The "Pretend you're a Liberal MSM reporter (and looking to spin a story)" Challenge/Experiment

[with Aug.2009 Update] Or, Spinning a story and getting Conservatives/Republicans to fight amongst themselves and ignore the “ObamAgenda – So, What does Obama NOT want you paying attention to?” and trumping up the “How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES – since we have to spell it out” to be something ‘other’ than what it really is!

h/t to Flagstaff and Moe’s Diary Lindsey Graham wounded by Sotomayors hurtful remarks.

First, let “ME” make an admission…. I sometimes hear/see only the MSM spun snippet, out of context of what someone “supposedly” meant (they want us to think: “SAID IN TOTAL”), that I forget it is NOT always (in fact, often NOT) the case/intent. They PLAY US!!!! And “I” sometimes fall for it and go on with the Republican/Conservative in-fighting that I otherwise try to speak out against! I “Hope” (and not in a ObamaHOPE way) others will recognize/realize, admit it (like I just had – so we’re Human for crying out loud, it happens), and move forward so that ‘WE ALL” can/will do better to remind ourselves of it in the future before we jump on our fellow Conservatives/Republicans….

As I’d admitted elsewhere… I have to give NEWT a break.. I fell for the MSM spin/twist/distort routine and know that NEWT is criticizing the ObamAgenda even though he isn’t going as far as the: “ObamaFAIL: How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES – since we have to spell it out” as “I” do and would prefer him to. I also admit to being “upset” with some fellow RedStaters back around Inauguration time when they “toned down” and backed away from the “ObamaFAIL” rhetoric. It is NOT as if they were/are NOT criticizing Obama, they are just being “careful” with their word-choice because some of them have to worry about Votes and/or do NOT want to have the important points that must be made to fall on deaf ears.

I myself have run for Public Office a few times and sat on Committees/Commissions. Therefore, I know first hand that while one can garner some votes with certain harsher rhetoric it can/will also alienate some voters. We have to remember the National Party split (in many locations one cannot win with just Conservatives/Republicans votes) and that most of the battle is over those “Moderate” (in-decisive, non-committal, many out-of-touch inattentive, often squishes) we complain about! That other thing we can forget, or take for granted, is others’ Districts/States Political makeup and it DOES matter in the language one can/must use! Easy for those in firm Red territory (or extremely Blue [BLUE-ism] areas and never would get a Conservative/Republican elected)! What can our Conservative Candidates (the Diary) really say and still be elected? Again, depends on the District/State.

Okay, enough on the setup…. ON WITH THE CHALLENGE….

Pretend for a moment you are an Ultra-Liberal Newspaper reporter/editor or CNN/MSNBC segment producer (whatever). It isn’t hard to do just imagine you’re everything you are NOT – like a RACE-baiter, Class-warfare divisive (maybe a sexist/racist) Democrat hack, Identity Politics apologist, Out of Control Spending Big Government lover, etc… you know the usual [MSM bias] Democrat voter that works in the Media.

Now, in that nasty/angry/spiteful/envious/bubble/etc frame of mind (was I too kind to Liberal Reporters? 😉 lol): Review this FNS: Mitt Romney on FNS Transcript! With me so far? It could be just about any Conservative/Republican in any Interview situation, we’re just using this one this time because it is handy (again h/t Flagstaff).

Now, imagine, of course, your GOAL is NOT TO REPORT what was said/meant by Romney (or any Republican/Conservative from/in ANY discussion – think perhaps editing a Palin/Couric interview for airing [that give you the hint?!?!]) and see what words/phrases/sentences you will/would PICK OUT to make the STORY/SPIN about Republican in-fighting, or semi-positive spin for SoSo, or Democrat Defense Cuts [avoiding the Surrender Doctrine (Democrats ALWAYS cut/weaken U.S.Defense) truth], etc….

Anyone/Everyone can see just how easy it is for them to slice it, dice it, and turn it into a tossed salad of a narrative other than what was/is intended. The next time (and isn’t it a daily basis by the Leftist MSM) we hear/read a “sound-bite” (or even diced set of PARTIAL comments) of/from a Conservative/Republican, be skeptical of what was/is implied. Does that change at all the perspective on Moe’s Diary Lindsey Graham wounded by Sotomayors hurtful remarks?

Likewise, of course, they will be doing just the opposite with any Interview that has anything to do with a fellow Liberal/Democrat. They will pick the most “positive” comments to match the narrative desired. They can and will continue to bend over backwards (think Pelosi-CIA) to protect the Democrats/Liberals with whom they share a bias/agenda, only occasionally releasing the unflattering truth (even then, piece-meal to minimize the damage) on something that has become to toxic for them to continue to ignore/spin!

We know these things! The bias is obvious/blatant most times, though they try to be “subtle” and disguise it to try and catch us with our guard down.

I think (HOPE) that may finally drive home the thought/point sometimes gets missed, or just at times forgotten, (again, I AM GUILTY of it at times) and then allow ourselves to be suckered into arguments amongst ourselves rather than focusing on, the real enemies, the Democrats/Liberals!!!! Staying attentive to those things we agree on in opposing the “ObamAgenda.” Remembering we have to work together to accomplish things (even during Primaries) and perhaps much more-so while we are out of power.

[UPDATE: August 2009: Yet another example: Tom Ridge’s new book “The Test Of Our Times” quote ‘is this about Security or Politics’ in regards to whether the HSA Threat Level should have been raised just before the 2004 Election FOLLOWING THE RELEASE OF A NEW USAMA BIN-LADEN TAPE! The MSM wishes to leave out the last part of that equation and even blow the whole thing out of proportion; even according to Tom Ridge himself; by taking/quoting the line OUT OF CONTEXT and the actual FACT that the Threat Level WAS NOT RAISED AT THAT TIME IN QUESTION! The MSM, again and as usual, is SPINNING/DISTORTING!!!! The Publisher, wanting to sell books, wasn’t concerned about ‘setting the record straight’ either.]

As always, Take Care and Regards from NoMoTown (The MOTORlessCITY)
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