Exporting/Expanding BLUE-ism... shaping elections to come.

Exporting/expanding BLUE-ism (Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, politics)…. Shaping the Electoral Maps of the future…. All of this aside from the growth of illegal activities (read: ACORN, Liberal Judges in ultra-Liberal Districts ordering Polls to remain open late [Early- (and the new Late-) Voting trends], and other [Voting Psychology (Bandwagon and other effects) coupled with MSM bias attempts to mold/shape turnout] hi-jinks) to pad Democrat vote totals…

Those fleeing the Soviet Block countries had the brain-power to NOT want to repeat the FAILED Government thoughts/policies of Communism/Socialism (unlike Brain-dead U.S. Socialists a/k/a: Liberals)… Many of them, and I’ve known several living here in the US (Detroit and Chicago area), are the staunchest defenders of US founding principles and members of the GOP for the “Conservative” platform/values it is supposed to espouse!

Yet… Liberals fleeing areas due to Failed Liberal (read: Progressive – Socialism/Communism American style) Policies, don’t learn and take their mindset with them. My First reaction is, in regard to those areas that will lose yet more Tax base and find themselves in even deeper holes: “Let them suffer…” Trouble is other areas (Local Municipalities, Counties, and/or States) will eventually suffer too by these Liberal refugees bringing their Brainless voting patterns with them…

As for these Liberals in their new land… Let them suffer again with ever increasing taxes and less effective Government, as they drag down and destroy their new areas with their Liberal voting. Then maybe, just maybe, some of them will wake up!!! HOWEVER… We know the consequence of these things, because Conservatives concern themselves with “reasoned-thought” and cause and effect principles over the whatever makes them “Feel-good” Emotional bubbles of Democrats/Liberals… In the meantime, while the Liberal may never get the “light-bulb” moment to awaken them, everyone else has to suffer as a consequence! And, those wandering Liberals (or, their children as they move on after completing their time at the Indoctrination Factories) may just repeat the process as Businesses move out and employment drops because of bad Liberal governance, eventually.

Michiganders in the S.E. part of the State have seen the surrounding Counties (Oakland and Macomb, and still more being corrupted) of Wayne County (where Detroit, and surrounding Socialist communities reside) decay from being infested and infected by Socialists… er… Liberals/Progressives…. escaping the Policies and the Consequences of those Leftist Policies from the Politicians they voted in…. As Liberals flee, the morons still take their (level of stupidity and inability to have learned from their Voting mistakes) with them to corrupt the Governments of their new locales… Those Counties now help over-ride the will (and common-sense) of the rest of the State of Michigan in voting Socialist Governor (Canadian Born, they had to import an even more Leftist/Communist – the ones they had been running were apparently ‘too reasonable’) Jennifer Granholm and our Moronic Lefty Senators (Levin/Stabenow)…

The folks in States surrounding CA have seen this same stupidity on the State level… As CA gets more and more Ridiculous/Pathetic in its Socialistic TAX/SPEND Policies (even again now, with the weak Governator not willing to fight hard enough for changes) some folks pick up and move taking their bad attitudes and Voting behaviors with them infecting, infesting, corrupting, and DESTROYING, the next (possibly your Red) States’ politics…. giving us todays warped Electoral College Maps (Red/Blue States) on Presidential nights (close the last couple and spilled over the top to give us Oblahblah this time)….

The Mid-West has faced the same fate, as my in-state MI example… With people fleeing IL and MI to Red/Purple States (Conservative positive growth States)…. Shading them evermore closer and closer (now over the top in many) to the BLUE!!! Some have retained enough Conservative areas to keep Conservative control in their State legislatures while others have had that tipping point MI has and lost ground to more and more Democrat/Liberal eroding Conservative control or onto complete Democrat/Liberal majority control outright.

During the 2008 Election people of the South-East were lamenting, right here in comments/Diaries at RS, the numbers of Liberals from the North-East that have flooded their areas and brought the Stupidity (IMNSHO) of their voting habits/beliefs with them.

As touched on already… People in States all around the West complain about those coming out of CA bringing their Liberal mindsets and voting habits with them.

This has been an issue in the Mid-West for a long time with the Brain-dead, always to be and vote Democrat, fools influenced by the Chicago-area Thug Politics we have often discussed here moving into IL’s surrounding States… some of the North-Easterners flooding into PA, or through and into OH, changing its shade more and more.

Detroit Socialist and Thug mentality, like Chicago, has been exported across the country. As the Automotive industry declined many LIBERALS employed in those Factories (and what-not) have moved into the surrounding counties within MI changing them from Red to Blue. Likewise, many of them have left the State seeking other Automotive related employment out-of-State or other opportunities in general (just as was the case that brought a huge influx of people from around the country as the Auto-Industry ballooned in its growth years – now just reversed flow)…. They keep their UNION mentality, that everyone owes them more and more for the same work (that in many cases, a trained-monkey could do).

I do NOT doubt that Conservatives have moved on also, but I contend many Conservatives with higher skill-sets can/do often find even greater employment (through their core value and understanding that we compete for jobs) in their own areas displacing the less-motivated who just turn to their Union to find them some other automatic-hire job…. Also, Conservatives can often seek to create their own businesses (often in the area they already live) to fill a need. We prefer to be our own Boss and to have a company that turns around and creates jobs for others, while most Liberals just want the safe paycheck with someone else to always worry about it and for the Liberal someone else always to be blamed when things are not good-enough (Class-warfare) for the Liberal!!!

There are certainly Conservative (I’ll use the word:) enclaves even in Blue States. Conservatives when moving on will certainly look for those areas. The Detroit suburbs used to be some of those enclaves and makes my point – as Liberals moved in and infested/infected those suburb Cities/Counties (as discussed about MI above) and turning them more and more Blue!

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As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
Liberals, looking to do to America what they’ve done to Detroit.

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