"It's the POLICIES, STUPID!" -- So, what does Obama NOT want you paying attention to?!?! [revisited/updated]

The Smoke rises and the Slight of Hand continues. Pay no attention to the flashy showmanship, but rather carefully what the entire cast of characters on-stage are attempting to do while you might otherwise be distracted!! Consider this the ObaMoron’s one-stop guide of what to watch and what to avoid to maintain their delusion of “but this is historic.” Other “disasters” were also historic, we mourn (not celebrate) those dates.

From the original (here):
Pay no attention to what is happening, we (Obama Administration) want you to focus on the “Hysterical” … oops, I mean, of course, “Historical” (read: RACE-baiting Identity Politics+, which isn’t new for Democrats/Liberals) Latina/Hispanic SCOTUS pick (not really+, maybe and maybe not, read on to discover why, but don’t expect the MSM to bother to provide any Facts)….

This is about “their side,” the ObamAgenda, what about “our side?” Companion Diary: Are we preparing Conservatives via 2010 Campaigns for ’12,’14,’16 Races? – shouldn’t we be?!?!

Before we get too far into this, if you haven’t yet done so (or haven’t had a refresher/reminder) don’t forget to visit the: The “Pretend you’re a Liberal MSM reporter (and Spin the story)” Challenge diary. We cannot allow ourselves to be caught off-guard and allow them to sucker us into the “non-story” aspects of the Headlines by their DISTORTIONS of the Words our Conservative/Republican allies have twisted and torn from context (as you can/will so easily see can be done if you Take The Challenge)!

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Those things ObamaBinBiden does not want folks paying attention to (edited/short form, minus details, from ObamAgenda Diary):
[Note: see Full article here for full link references of/for footnotes/cross-references.]

1. Stimulus [a,b]
2. Climate Scam [c,d,e,f,g]
3. Health Care takeover [Townhall HC distortions/propaganda, More HC Townhall Hi-jinks, The Senate HC “Gang Of Sicks” (formerly 7, but Hatch left and that didn’t have the fun play on words 😉 lol), Harry & Louise want you to pay for their Head examinations?, The ultimate HR3200 Q: Will Fetus’ about to be Aborted qualify for End Of Life counsiling, or is that reserved only for Seniors about to be effectively Euthanised by/from Rationing?!?!, h]
4. TARP / Bank takeovers [i,j] [Updated below]
5. Car company takeovers/control [k] [see the “TARP” update below also]
6. State Bailouts [l]
7. The National Debt [m] Include in this one, the soon to come Taxation [n,o,p]
9. Defense / GWOT [q,r,s] … not to mention the next few worth separating out….
10. NoKo Nukes.
11. Iran’s Nukes [t]
12. Card Check [u]
13. Fairness Doctrine [v]
14. Democrat corruption [w]

We must do more than just “HOPE” that the ObamAgenda items above that have not yet been passed/accomplished (2,3,6,12,13); that we can turn-back the damage of those already signed (1,4,5,7,8); remaining vigilant on the remaining ongoing other battles in the list; or the new ever-unimproved manners the Left looks to harm the country; and sending them to the ObamaFAIL: How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES – since we have to spell it out list.

While I am calling them “distractions,” it is not to say that these items are NOT at all important, because they are! The point, of course, being we cannot drop the ball on watching and fighting all the ObamAgenda items every minute of every day and keeping the pressure to thwart the ObamaRadicalization of America. We must Multi-task as no Political movement has ever done before, as the Liberals/Democrats seek to ram through an agenda more bold and quickly as ever before.

Roland Burris:
For those new to RS, or anyone needing a refresher, you may wish to review Blago, Burris, and more, fiasco.

If you haven’t seen/heard yet, you will… Foxnews: Burris opts out of Senate run. The MSM will, no doubt, be playing up this bit of news: Foxnews: Burris Won’t Face Perjury Charge, with as much spin as possible to try and imply there was NO other hanky-panky he might still ultimately be called to account on/for.

The Burris fan club surrounded him during his Press Conference and chanted “Run, Burris, Run” (insert your own Forrest Gump reference and/or joke here), and while being careful to not blatantly blame everyone else (especially all those Racists wanting the “Black-man” out of the Senate) the over-tones of the usual play-book Race-baiting was employed. The Identity Politics ploy, in full force as he handed off the football for his MSM cohorts to run up-field with.

Timing is everything!?!? This one, IMO, is NO coincidence! At the same time the Sonia Sotomayor (SoSo) hearings are about to begin. The attempt, using another Sports analogy, to lob another easy Pitch for them to Hit out of the Ballpark for a Home-run on the “Racism” cries. Ladies and Gentlemen, more Style and NO Substance! And still some folks slumber and cannot be awakened to where the real Racism resides.

Perhaps Alan Keyes (find him too in the Blago fiasco diary) should run again?!?!? If this is “all about Race” then they can finally vote for a Black-Republican (You know, if it is indeed so darn important to replace in kind, as dumb/pathetic a notion that is)!?!? Of course NOT, but Alan is one of the very few that can/could confront/challenge the blatant absurdity some still delude themselves into. Illinois is, IMO, still going to go on more of the “Style Over Substance” this next time around (Campaign handicapping), while we hope most 2010 races should focus on Issues, as America awakens to the ObamAgenda Hangover.

The SoSo Confirmation Dog and Pony Show:
I’m listing this one under “distraction” though it is highly serious and of grave concern to whether, once appointed, SoSo will further embolden and Radicalize (and it is about her Radical viewpoints and Activism she’ll bring to the SCOTUS that matters and not her “ethnicity”) the Leftists already seated on the Bench – even after they just rebuked yet another of her previous rulings (see hogan’s: Let’s Get The Firefighter diary, GC’s: Sotomayor Session on Racial Activism, and others via RS:(googleSearch)Sotomayor). It is a distraction, as far as the MSM will be concerned by playing up the JackAss loyalists’ parade, to be portrayed as “serious SCOTUS scholars” and/or “impartial” (yeah, I know, stop laughing) SoSo supporters, and using it to demonize and perpetrate the usual Race-baiting lines to attack Republicans. This will be done knowing full well, absent something HUGE, she will be seated to the SCOTUS.

The latest on the Democrat’s attempts to shield SoSo from scrutiny of her Radicalness is that 1,200 pages of Memos withheld by Clinton Administration archives regarding Sotomayor. That one won’t have alot of Prime-time airplay or Newsprint coverage. Other stories (via Foxnews online) on SoSo can be found here.

It is sad that Democrats are looking to play Hispanics as fools with all the Race-baiting. What will be more shameful is if Republicans equally avoid going at SoSo rather than challenging her on her Rulings and countless dumb comments (and that it is NOTHING to do with her Gender and/or Heritage) and RESPECT them enough to know/understand where the Racism really resides. To fail to examine her “fairly,” meaning with the same and proper scrutiny as Republicans could/should/would go after any other nominee for their “lack of ‘concern’ for the Constitution and our Country’s founding/uniqueness and rather ‘re-shaping’ America in the image of Socialist Europe” which they are trying to retreat from!

Of course, not everyone agrees on whether it is a foregone conclusion, whether the battle is entirely lost or if parts of the battle can be salvaged/fought and won, and therefore how much is indeed distraction. In Addition to the discussion on SoSo specifically here, see also: Mike Devine’s: Sotomayor Sessions on Race and Judicial Activism Diary. Other (older) related, but still as important in all these discussions, are: SCOTUS Empathy – SCOTUS Empathy; 2001 Redistributive Justice video Obama’s 2001 Redistributive Justice video; Identity Politics – Identity Politics; Hispanic SCOTUS nominee – first Hispanic on SCOTUS?; SoSo NOT the first (Benjamin Cardozo) – Yahoo: Is Sotomayor the First (or Second) Hispanic Pick for the Supreme Court? A:second (First was a Republican appointment).

Sarah Palin:
And let’s not forget that the MSM will be more than happy to keep the Sarah Palin story going as high profile as possible to avoid having anyone paying attention to the ObamAgenda. Seems RS can’t lay off these discussions despite there is so much time between now and 2012 for this to matter LITTLE RIGHT NOW and our need to focus on the 2010 Races (Conservative Candidates (the Diary) and Analyzing Campaign chances by more than “gut feel”). But here is some of that ‘Palin Gov. resignation spin’ at Gov Palin resigns and it goes on here, with plenty more if you want to Google search it.

Plus, of course, and as we’ve already seen happening here at RedState, the parade of counter-diaries of how Candidate X is the sole and only Candidate of merit for 2012 to be followed by predetermined Candidate Y, Z, A, F, etc, as it has to be “that Candidate” or No Candidate! Ladies and Gentlemen: STOP FALLING FOR THE DISTRACTIONS/DISTORTIONS!

Joe Biden:
Normally, of course, the MSM would avoid covering any Democrats’ missteps, but they are not so “concerned” about binBiden. Why? Obviously it is because people have now become so used to his Foot-In-Mouth and associating them with being “incorrect statements” needing “clarification” (read: correcting the truth he spoke with a lie) that when he makes a blatantly TRUTHFUL comment (ie. “Misread the Economy”) they are more than happy to play it 24×7 expecting the ObamaZombies to disregard that truth and feed the Lie the MSM wishes to feed the masses (a, sort of, warped reverse-psychology). So, watch for Biden’s latest Gaffe diversion(s) on an hourly basis!

BREAKING: Michael Jackson MURDERED!:
Or so insists, I-change-my-story-hourly-specialist (no, not Biden this time) Latoya Jackson! Reported to News Of The World (story via Sky.news: here. Pure sensationalism? You can bet we won’t know for some time, but the MSM will be happy to play Latoya’s Conspiracy Theory to the hilts until/unless (which is, IMO, likely) a …. ah…. what’s her face…. Anna Nichole Smith…. drug overdose and which Doctors offered so many drugs and who helped feed him them FACTS (if any, which wouldn’t surprise) arise. Regardless, this will be a distraction for months as the last fiasco was.


Small Business Bailout? TARP and now other misc. bailouts:
Now we have to watch monies coming back to the Government, as some of the Financial Institutions our Tax money went to Bailout start to “pay it back,” and how they (Democrats) want to re-launder it back out (Dem. Money Laundering (PC excuses to $pend) plus “extent possible” language). Small businesses, the back-bone of America’s Economic engine, languishes in the expectations of tremendous Tax hikes the ObamaBinBiden Administration will HAVE TO LEVY in order to begin to pretend to pay for! So now, the latest scheme to launder Federal funds to Democrat loyalists will be in the name of “Small Business,” since none of the Political payoffs have, it appears, filtered down to the little JackAss folk despite all those non-bid Contract payoffs via the Porkulus Bill.

Car Dealerships? Most of those have been Republican owned, as covered in many Diaries here at RS (see here). However, some of those will be in Democrat districts and/or areas Liberals will be looking to buy their next votes. While the dealerships themselves may or may not get Bailouts directly, some scheme will be developed to funnel money to “save jobs” and perhaps prevent some of those Dealership owners from becoming the next Republican Candidates (going in with great name recognition in their areas and a great platform on the Democrats’ failed Economic policies) challenging them as we’ve already started to hear happening.

Cap And Trade:
We will be moving forward to what “compromise” (in relation to the House fiasco, find those Diaries here) the Senate will be looking to IMPOSE on America as the debate moves there. Michigan’s Senators (as were their House counterparts) are all bought and paid for: How/Why MI Officials spin CAT being “okay”.

Other ObamAgenda items updates:
Well, those we can discuss here and will be seeing plenty of/about across the pages of RedState in droves over the next few days, weeks, months, on up to the 2010 Elections. I hope we can focus on those Campaigns, and issues leading up to them, NOW rather than be pulled in by the MSM distractions.

Chime in with your comments and/or links to “Issues Updates” Diaries or even just worthy comments on discussions of the afore-outlined Issues, Distractions, and/or Items Updated here-in.

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[UPDATE Erick has added some additional distractions later in the day in his own “Distractions” Diary worth reviewing also.]