How Obama's FAILURES are the country's SUCCESSES - since we have to spell it out

Since the Left won’t let twisting, spinning, lying, about what we are talking about rest – I guess it is time again to revisit. If you’d seen my sig-line I had “I want 0blahblah to FAIL miserably (here & here is reasoned thought why)” in it, but I’ll expound upon it by attempting to spell it out through a different tact.

1. Obama campaigned (as did all the Lefty-loons) on immediate withdrawal from Iraq (abandoning not just the Kurds and Shi’ites like after the the first Gulf conflict this time, but the Sunni’s too) and letting the Terrorists move right back in….
. . . HE FAILED TO DO THAT . . .
In fact he has adopted the Bush “Return On Success” and that is a success for the U.S. (United States interests) and our Iraqi allies. They don’t/won’t, of course, call it the same thing but is abiding by the Iraqi SOFA (TV next?) [don’t get the pun, take a look at the link] and going to keep about 50,000 Troops behind for the foreseeable future. — Win the War and Protect the Peace! — American Success!

2. Obama insisted that the Military Tribunals would end and we would just treat the Enemies of our Nation (Enemy Combatant Detainees) as if they were just common Chicago criminals (coddle and let them off the hook, like Democrats always do)….
In fact the Oblahblah administration is finally admitting the need for the Military Tribunals, but (of course) promises there will be some changes (in other words, they will change the “words” associated with it, like they RETREATED from the GWOT term and the like).

That was/is a quick easy first two.

Now if we can only get him to FAIL in his desire to repeat history (as Democrats always do) in enacting the Surrender Doctrine (Democrats ALWAYS cut/weaken U.S.Defense); their never grasping or attempting to look-at/anticipate and avoid any unintended consequences (that Democrats always ignore); distancing from and harming Allies while promising to cozy up to Enemies (Iran, NoKo, Cuba, etc), worse than any Democrat has done before (think Carter) him (see: Loose Lips Sink Ships [Feinstein Torpedoes Pakistan]); Climate $cam now known as “Cap-and-Trade,” but their focus groups tell them they have to change that term so it is being repackaged; Democrats’ Money Laundering (PC excuses to $pend); corrupting the Census with the help of A.C.O.R.N. (wish I had the link handy to where we went in-depth on how all those Phony-voters they registered will now show up living at those empty lots across America as Democrats living in Blue areas to pad the count); etc….

There are many more examples that can be thought of how Obama had promised he was going to do one thing and is (Thankfully) FAILING TO DO IT, which is a plus/win for the United States by his FAILURE to do so!!!!!! Unfortunately we are early on in his administration and they have plenty of time to lull people into further slumber to ram through more bad policy later while they are not paying attention. Rather than knock myself out covering them I thought I’d put the thought out here for my fellow Conservatives to add to the list.

Perhaps when we have a nice sized list, Rush Limbaugh can do (at least part of) a Show covering them (assuming he hasn’t already, I don’t listen to his show much) as a follow-up to help the numb-skulled folks comprehend the FAIL concept.

For those who still need some minor additional thoughts, I pulled up an old comment of mine (but neither of the previously mentioned comments here & here):

[recap, or for those living under a rock and haven’t heard. some text added to the original post.]

Obama to fail rhetoric…

Guess a bigger Bandwagon is in order…. And I’m not speaking to anyone in particular with this comment, just in general….

There have been some around that were of the “Give Obama A Chance” line…. Can’t read their minds, but I will defend them to the point of saying that I do NOT believe it is a question of them wanting him to succeed in/with any Liberal/Progressive/Socialist agenda items, just that we had to allow Obama to show his stripes to the great unwashed since he at times tries to sell himself as somewhat Conservative (Tax Cut BS, “return to Responsible Government” lines/lies, reviewing the Budget and cutting out what isn’t effective [we, of course, knew that all he meant by that was what any/every Democrat does – cut Defense] and now exposing it is a meaningless amount he’s looked at and at items the Democrat Congress will put right back in the Budget anyway, etc)…. We, of course, paid attention to Obama’s PAST as well as all the different things he said out on the campaign (how he changed his tune depending on his immediate audience available to him) and knew exactly how he would be governing (sound Conservative at times [read:LIE] and govern as an ultra-leftist), and we were willing to stand against it from Day One…

Those who used those lines, again didn’t want any Liberal policies to succeed, just didn’t want the direct (RS: 01/10/09) I want Obama to Fail (here’s why) direct language that I’d used… They wanted to moderate tone and language so as to not be “shut out” of some lines of communications, and IMO how they saw/see it, and a chance at reaching some folks…. I can understand, to some degree, and respect that, but (as I accused a fellow RedStater [whom I like/respect] to challenge his thinking) I think those doing so were just being dupes…. Now, I have to admit that I should have said “unwilling/unwitting dupes” (failing to choose my words carefully enough [see be respectful [tone, terms, etc, matters]) so I offer my friend (he knows who he is) an apology for that omission (he knew it wasn’t personal, just an honest question/debate of approach).

Any Republicans and/or Conservatives using the “moderated tones and/or language” will be used just as we’ve seen the MSM do with John McCain for the last dozen years… To take his “willingness to cooperate” as a Hammer to beat other Republicans and Conservatives over the head with as “Obstructionist,” “Uncooperative,” and countless other negative portrayals… We see it, of course, with the 3 Stooges (SnowJob, disreSpecter, and TomCollins) on the one side to detract from the FACT that REAL BI-PARTISANSHIP has been on the VOTES/SIDE AGAINST all the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Spending (House Stimulus votes) and many of us have been trying to remind anyone/everyone of that – that more Democrats have come “across the aisle” to vote with Republicans against the Porkulus at every turn. The Press ignores the Facts, and reports the 3 Stooges as “Bi-Partisan” spin…. We also see the other side, so it doesn’t matter how we play it (my point, and that of many others), with those against and use the HONEST AND DIRECT TERMINOLOGY of FAIL splattered across the MSM….

Again… Nice to see more finally “getting it” …. (Shame Newt is still playing the PC games of “give him a chance”) Playing nice isn’t going to cut it and just plays into the MSM spin …. which they will do regardless with either “we want him to Fail” or “we must give him a chance” stances. We may as well be HONEST and use the direct terminology and bring those willing to “understand” rather than play a game with the MSM that won’t/can’t be won!

I still don’t expect the Left to get it. Actually, many of them do comprehend it but openly lie about their understanding and alter/spin, or quote out of context, it to the weak minded they can brainwash or the intellectually lazy that won’t listen for themselves to discern what is really being said. There may still be some hope for some Independents, so we must keep the record of what we’ve said and what it means straight. They must have these points demonstrated.

If you need to refresh your memory and look back at the 2008 Election Campaign Issues, you can do so via this recap [with links] and then come back and give your examples of how Obama FAILING to meet his promises is a U.S. SUCCESS! You can go the other direction, if you prefer, and list an Obama promise fulfillment/success and denote how it is going to be demonstrated to be the wrong policy (eventual failure) and for the long term a detriment to the country.

Thanks for stopping by. Regards from NoMoTown. Remember: Liberals – looking to do for America what they have done to Detroit (and Michigan)!

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