So, what does Obama NOT want you paying attention to?!?!

Pay no attention to what is happening, we (Obama Administration) want you to focus on the “Hysterical” … oops, I mean, of course, “Historical” (read: RACE-baiting Identity Politics+, which isn’t new for Democrats/Liberals) Latina/Hispanic SCOTUS pick (not really+, maybe and maybe not, read on to discover why, but don’t expect the MSM to bother to provide any Facts)….

This is about “their side” the ObamAgenda, what about “our side?” Companion Diary: Are we preparing Conservatives via 2010 Campaigns for ’12,’14,’16 Races? – shouldn’t we be?!?!

Since it has been suggested the SCOTUS pick is a “distraction” or “deflection” [h/t mark_i: Obama’s Supreme Distraction as well as Erick’s: Breaking News], I contended true but not as some see it, I started this list as to what Obama doesn’t want you paying attention to [moved from comment to Diary by request]. It is not about Obama being “distracted” but fodder for the MSM [MSM bias] to distract the masses on/over while Obama and the Democrats try to Ram through other agenda items. While you are focusing on the Sonia Sotomayor (“SoSo” as some have named her 😉 lol – but once you examine her record, the things she has said HERSELF, etc you will understand she is NOT even “so-so” as one might call Souter. She is much more Left and Activist) nomination [SCOTUS Empathy? I thought it was EQUAL Justice!?!? / Obama’s 2001 Redistributive Justice (see his own words via video) / Identity Politics / first Hispanic on SCOTUS? / Yahoo: Is Sotomayor the First (or Second) Hispanic Pick for the Supreme Court? A:second (First was a Republican appointment)]

Before we get to our list of the ObamAgenda items that he doesn’t want you paying attention to, let’s be clear about this SCOTUS pick. It is for the very reasons below that we MUST fight any/all Liberal Activist appointments to the Bench. We all know that under the Liberal/Progressive Activists Incremental-ism playbook, what they cannot/do-not achieve today through Legislation (or that is enacted they do not like) they will often attempt to push their agenda via the Courts. Nothing mis-shapes the battle to prevent Democrats from passing Unconstitutional Acts than by stacking the SCOTUS with Justices that will just IGNORE the Constitution and uphold their Tyranny.

Having said that, Obama/Democrats/Progressives hope you only pay attention to the “SoSo” drama about to unfold while they perform slight-of-hand (shake your hand with their Right, while pick your pocket with their Left) on the most drastic “Change” to the American way of Life. So, just what does Obama have to distract/deflect from? It proves to be a very long list, of which I only touch the first few here….

1. First and foremost, a Stimulus [Democrat’s Money Laundering (PC excuses to Tax/$pend) / $timulus, a bailout to believe in? / RS(search): “Stimulus” related diary links] that isn’t stimulating – while less than 10% of the monies have been spent they are trying to claim it is putting people to work or those infamous unprovable “Saved Jobs” BS (and therefore must distract/deflect)…. If the Economy “is” coming back some, and only 10% has been spent – perhaps the other 90% SHOULD BE CANCELLED!?!?!? Now, the fact that even the monies allocated (that 10%) isn’t really doing anything yet, it hasn’t stopped the “This future Project being brought to you by BHO” pat on the back, pander for future votes, signs from going up all over!

2. Climate Scam [Climate $cam – Climate $cam / Climate Cycles/Shifts / China projects – China gets the Flood/Drought Cycles preparation right / Tidal power generation (finally) / RS(search): Global Warming / Climate change
] policies about to be unloaded unto the country (partly hidden through the EPA going to regulate CO2).

3. Moving to taking over Health Care takeover [RS(search): Nationalized Health Care], or at least giving Democrats as much control via Government agencies (which always remain under Liberal control at the under-Director and mid-level management permanent jobs despite whomever is President).

4. TARP / Bank takeovers [RS(search): TARP] all the “Monkey business” going on via the TARP control and even with/through the FDIC….. (oops, sorry, forgot we can’t have the word “monkey” anywhere around when dealing with a “Black” President [see: Stop Monkeying around] you know, the usual RACE-baiting deflections). Not to mention avoiding the Mortgage meltdown and how that turned a “slow-down” into a full-fledged Recession [CRA, Glass/Steagall (aka:Steigal [sic]) reforms, Sub-prime Mortgage meltdown, and the Democrat deregulation lie].

5. Car company takeovers/control [RS(search): Auto Government control/takeover] and the Liberal control being taken over by handing them to UNIONS rather than direct Federal control (aside from CAFE and all the other BS going on that relates). Turning control over via giving UNION control rather than direct Democrat/Liberal control via the usual Liberal stacked Government Agencies (stacked over decades at sub-Director and mid-level management posts – regardless of who controls Congress or the White House) and whatever other unintended consequences (Democrats always ignore) that will come along.

6. State Bailouts [RS(search): State bailouts] can you say California and any/every other Liberal State that Obama will be looking to pander/buy future votes from. (see: BLUE-ism)

7. The National Debt [RS(search): Debt, Budget, Taxation] which ties back to Stimulus and those others above/below that will appear in this list and the FACT that Obama and his Democrat allies will be creating Debt/Spending here-to-fore not achieved in all previous Presidencies COMBINED! Include in this one, the soon to come Taxation [Extortion, pure and simple (to raise taxes or avoid/enact legislation) / How about NO Federal Taxation (States’ Rights)? / Daniel Hannan (British MEP) – mbecker’s: What the Leader of the Republican Party should sound like! Productive vs non-Productive sectors of the Economy same here as in UK.].

8. GITMO [RS(search): GITMO] boondoggle and how AG Holder’s [Holder (AG prior judgement?)] previous firm(s) who represent 12 detainees and want them RELEASED INTO THE United States.

9. Defense / GWOT [Surrender Doctrine (Democrats ALWAYS cut/weaken U.S.Defense) / Loose Lips Sink Ships (Feinstein Torpedoes Pakistan) / Iraqi SOFA (TV next?) / RS(search): Defense/GWOT] … not to mention the next few worth separating out….

10. add to this now NoKo Nukes. [RS(search): North Korea (NoKo)] No doubt BDS will go on here and avoid any Clinton discussion(s).

11. Iran’s Nukes [RS(search): Iran] and how Israel may need our support (and probably won’t get) IF they Strike.

12. Card Check [RS(search): Card Check], which of course won’t be called “Card Check” anymore…. It’s all about the oxymoron (completely reverse terminology of) “Freedom of Choice” – more like Freedom to Extort [Extortion, pure and simple (to raise taxes or avoid/enact legislation)]. If this passes we will see an unprecedented Corporate Flight out of the country (above the countless we lose over Taxation being too high in the U.S.), once again Democrats creating more of what they claim to want to solve [unintended consequences (Democrats always ignore)].

13. Fairness Doctrine [RS(search): Fairness Doctrine, Free Speech, and “Localism”] that equally isn’t being accurately labeled anymore, it’s all in the name of “Local-ism” now….. B—s—- (oops, was that out loud?)

14. Democrat corruption [Blago for only one / see 2008 Election Issues recap (with links) the “Chicago Thug Politics” section / RS(search): Political Corruption]

We must do more than just “HOPE” that the ObamAgenda items above that have not yet been passed/accomplished (2,3,6,12,13); that we can turn-back the damage of those already signed (1,4,5,7,8); remaining vigilant on the remaining ongoing other battles in the list; or the new ever-unimproved manners the Left looks to harm the country; and sending them to the ObamaFAIL list.

What else folks? [2008 Election Issues recap (with links)] I’m sure I’m missing some things.

All of the above relating to: How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES – since we have to spell it out

An aside, won’t Pelosi be happy to finally be off the main-stage – note how Obama was more than happy to let her sweat that out on her own. That was unexpected bonus distractions for Obama. [Troll/Moby notice: EIT’s are NOT torture]

In regard to OUR SIDE: What/Who should we be paying attention to? Conservatives: Where are they Now? … more importantly… Who are our Next (up and coming)? Races to watch/prepare for across America!

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