Democrat Money Laundering (Re-Distribution)... Pet Projects, Political Pay-Back, Earmarks, TARP II, Porkulus II, etc...

It is all the same old Liberal Spending attempting to be couched in new terms and that is all!

Whether it be a Governor, a City Mayor, or John Q. Public putting forth the “suggested” need for Government Spending doesn’t matter. Couching it as “Shovel Ready” also doesn’t change the Fact that it has been someones Pet Project, for potentially years prior to this point (say, like the LA to Vegas High-Speed Rail, Global Warming / Climate Change agenda related, and countless other such things in the Porkulus Bill). Democrats are eager to funnel countless funds (except anything to do with Constitutionally proper of National Defense – Dems always slash that Budget except to Bases in their Districts) to any related item they feel will buy them votes and/or provide payback to those groups that always pull the JackAss Party lever in the voting booth. Re-Distributive Justice!

They just literally now “Pass The Buck” around a few times… The new “transparency” is to state that $X is going to location Y for loosely termed reason Z – so that Democrats in Charge at that location can then distribute the Political Payback to the minions. Congressional Democrats then report, under this “transparency,” how $X went to Infrastructure or other “well-intention Titled Project” (so no-one then questions it, which is why most things are purposefully mis-titled bait-and-switch plans) while at every layer of Government that the money travels down a degree of funds is cut out for “administrative function” and the leftovers are handed over to the “Democrat Preferred” Groups to actually do some work at inflated prices.

[An “Infrastructure” side note: Bill Samuel AFL/CIO adviser – “Infrastructure – roads and Electric grid…. will more than pay for themselves.” Sure, when they raise the Gas Tax, or make those “Toll” roads, and they raise “Electric Rates” to cover the Grid costs… These DO NOT pay for themselves on their own accord by putting people to work long term generating NEW tax revenues (by having people working, earning, paying Income taxes) not just extorting more Taxes from everyone!]

They can also avoid specifically identifying the funds that will be going to ACORN by hiding it as “COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT” which will be handed over/down the line to other Democrats with links to ACORN…. The “PLAUSABLE DENIABILITY” doesn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t) work here anymore… it has been going on too long for anyone to actually see… it is all BS…..

Further, by allocating funds for “Education” and “Consultation” for those with Mortgage issues, ACORN (despite having no such expertise) will be at their local Democrat Officials doorstep for some handout under the guise of them filling that need. No doubt, they will have a few seminars on the topics, but there will be NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the Millions (if not Billions) that they will receive under this bait-and-switch operation. Meanwhile, all those phony Voter Registrations (with much more to come) has helped lay the ground-work for them (ACORN and other Liberal operatives interjecting themselves into the process) to skew the upcoming Census! For you Liberals who do not know how Government works, means inflating the number of people in Democrat Districts to have automatic fund allocation via Government distribution of funds formulas – not to even mention how it will aid them to attempt to draw the Districts to keep Liberal Democrat controls over them.

It is simply amazing they (Democrats) can go on TV and tell BOLD-FACED LIES to America on a daily basis about all this spending…. Now all about “Stimulus.” We keep hearing excuses for FDR that “we did not spend enough” to ward off or bring us back from the Depression. This provides the False coverage, EXCUSE, to spend countless Trillions toward Government Growth. None of this even begins to address the basic premise and simple math (Liberals can’t grasp) that when you take away Governments Tax Base (slush fund) to pay more Government employees, it leaves even less to actually spend on buying actual supplies to build/repair the Roads and the like! [I’ve not yet found the link to where I covered that “basic math” here at RS.]

Democrats can call the manure (Earmarks, Political Payback, etc…) whatever they like, or continue the strategy to deny it is there at all, it still is manure.

Meanwhile, Liberals walk around with Nose-plugs in place and wonder why they don’t perceive the obvious radiating pungent stench! They continue to only listen for the Flowery Titles, like SCHIP, and avoid any Facts about the details (like covering people in their late 20’s and for people earning up to $80k/year) which has more to do with incrementally moving to complete National Socialized Health Care and little to do with Insuring, or otherwise providing Health Care to, “Poor Children!” The Democrats can “correctly” point out, avoidance of the full facts/truth, that the SCHIP Bill doesn’t state the ages/salary (like NJ’s $80k+ amount) – the “tactic” is to deflect and purposefully deceive, by passing the process to another process (in this case, State “Exemptions” and Implementing Legislation) that defines those as percentages of “Poverty level.” Liberals are then too lazy to do the Math to get the “actual effects/results” the real hidden intent at worst, or the law of unintended consequences the Democrats always ignore (fail to think things all the way through), at best (if we want to be charitable about their devious actions). When things are exposed, they use the later as cover!

Liberals: See NObama, Hear NObama, Speak NObama!

Then there is, of course, all the Double-speak. While Obama says nothing Publicly about/against more planned Spending in the Trillions with TARP II, Stimulus II (even when the ink on this one isn’t fully dried yet, let alone any monies re-distributed), he speaks of “Cutting the Deficit.” Actions continue to speak much louder than his words!

Liberals complain that we “cannot know his intent” – see self-professed “Liberal” Tarheels23 (for which I’ll give him some honesty points) here at RS: you assert this as if you know him. Can’t we?!?! We actually listened to all his campaigning and promises of Big Government, “Re-Distributing Wealth” (HIS OWN WORDS/TERMS), etc… to you fellow Socialists… er… sorry… “Progressives” out there.

[Laugh break: Good thing McCarthy did such a good job in rooting out Communists in Hollywood all those years ago… It is so Conservative now!]

While Obama returns to the campaign rhetoric of telling one group such things as: “We must ‘reform’ how business is done in Washington…. Responsible Budgets…” he promises yet more Wasteful Spending under the “we must do something” mantra of “Stimulus.”

And I haven’t even touched on calling Spending “Tax Cuts!” Very little is any actual Tax Cut, some is Tax Rebates (Democrats are fine with letting you get back or keep some more OF YOUR OWN MONEY short-term, but never permanently), yet plenty is Welfare under the Socialized redefined “Tax Cut” terminology.

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But hey… Relax… the Land of Milk and Honey is just around the bend…. Too bad with BAD Democrat Policies (Inflation to come) those will cost $10-25 a gallon to purchase… Rest assured, Democrats will then have a Plan to help you Mortgage your Milk purchases…