yes, double play word pun) for the Country (as discussed in: Conservative Candidates (the Diary) and Republicans must be the Party of HELL NO [to Bigger Govt.] not the Party of SLOW[er Liberal Incremental-ism] ).

I have felt the frustration expressed by so many, have felt it my whole life, and attempted to battle the liberal laziness running for office myself to push the Conservative message (you can see all that in my profile. This isn’t about me of course, or you even as an individual reader, but if you want to know where I come from I provide some background and you can “judge” my “cred” if you wish). While we are frustrated, and I know we are angry and don’t really want to hear this, but we aren’t going to further awaken the political brain-dead if we go at them in the wrong manner. If only those lazy morons that can’t/won’t involve themselves in bothering to pay attention enough to learn the truth on their own behalf would also NOT VOTE we’d be okay, but they do vote and we must continue to deliver the truth.

It is NOT as if any of this has been different for a Century. Liberalism has always looked to Incrementally inject their agenda at “fundamentally changing” America (as Obama, one honest thing, has said)…. The early 20th Century moved slower but got Progressively (yes, pun intended) worse to the break-neck speed and uncaring how overt they are in the LIES they are willing to tell to have unwitting-dupes pulling the JackAss lever while not (honestly, in their minds) expecting to get more and more and more of that Radical agenda. They’ve gotten great help/cover, of course, from the MSM every modern Election (see: MSM bias (how they lay groundwork to help shape, rather than report on, Elections) and Voting Psychology (Bandwagon and other effects)).

IT IS SO DARN OBVIOUS these days (with so many, McCackle (MO) I call her and even the Clintons/Obama overtly lying and attempting to “speak semi-Conservative”) putting on an Act just to get elected. Dealing with the whole “Blue-Dog” Myth (covered in: Red-Dogs, RINOs, CINOs, DINOs, PLINOs, and Blue-Dogs, oh my… The Political Zoo – what/who are they?). HOW CAN THESE FOLKS NOT SEE IT! Even paying zero attention, they show up all over and their words never match their actions so much so that the MSM cannot fully cover for them….

These/that, of course, are the things we must (try to politely to get through) teach them and bring them along to Political Adulthood from the Childishness of Liberal-think.

I was speaking with a neighbor, life-long family friend, and we discussed just this topic. The frustrations we have with Family members! Again, deep (lessening a little over the last decade, but still) Blue District and how we’ve practically had to disown some Family – we will of course always love them but dealing with them is another thing. People have simply been indoctrinated, without any real consideration, to being Democrats over Generations. Many still fail, because they just don’t/won’t pay attention (Liberal Laziness) that the JackAss Party is NOT the same as it was under the leadership of JFK and has grown further and further from their Ideals since then. My Family has ALWAYS held Conservative principles, but I was the first to stand up and identify myself as a “Conservative” politically and to become a Republican! It has taken a long time to turn many – all because it is easier to coast by under the delusion than to have to pay attention and use their own eyes to see, their own brain to think with, etc…

For those a little further along the curve and dealing with the ACCEPTANCE of how they’ve been in denial for so long… we can help them to understand how they’d been duped by pointing them to The “Pretend you’re a Liberal MSM reporter (and Spin the story)” Challenge so they can come to grips with how it was/is they’ve been so BLIND with so many trying to keep them that way.

I am in an ultra-left District, and therefore as I’ve already said, felt this frustration my entire life. It has taken decades to bring some along to the Light and while it sucks it is partly our jobs to help them OR (if not) we just concede to the other side that we know employs the time, energy, tactics, etc (ACORN, the Union’s leaderships, etc) to bamboozle them. It has to be countered, and we cannot be as bad/lazy as Liberals and just expect others to do it. We have to be involved, in at least some ways to reach those (we know to be otherwise) complete idiots. We also have the trouble of BLUE-ism expanding out into Red areas that we must keep our own side properly motivated and engaged in in order to make sure Red Districts/States don’t slip.

I could go on and on, but folks either get it or don’t… and it is up to those of us that “get it” to “get through” somehow to those that don’t. Access to information/truth (best persuasive arguments) is easier than ever before with all the links (here at RedState alone), and that was/is my overall point – we have to get it all in front of them and hopefully get them caring enough to be motivated to seek it for themselves.

We must continually take our best evidence and/or arguments forward to them in covering how Liberal “intentions” always lead to worse conditions (not solving any “issue”) with the endless unintended consequences (Democrats always ignore) because they always fail to fully examine their Progressive legislation thoroughly. For some of those now awake, we can point them back to 2008 Election Issues recap [with links] (or some Recommended diaries) and how the truth was always right there in front of them of what Democrats/Liberals want to do TO America rather than FOR Americans had they paid attention (and should now review so they won’t be fooled again).

Those Brain-dead vote, and many of them are moving as this bad economy shifts where some jobs are (the Jobs creations are in Red States and people flee the Blue States to there to get the jobs)…

Exporting/Expanding BLUE-ism, shaping Elections to come.:
Trouble is other areas will eventually suffer too by these Liberal refugees bringing their Brainless voting patterns with them…

… and it is those folks that the SEIU and ACORN are loading onto buses and handing out Professionally printed signs, to that “supposedly spontaneous” crowd, to counter you at the Democrat Townhalls: More HC Townhall Hi-jinks.

For those who wish to review the context from which this Diary drew from, see the Joe Connor’s: Ten years after the terrorist clemencies: Hillary’s hypocrisy continues Diary and comments.

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
Liberals, looking to do to America what they’ve done to Detroit.

PS: It is a shame this has to even be said and an example like this needs to be spelled out but… There is a Rep, and I’ll kindly just leave out his name to keep this a generic “lesson.” Despite many many many Townhalls already held in regard to the HR3200 (HC) Bill and weeks of Public debate, he “claims” that he doesn’t know whether or not he Supports/Opposes the Bill. That is, of course, a dodge to cover he is NOT WITH the overwhelming Public sentiment against the Bill. If he doesn’t know what is so offensive that the Bill must be defeated, if things are not unacceptable at this point then it is obvious he will be willing and is going to vote FOR the Bill, then it is clear he is just attempting to bamboozle yet more of the Brain-deads that abound. That there hasn’t been sufficient examples already of these tactics for people to have yet figured this out is beyond me!

PSS: One-liner Political jabs

using one liners to get people to think (one-liner quotes/jabs) are important, as it’s all about the Marketing and getting the messages out/through. The Demoncrats are good at Parroting slogans (often, involving out-right Lies), and sticking them in peoples Brains (especially Politically Brain-dead folks). We have to be better and more clever than them and keep coming up with new/fresh comments to stick in people’s craws.

We know they are NOT going to listen to our giving them the FACTS, so we have to have the cute, quick, brief, piffy, comments that despite themselves might stick in their Dead-Brain-matter and fester. Enough of those using one liners to get people to think (one-liner quotes/jabs) can add up over time and help to awaken some (Optimism and Faith in, at least, several of the Brain-deads who didn’t bother to vote to wake up at least). Seeing more and more one-liner quotes in siglines warms my heart, but we need to be using them out in the streets and/or on our TEApeats signs (Congress – Here’s Your Sign) we are making headway and a difference!!!

The one-liner jab gets through where a longer argument is never going to be entertained. They have to have their self-awakening and discovery, then they’ll come back to us (mostly via RedState) to tune into what they hadn’t been paying attention to and continue that Road To Recovery from their DENIAL. We cannot (unfortunately) force them, they have to come willingly!!