Conservative Candidates: Where are they now? Who are the next? Who can/should we be supporting RIGHT NOW? [last updated: Sept. 2009]

Conservative Candidates’ Campaign links wanted: Please inform your fellow Conservatives here at RedState (and those monitoring here) of the Conservative Candidates vying for Election via a Comment Post letting us know a little about the Candidate and their Candidate WebSite link! Comment letting us know the State in the Comment-title (like/suggestion: Conservatives: Where/Who: STATE-NAME) and start us off with your thoughts on Where/Who is Conservative and should be running or preparing for Campaign runs and for What Office?!?!

First, the “Republican Revolution” of the 90’s was mis-labeled, it was really the “CONSERVATIVE Revolution” and it brought Republicans to power; likewise, it was the “Reagan Conservative” Revolution, not a Republican Revolution. Many Republicans forgot that along the way. That led the way for CINO/PLINO Democrats to lie their way back into power, but it was a “Conservative” co-opted (read: they lied about their intent) that voters allowed themselves to be duped into. Republicans need to REMEMBER that! Conservatism did NOT lose Elections, bad Politicians (with R’s beside their name) did! ALSO: Republicans must be the Party of NO [to Bigger Govt.] not the Party of SLOW[er Liberal Incremental-ism]

In this Diary we will cover as many current Conservative Candidates in current races as possible, with links to their campaigns and where to donate, so we can help them NOW, but we will be going beyond that (and discuss why we must), because it seems we learn too late who the next Conservatives we have coming up that will be ready to take the lead for the Conservative battles in each and every State until some unexpected happenstance brings our attention to the questions. It is time we examine, on a State by State basis: Where are they now? (Not just for our current Candidates, but also for those that had recently gone by the way-side, or at least seemingly not in the Federal limelight anymore, and…) Who are the next? All of whom should be receiving our support all-along rather than waiting until the last minute!!!

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We should know without question who the next options/choices are amongst our fellow Conservatives all across the Nation. When the time comes, we must have better arguments than “but…. He/She is Conservative” and nothing beyond that but the blank stare and stuttering like in Spinal Tap “But… This one goes to 11….” Do we really want that to be our (“YOUR”) only manner by which to say someone MUST provide support/vote for them? Really??

We all know we really need to have more than that in order to have someone ready to hit the ground running when opportunities arise, somewhat (potentially) unexpectedly… We allow those who are NOT our first choices to fill those voids when we are not ready with a well-known Conservative ready to go from day one filing Candidacy papers EARLY and allowing us to then beat the path for them here at RedState (before others garner the National Press)!

With name-recognition (State-wide, at least, and best Nationally), a reasonable Candidate committee base and Supporter base to build UP upon, some manner of having demonstrated they can-be/will-be/are able to raise funds Locally and even Nationally in important Federal level races. YOU KNOW THIS!!! It is the RIGHT (yes, partial pun intended :P) strategy to have our Conservative Candidates ready (and it is why some non-best First choices are on Republican tickets) to be actually fighting the General Election Campaign from day one rather than worrying about whether they will be the one that will come out of ANY Primary battle – then having that momentum up into and out of the Primary as a slingshot to General Election victory (rather than limping because of rough uphill Primary battles)!

I will not cover each and every State here myself, but provide this platform to, and hope my fellow Conservatives from EVERY State will, engage in said discussions. Perhaps a person can start a State sub-thread by a Comment with the State name in the Comment-title and subsequent discussion for that State to take place via Reply-to under that. That would in and of itself bring us 50 sub-threads in this Diary (so let’s be careful to maintain the readability and flow by maintaining careful Reply-to by/within State).

I have contended in our conversations that we need to do a better job of using the Primaries to elevate our (“build future National level Candidates”) up-and-coming Conservative bright shining lights. Friendly Primaries can/could/should, IMO, be used to prepare Conservatives, Conservative supporters, Campaign war-chests, general name-recognition, etc….

[“Me” responding to Kyle8 in Erick_Erickson’s: “Problem with the NRSC…” Diary here]

I think we sometimes view the Primaries incorrectly….

Toomey is a good example, for one, which demonstrates (to your point) that a loss can/does set up a run for the future…. A loss is not the end, necessarily!

As for my Comment title here….. Primaries…. We grasp what I mean in Presidential campaigns as those that may run may NOT have a chance of winning that particular campaign but it allows them to shape the debate and earn that CLOUT (as I put it before – but it means name-recognition, an expanded campaign worker base, lists, money, etc….) ….. If we had people coming into Primaries and more Candidates honored Reagan’s 11th and held “respectful” over cut-throat campaigns we can/will… One, shape the debates and try and bring those candidates that are NOT our first choices (hopefully) around [to the more appropriate Conservative positions] at least some. Two, to setup them for future runs (like Toomey) being in a better position to win.

The only issue with the Primary runs for National spots as a “publicity tour” (more or less) can conceivably weaken them for the jobs (reelection of their current job) if another opponent can stick them with being disinterested in that job and only looking to “climb the ladder” as a career politician….

I think you can and will understand my point/concept…

How it relates here, of course, is that we could have and should have somehow had some Conservative FL candidates working up their State-wide popularity potentially through that strategy. While “All Politics Are Local” it has become true too that “All Federal Level Posts campaigns have become National” and having people that can/will pull in support, financial and otherwise, to win these races as they come up IMO is important (Toomey, again as an example – we need to get him over disreSpecter or any Democrat that may Primary him out).

Of course, the Toomey example was NOT quite a “Friendly Primary” but the fact that it has set him up as the Leader/Front-runner and Nationally known Conservative Candidate does make part of my point. Without that run, Ridge would have been the clear front-runner and the General Election Candidate. In States where a good Conservative Candidate is on the ballot, sharing the stage with another should NOT be a disrespect but an honor in having another fellow Conservative to help carry the Torch of the Conservative message, and prepares that Candidate for the next opportunity to come along and DOES NOT leave us scrambling wondering who may have the “gravitas” to step right in with, again: clout, name-recognition, war-chest, etc…

I think you all understand that point and can see the benefit in it. Governor and/or Secretary of State Office Races are another good example of how/where we can/should be “preparing” our next Federal Level Candidates so they have a foundation to build on and a leg up on our Democrat (the real) enemies. As well as having prepared Republican Lt. Governors to step out for runs in another capacity (in States that have Lt. Gov. posts). We must NOT give Non-Conservative Republicans (we love to whine about around RedState) the chance to step-up/step-in because we will HAVE the next heir-apparent!

You may wish to skip down past the BlockQuotes if you’ve heard some of this before and get right to some of the State examples I question.

[further from that same exchange in Erick’s Diary]
In other words, getting people into friendly Primaries…

Let me keep this generic… Pick your most FAVORITE Senator anywhere…. Some[one] should run against that Senator ANYWAY in the Primary….. The purpose isn’t to DEFEAT that Senator but to:

1. Have more than ONE person out on the campaign trial getting out the Conservative message to the masses.

2. Gives the other Primary Candidates that chance to build up future run support rather than leaving it for the NRSC to step in with whomever is “popular” enough to win. People will have been working their name-recognition and message and be ready to step up (again, Toomey is perfect example – though his wasn’t a “Friendly” campaign like I am making an example of here).

3. The Parties multiple Conservative Candidates come together at the end of the Primary to strengthen the Republican Candidate for the General (if we always, get ready in line – as I’m putting forth – we will always have a good viable Conservative candidate and not have to worry about what we see happening in FL – IMO).

We, as Conservatives, aren’t doing enough in any sense to prepare the way and have them ready/viable when the opportunities arise. We can and should do better. Instead, it is like we waited and now bite at each other over what to do now because WE FAILED to lay the ground-work in the past let alone be able to look forward beyond the next Election.

As always, I view these discussions as STRATEGY… Now and going forward.

… and when Kyle8 and I agree on something I know I am on to something good. 😉 lol 🙂 …

It is about laying the groundwork from all perspectives. It is in part, even when it is NON-Friendly Primaries, setting the tone (and not closing the door in those races) to working together on GOP (still Conservative) Platform issues. In keeping with Reagan’s 11th Commandment…

[“Me” in response to smagar (agreement) in another Erick Diary: here]

Criticisms can be made, I certainly don’t want to hinder that, but we should be doing it in ways that don’t DISTORT and remind people the door is always open to work together on common goals [GOP (still Conservative) Platform and/or Contract with America (original, a part 2?)] with others in the Conservative movement and/or Republican Party.

[With an eye on trying to get more of a Red-Dogs Union rather than creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that some will become RINOs (we so ….. I’ll let you pick the word) because we drive them away (in part, not that some will even allow themselves to consider that – we can/do harden them as they do harden us if they are completely uncooperative and disloyal) with our Primary rhetoric/battling. Chicken or the Egg – with everyone always blaming the other side for the rifts.]

It’s easy for some in either Deep Red or Deep Blue States (or Deep one or the other Districts within States – Michigan is Purple these days leaning to Blue, but I’m in a definite deep-Blue county), things will pretty much always shake down the usual direction no matter what folks do… Not so plain and simple Battling for the Purple-land (or those lands shifting: exporting/expanding BLUE-ism, Red-Dogs, RINOs, CINOs, DINOs, PLINOs, and Blue-Dogs, oh my… The Political Zoo – what/who are they?, using Primaries to build up future candidates [which we are focusing on, I hope, in this Diary], etc).

It would be nice if we could keep the focus on the REAL enemies: Democrats. [Shame we have to keep covering the obvious ground over and over again!] While, yes – working to ensure Conservative control within the Republican Power base…. It doesn’t happen by pounding on the doors/windows from the outside [in depth Sit-It-Out discussion, can one catch RINOvirus: here [Brian’s Diary] and here [Moe’s Diary], [what I have come to call the] ZERO-strategy [in Dan’s Diary], Deli-story [In Erick’s Diary, a analogy to go along with another RSer’s Sports analogy], again, Bi-Partisanship has really been Democrats joining with Republicans (here) [Brian’s Diary] and here [different Erick Diary], etc].

So, again, the main questions/concerns —
Where are they Now?
Who are the Next?

Perhaps some of the Candidates we should already know about, because of great local appeal (and somewhat State-wide Conservative activism) but we don’t yet. Why don’t we?? Get them to step up involvement and ensure we do all get to know them on a first-name basis so they have our automatic/unquestioned support when it comes time for them to File For Candidacy for an important race/campaign. Yes, of course, there is NO SUCH THING as an unimportant Office, but you know what I mean!

Existing positions within a State that should already hold State-wide appeal would be Secretary of State, Attorney General, Lt. Governor, and what else? Do “WE” (Conservative? Republican? hopefully both??) hold those posts? Who are they?? Why don’t we know of these folks Nationally, for “GOOD” reasons not (or being on the right side of a) controversy? 😉 lol

Name key:
Well considered Conservative Republican name [bold/italic]
Republican (non-Conservative or unknown) name [bold]
[Live in a Deep Blue State/Area? (click here to see Natl. Conservative PACs to donate to)]

Good one to start with since the State has been the source of many discussions regarding Pat Toomey (join/donate) vs. Arlen disreSpecter (either our desire to have Toomey beat the snot out of him in the Primary or now in the General Election since Benedict Arlen has done us the favor of going to the Party he best belongs….. IMO, of course 😉 … Tone, Joe, tone – lol). Since Senator Spectacle (he-he) is clearly in the other Party now, it is FAIR GAME and open season on him, where we should still watch ourselves and be “RESPECTFUL” [be respectful, or be banned (the Diary)] in regard to other Republicans (again, Reagan’s 11th – at least some restraint would be nice). I had to bring that point back up through the back-door here. Anyway….

We are CLEAR on who was/is ready and best suited to take on Arlen Specter in the General Election because we had all hoped he would knock him off in the last Primary he went up against him. Having someone else in the race, as a “Friendly Primary” as outlined previously, would be welcomed (as long as there isn’t a third we would have to be concerned about splitting votes too many ways and lose our top-candidate; but if he/she is the top-candidate they should not lose).

Having had Toomey prepared for this run helped us to keep Tom Ridge out of the Race (though I do NOT hate him as much as some fellow Conservatives do, I consider him a loyal Bush Red-Dog while others insist he would pass to the RINO category if in the Senate). We will NOT have to find out. That is part of the point of having other Conservatives in U.S.Senate or Governorship (State-wide and/or National focus) races to have our next Conservative candidates primed and ready and unquestioned (unless we have 2-3 real good Conservatives to choose from when they all compete – still leaves them open for the next Senate or Governorship or whatever runs then)….

How about Rick Santorum? I see him on TV on occasion, but what is he really doing? Will he, could he, should he, be running for an Office and which one?? Can we see a rematch against Bob Casey (D-PA)?? What about a Governorship run??

What of Lynn Swann? Was/is he Conservative enough?? Will he, could he, should he, be running for an Office and which one??

William Russell (Campaign site) (Donate) will again be challenging John (I’ll have you sent back to the War, remember that one?) Murtha (D-PA-12) don’t forget to give him your moral and financial support.

Who should join Toomey in a “Friendly Primary” for the U.S.Senate seat so as to set them up for a run against Casey (D-PA)?? or Rendell (D-PA-Gov)??

What of/about Tom Ridge? He did serve the Party. Before you go on about the “supposed” Threat Level controversy you need to see the The “Pretend you’re a Liberal MSM reporter (and Spin the story)” Challenge [now with Aug.2009 Tom Ridge book Distortion update] before going on. Is there nothing Pennsylvanians should want to allow him to serve his State?? You actually expecting him to just go flip burgers at McDonalds?!?! PA needs to determine (this 2010 Senate campaign should really tell us) if PA has gone to Purple and actually into Blue? Even then, though, a Ridge run in 2012 would be a BAD IDEA, IMO, for the obvious point of the Presidential Race and the Democrats easily trying to do the Bush morph advertisements. Does he have to wait for a Republican President again so he can have a Cabinet appointment in order to earn a living?

A brief aside… Let’s Go Red Wings! 😉 lol (vs. Pittsburgh Penguins in Stanley Cup rematch from last year. I was hoping for a Philadelphia Flyers [Went to a Flyers Game and a Palin Rally broke out] vs. Wings Cup this year – rematch from several years ago.) [update: Congratulatoins to the Penguins on winning the Cup – bad for the NHL but hopefully we’ll see another rematch next year so we can take it back from you :P]

*** ILLINOIS ***
The next logical choice with also a former NFL great: Mike Ditka (see this Blago diary for background)? Is he “Conservative” enough?? Could a Conservative really win the ACORN central State?? Should he step up and save IL as he may have been able to have saved us from having Barack Obama from even having become an Illinois U.S.Senator (again, see this Blago Diary)?? Would/Could he beat Roland Burris in what IMO will be yet another Style over/rather-than Substance campaign (middle ground voters allowed themselves duped into) in Illinois?? Illinois’ Chicago-thug-politics warrants, again IMO, a potentially non-traditional Candidate and Battle for that seat, so it doesn’t get bogged down as much in the Policy wonkiness and focus on the guy beyond reproach versus the tainted Burris!?!?

Who should join Ditka (if he could be persuaded) in a “Friendly Primary” for the U.S.Senate seat. A Conservative to help with the anti-ObamUnism and/or anti-corruption message(s) and bolster Ditka or go on to win the Primary and have Ditka endorse/support him/her?? Or, so as to set them up for a run against Richard Durbin (D-IL)?? or corrupt (at least morally, IMO, if not otherwise) Pat Quinn (D-IL-Gov) [Chicago Tribune: Blago removed Quinn in]??

Who are the Conservative champions that can correct all the corruption that has held Illinois hostage for decades??

*** FLORIDA ***
Another obvious one for the next focus. With all the Crist/Rubio discussion [multiple sub-links], Why we are we even caught in this position? We didn’t prepare and bring along our Conservative Candidates properly/well-enough, IMO, is the easy answer. We needed a ready/easy/obvious choice that would have almost been unchallengeable – please don’t tell me someone is going to argue this is the case now! I do NOT question those putting forth Marco Rubio (donate via THIS RedState link so they know we RedStaters are supporting him directly) but we needed to have known more about him far sooner and had him ready and unquestioned as the right choice for Florida’s next Senator!

Normally, the next logical question would be: Who should be in a Friendly Primary with him to work toward being the next well known Conservative crusader. BUT, it is obvious that in this case/race he cannot have a fellow Conservative in to split-the-Primary-vote in his bid against Charlie Crist (R-FL-Gov) in the 2010 FL U.S.Senate Primary – discussed at great length thus far and which will continue on an hourly basis 😉 here at RS from now until that Primary Election day.

What staunch Conservatives in FL need to be stepping up now to prepare for “Friendly” (or otherwise) run for the FL Governorship (and whether that will be against Crist if he is left behind)??

What of/about Jeb Bush? We’ve all had big issues with Charlie Crist, but some of us have had questions/issues with Jeb Bush also!?!? I would be willing to “potentially” see him in the U.S.Senate but frankly I do NOT want to give another Bush a chance to let-me-down! Who will (or will ANYONE) be ready and primed to challenge Bill Nelson (D-FL)?? If Crist wins this Primary battle will Marco Rubio be primed for that battle or BEATEN TO DEATH and unviable – this current Senate race needs to be fought to push Conservative ideals but be RESPECTFUL enough to be sure to NOT DAMAGE EITHER OF THEM and potentially handing BOTH FL Senate seats, as well as the next Governorship, to the Democrats!!! Like it or not, both of them will be important to FL Politics for some time to come! Any-one’s slash-and-burn desires may yield that (Democrats claiming all)! BUT, NO, this is NOT a Crist/NRSC versus Rubio Diary (again, plenty of those on an hourly basis being created), but more about WHO COMES NEXT for us (Conservatives) to work for BEYOND 2010??

What of/about Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp. I’ve never heard his name, but I had at least known who Charlie Crist was before he became Governor as FL AG. He was “Primed,” as I put it in my/these “Strategy Scenarios,” when it came time for a Republican Governor Jeb Bush (or other potential position) to be replaced. That is, of course, the big point and why I am hoping we have this/these discussion(s). Or was/is that all just Jeb Bush’s fault?

*** ARIZONA ***
Another fairly obvious one in retrospect now! Why haven’t we had a Real Conservative step-up in what everyone believes to be a solid Red-State to challenge U.S.Senator John McCain, that so many of us consider to be a RINO (we all KNEW that if he remained in the Senate he would run for President again), in a “Friendly” or “Blatantly Hostile” Primary before this one? And I am working hard to bite my tongue and keep this as respectful as possible!

Is Chris Simcox (donate/join) sufficiently Conservative and have enough clout to really have a shot at unseating McCain [going at McLame in a Primary, finally]?? Will confusion of the “Border Groups,” of one of which Simcox founded, cloud the issues and therefore his potential for wide support??

What of/about J.D. Hayworth? Talk was that he might challenge John McCain for his Senate seat, is he still considering a run?? Should J.D. Hayworth challenge McCain or would that just split the Primary vote with/against Simcox and just help John McCain??

Who should join Jon Kyl (R-AZ) in a “Friendly Primary” (or is he NOT Conservative enough and therefore should be challenged for his seat seriously – we are always hearing everything about McCain I don’t know a thing, really, about Jon Kyl) for the U.S.Senate seat so as to set them up for a run against Jan Brewer (R-AZ-Gov) (now that Obama helped get rid of Nappy (D-HSA)). Is Jan Brewer (R-AZ-Gov) (since she moved up from her Secretary of State post to Governor, as AZ does NOT have a Lt. Gov. post) Conservative enough and will get the job done?? What about any who are NOT Pro-Amnesty (not trying to insult, just asking) Conservative Arizonans with a chance for the Governorship (or is Brewer a Strong Borders Governor)??

What of/about Ken Bennett? Is he Conservative?? We know he became AZ-SOS when Jan Brewer became Governor. Bennett, and others, lost to Brewer in the Republican Primary for that SOS Office, but was then appointed to the post by her. What goals (if any) should AZ Conservatives have for Bennett??

*** OHIO ***
Where is John Kasich? Former Congressman and key player in the Balanced Budget sent on to Bill Clinton for passage! Sure, we’ve seen him on TV from time to time, but what is he up to really?? Last I heard he was being pushed to step up and run for Governor of Ohio?? [Update: He IS Officially running now]

What of Kenneth Blackwell? Former Ohio Treasurer (appointed/elected), H.W. Bush appointment to undersecretary of HUD, Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, with unsucessful runs for Congress and Ohio’s Governorship. Recently, he ran for RNC chairmanship. Does he carry enough support to push for Congress again and then potential U.S.Senator run??

Who are the up and coming Conservatives and can/will any of them get enough State-wide/National support to take on Sherrod Brown (D-OH) who already appears to have some heavy Primary challenges on the Democrat side?? Attorney General and/or Secretary Of State Offices??

*** MICHIGAN ***
Where is former staunch Conservative Governor John Engler and once touted as a potential Vice-Presidential pick, has faded into obscurity. John would have been pretty-good U.S.Senator Candidate material at one time. Could he come back and make any effective run now though?? He and Michelle are probably still pretty busy and having their hands full with their Triplet daughters.

One we know and have high-hopes for is Congresswoman, and former (very popular) MI-SOS, Candice Miller (R-MI-10). Can she position for a U.S.Senate run to unseat Debbie Stabenow or Carl Levin?? Another is Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI-12), though he has upset some RedStaters over “uncertain” Automotive bailout positioning!

Current Michigan AG Mike Cox has recently announced he is running for Michigan Governor to succeed Jennifer Gran(munist)holm (D-MI-Gov) who must vacate in 2010 due to Term-Limits, giving Republicans its best chance to reclaim the State in some time. Joining Cox in the Republican Primary are (at least) L. Brooks Patterson the Oakland County Executive (long-shot IMO because he alienates and drives up anti-votes from Wayne/Macomb counties), Terry Lynn Land (R-MI-SOS), and Pete Hoekstra (R-MI-02). They will meet the probable (though may have many Democrat challengers) John Cherry (D-MI-LtGov).

All of Michigans former promising Conservative Candidates have seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth. Who is out there that can save the State from the Ultra-Liberal Senators Levin and Stabenow??

*** OKLAHOMA ***
What is former Congressman (and another with Football ties) J.C. Watts Jr. (former R-OK-04) though some say he was much more a Red-Dog Republican at the Conservative times rather than so much a true-believer?? Rumored to be considering a run for OK Governorship, more recent news reports say he has “passed” on that potential.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has a Diary here at RS: Coburn announces re-election bid looking to continue to work with fellow Republican James Inhofe.

*** VIRGINIA ***
I am going to defer this State to the fine Diary of RightSideRedux’s: VA GOP 2009 = 2010 Victory? We must and can focus on the now with an eye still on preparing people for beyond that. Short term strategies and long term strategies, working in conjunction! [Update: The Fight for the Governorship is critical in determining/demonstrating the Baracklash (h/t: scarlos for the term) visit: McDonnell (includes DONATION link)….. On/about VA-02 please see this link for a Moe Lane Diary]

*** OTHER ***
What of your State if not mentioned? I was really concerned about some of the high-profile battle States and/or so-called Battle-ground States (some “Purple” or tottering). Look in the Comments for an existing sub-thread for your State and if none exists yet start a Comment letting us know the State in the Comment-title (like/suggestion: Conservatives: Where/Who: STATE-NAME) and start us off with your thoughts on Where/Who is Conservative and should be running or preparing for Campaign runs and for What Office?!?! (see too: Campaign handicapping factors – Analyzing Campaign chances by more than “gut feel”.)

Moe Lane’s: Five House Races To Look At and I have been asking around: MA-GOP Will anyone be Challenging Frank in MA, Anyone?!?!. There has to be some Car Dealership owner getting the short end out there to recruit?!?!? Who should we be supporting to challenge Dodd? or Reid? or other countless Democrats that are the most vulnerable they have been in decades!

*** CONSERVATIVE 527’s ***
Remember last year how McCain wasn’t running his campaign to our liking and his “unwillingness” to run some Ads we’d prefer? Well, some 527’s came along. Even if you have a specific Candidate or 2, 5, or 12, consider giving to these early/often so they can support ALL CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES AND/OR VALUES across the country.
Senate Conservatives Fund
NCCF: Natl. Conservative Campaign Fund
CVF: Conservative Victory Fund
Conservatives for Patients’ Rights
Let Freedom Ring which gave us this Never Find Out Ad campaign
Come back to this Diary and report via comment the Conservative PACs you come across and think worthy of note and our support.

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Regards, as always, from NoMoTown (The MOTORlessCITY) and remember: Liberals, looking to do for[?] America what they have done to Detroit and, in the last decade, the rest of Michigan!

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