Republicans need to be -- the Party of "HELL NO" not the Party of "SLOW"

How the Colin Powell, John McCain, Arlene (disre)Specter*, Snowe? (one of Senate “Gang Of Sicks”), and others, model of the Republican Party is wrong-headed.
*yes, he’s gone – thankfully – hopefully others will leave too. (removerinos.com)

This is not going to be a long drawn out Diary as the points are simple and straight-forward. The points are most easily illustrated by addressing current events as they pertain to John McCain and his latest antics. Antics? Yes, McCain’s latest politicking has him “posturing” for Senate re-election and playing Arizonians for Fools, IMNSHO…

Quick reiteration to the Diary Title – How it is that ANY Republican that has ever Served, and more-so actually had hardships Fighting for, this Country in the Military against Fascism, Socialism, Communism, in it’s incarnations, can now even remotely NEGOTIATE with those looking to take us away from the Capitalist Representative Republic of our Founders toward those very systems we fought is unfathomable. The Republicans MUST BE the Party of “NO” and not just the Party of SLOW Liberal Incremental-ism away from our Nations Founding principles. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!!

A brief reminder before I continue to Republicans that have forgotten, or just haven’t grasped why they have lost power….

[from Conservative Candidates (the Diary)]
the “Republican Revolution” of the 90’s was mislabeled, it was really the “CONSERVATIVE Revolution” and it brought Republicans to power; likewise, it was the “Reagan Conservative” Revolution, not a Republican Revolution. Many Republicans forgot that along the way. That led the way for CINO/PLINO Democrats to lie their way back into power, but it was a “Conservative” co-opted (read: they lied about their intent) that voters allowed themselves to be duped into. Republicans need to REMEMBER that! Conservatism did NOT lose Elections, bad Politicians (with R’s beside their name) did!

Bringing the simple thoughts and points of those last two paragraphs together and tying them to the easy example of John McCain. Have you noticed what John McCain finally has decided is just too far, in the ObamAgenda to do list, and too much spending that he must take a stand and is threatening FILIBUSTER?

CASH FOR CLUNKERS!! Now, this is NOT a discussion about that program in general. There are many reasons, the 13 Pages of Paperwork Dealerships are required to wade through and then “HOPE” they’ll get the money from Washington if they did it the way the Lib’s want (the Left wing Strings attached are the biggest reason to oppose it), the one least discussed is that it creates yet another artificial Government induced bubble in Markets from Government interference! A Bubble… Sound Familiar (think Mortgage meltdown see: CRA and the deregulation Lies)?!?! Again, this is really, however, not about the one single actual thing recently done (if you wish to go into it further in the Diary discussion, I’ll leave that for you all to decide) that has actually done some stimulus for the Economy and whether $2 Billion more should be spent in/on it.

[UPDATE AUGUST 5 – that didn’t last long see: YahooNews – Senate Reaches Deal On Cash For Clunkers]

The Point here being that of all the ObamAgenda items (also: So, What does Obama NOT want you paying attention to? – revisited/updated: current Distractions) that are speeding the United States into Bankruptcy – this is the Program that he must stand on. NOT the Hundreds of Billions of the second part of TARP that should have been stopped after it was clear the fiasco the whole thing was becoming after it shouldn’t have passed in the first place… NOT the Hundreds of Billions of NON-Stimulus Stimulus boondoggle funding… NOT Crap and Tax and/or Climate SCAM (related: Climate $cam; Climate Cycles/Shifts; AccuWeather COOL trend; Another Liberal Schmuck recognizes, too late, Failed Democrat Enviro-Terrorist policies – Comedian Paul Rodreguiz’s Family Farm dying of Man-Made (read: Dem. Policy imposed) Drought and here; C&T excuses – How/Why MI (and some other States’) Officials spin CAT being “okay”; Polar Bear myth – Political Class’ diary: Polar Bear population; using the Military to Drill (Natl. Defense Strategic issue); China projects – China gets the Flood/Drought Cycles preparation right; Tidal power generation (finally); Earth 2100 TV special (Liberal propaganda); Vehicle Mileage Tax – Incremental implementation (Electric cars only FIRST!); T.Boone Pikens boondoggle – TBP blows wind, not harnessing it; GM to literally go Green? (Post Bankruptcy WA$TE)) that will cost ALL AMERICANS (not just those Rich folks) in increased costs and Taxes…… NOT the upcoming Health Care debacle (Harry & Louise want you to pay for their Head examinations? and Democrat town-propaganda sessions – covering their specific Talking Points and refuting them) and the truth that we Conservatives/Republicans tried to REFORM Health Care back with Welfare Reform and Democrats blocked our Free Market solutions/implementations that would have had All American CITIZENS covered by now. They, of course, don’t want any Insurance Coverage solutions, but only Incremental-ism that gets them to full Government controlled Socialized Medicine… Nope, no REAL threat of standing against any of that, but the $2 Billion Cash for Clunkers is the “objectionable one” to/for McCain (and, of course, far too many other Republicans).

John McCain thinks this one stand is supposed to remind you that he really is a “Conservative” at heart. I know, I know, we’ll pause for a moment while you try to stop laughing 😉 lol, but you know darn well this is the play he is intending to make to play up his re-election for the Senate from AZ. (More on his opponent and other Races in: Conservative Candidates (the Diary), I just wish I could afford to move to AZ for this Election cycle to fight to overthrow him in the Primary)

He will quickly return to cavorting with the enemies of our Republic (that’s you Democrats, for our slow Liberal visitors) on any/every other ObamAgenda item rather than saying NO and explaining why we MUST say NO, not just SLOWer Liberal Incremental-ism, and those of us adhering to the ObamaFAIL: How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES – since we have to spell it out is RIGHT for the Republican Party and, more importantly, THE COUNTRY!!! Why is it the biggest and best voice of the Conservative message comes from Daniel Hannan (British MEP)? (h/t: mbecker’s: What the Leader of the Republican Party should sound like! Productive vs non-Productive sectors of the Economy same here as in UK).

The list will include Amnesty! In keeping with using John McCain and his re-election positioning/pandering, that is the next easy subject matter. Does the name Sonia Sotomayor ring a bell?

John McCain has announced his intent to vote NO on her confirmation. That, of course, is NOT a bad thing but an easy move for him knowing she is coasting through. Filibuster to save the SCOTUS from a Racist, Sexist, Class-ism, activist? No (his empty rhetoric about Filibuster was only mentioned against short term Clunker Cash not a LIFETIME APPOINTMENT and long-term damage to the Nation), but he’ll vote NO on her confirmation. (related material: SCOTUS Empathy; “EQUAL Justice” denied – GC’s: Sotomayor Sessions on Race and Judicial Activism (off-site) plus RS discussion on GC’s Diary; Obama’s 2001 Redistributive Justice video; Identity Politics; first Hispanic on SCOTUS? or Benjamin Cardozo – Yahoo: Is Sotomayor the First (or Second) Hispanic Pick for the Supreme Court? A:second (First was a Republican appointment))

The SoSo nomination issue has been tossed about as the “Hispanic challenge” for the Republican Party and/or Conservatives. NOT REALLY, IMO! The way to garner their votes are the same way by which to garner any other AMERICAN’S votes and that is through treating them with RESPECT and some “Straight Talk” (which has been decidedly LACKING from McCain, which is nothing more than a slogan for him) about EQUAL PROTECTIONS (recommended: GC’s American Exceptionalism) and not engaging in Liberal Identity Politics! Job creation for ALL AMERICANS, not one group over another. Protection from Crime of ALL AMERICANS, not unConstitutional “HATE-CRIME” mumbo-jumbo (see: Dem’s weak on crime. Always! comment). JOBS for ALL AMERICANS not continuing to promote/allow a basic Slave Labor class/sector. Legal Immigration based on sound National policy not handing out citizenships for votes via Amnesty. ALL AMERICANS face the same issues/concerns and deserve the respect of being treated TRULY Equally by us as Conservatives and/or Republicans, nothing else will garner their vote to the Republican Party (if their mind-set is set to Identity Politics, they shall always remain a member of the JackAss Party and we should not lose the votes of others that “GET IT”).

BI-PARTISANSHIP… John McCain is our most frustrating example of this, but it is time the record be corrected with some “Straight Talk” and pointing out where the REAL BI-PARTISANSHIP has been. More DEMOCRATS have JOINED WITH REPUBLICANS in votes AGAINST THE OBAMAGENDA!!! We will NOT, of course, get that message to the masses via the MSM because that doesn’t fit the Liberal agenda and it is therefore up to us to REPORT/INFORM friends, family, neighbors, and even total strangers, of the FACTS/TRUTH! The MSM is too busy only reporting Bi-Partisanship when they can name a few Republicans voting with Democrats to SPIN (read: mislead) woefully uninformed folks not paying attention to distort the current Votes, or for feeding Republican infighting – MSM uses snippets out of context to feed Republican in-fighting narrative (additional commentary on that here (speaking out against SoSo discussion) and here). Those are always coupled with other stories to divert attention and/or distort Republican beliefs/intentions (see: the MSM challenge – The “Pretend you’re a Liberal MSM reporter (and Spin the story)” Challenge).

The TRUTH about Bi-Partisanship support against Socialism in America is numerous, but had not been pulled together into one Diary. We can no longer allow Democrats and the MSM to distort this and while speaking with others we must give them the evidence that their point of views against the ObamAgenda are shared by many, they are not alone, and even some Democrats are standing up and saying IT’S HIS POLICIES STUPID! and NOTHING to do with Race (as well addressed by Tony Cruz’s personal and courageous: But He’s Black). Here are just a few ANTI-ObamAgenda Bi-Partisanship examples: Bi-Partisanship has really been Democrats joining with Republicans (here), here, (here again) Brian’s Dems join Rep on Ethics issues, How 32 D’s joined R’s on HR2346, or how about Dem’s join Republicans to stand for FREE Elections in Iran, view too the jackACES Act (Clean Energy) 44 Dems Against while only 8 Reps for, plus so many other times I don’t have articles links to.

The Republicans need to be the Party of HELL NO [to Socialism] not the Party of SLOW[er Liberal Incremental-ism] — and proud to exclaim why!
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and as always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
Liberals, looking to do to America what they’ve done to Detroit.

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