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[UPDATED: to point to RS:Help items from 2008… Archived items here: RS:Help (06) and RS:Post Rules (06)]

Additional Tips:

Posts that just provide Links (refer to other Articles) and/or Short comments that do not relate to current Full Diary items should be held until an OPEN THREAD is available (usually one Daily on FP [Front Page]), where these Posts/Comments are acceptable.

Following links / Link errors… Some older Pages (Diaries, but especially older Comments) may be pointing to “older” link locations as some Directory locations have changed since the RS Upgrade to RS4.0. If you click on a link and it errors, check the URL for a “diaries” portion appearing between the com and username. Edit/Remove the /diaries/ in your Web-browser Address bar with just a single “/” to separate the redstate.com and username portions in the URL and hit enter to navigate to the new location. Some also may have the word “wordpress” rather than the traditional “www” at the start of the URL which may also require a manual change to the location.

Editting Diary (courtesy of civil_truth):
Here are the steps to editing one of your diaries:
1) Click on “Create New Diary Entry”
2) At the upper left, under your name you will see Write Manage Comments
Click on Manage
3) You will now see a listing of your diary titles
Click on the diary you wish to edit
4) This will bring you to the editing window where you can make changes in your diary
5) Click Save when done

Since the “For HTML Help” link in the RS:Help (08) isn’t currently (March 2009) working you may wish to try these spots: ProffessorNerdy: HTML tutorial (PDF format) or HTMLhelp.com: HTML4

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