A Strange leap.... care to Play along? Obama _____.

Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and the “Misery Index.”

As the title states – this is a leap – so it will be up to you whether you hang in with me while we get through the “strange” to get to the point and then (hopefully you will choose to) engage in some discussion of the point, that we will eventually get to. 😉 I know some of you are here just to see what “strangeness” may abound, but regardless – all are welcome…

As I sat watching a marathon of The Match Game “Holiday” episodes (meaning, Christmas-time, back when they could call them “Christmas episodes,” but even at the end of the 70’s incarnation run of these shows there were some folks making an “issue” of Charles’ wearing of a Santa suit on air… those Left-wingers were always as they are today in Hollywood… but anyway… where was I? oh…) I thought of this strange little diary idea…

I’ve watched the re-runs of this (probably my favorite, maybe second to Hollywood Squares) Game show seemingly forever. Political references would always creep up. Some Nixon references from back then on occasion, but a large number of the re-run episodes remind us of the Jimmy Carter era, and obvious connections in the “Fill in the Blank” opportunities to poke at Carter’s administration short-comings. It was/is those Carter memories (all night-mares really) that is the stimuli of this topic.

I have often around RS stated my fears that Obama is going to return us to the days of Carter, hence the connection of “Match Game,” Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama, in my minds ability to stretch an association. 😉 Like I said, at times within Diaries there had been some connections of ObaNomics to Carter, I thought I’d dedicate an actual Diary to that potential! or should that be – Potential?

Gas shortages are not likely to return, though if they cause additional strains on Refinery operations they may, but high gas prices (RS discussion: If Obama is elected: The return of $4.00/Gal Gas and continued 70% Imports) are IMO a sure bet at some point during an Obama administration. But, will that be a side-effect of Democratic policies accidentally (Democrats ignore law of unintended consequences, and we pay or Obama/Democrats Surrender doctrine and Defense Cuts leading to more Middle-east turmoil and Oil crisis) or by (Taxation, Cap-and-Trade, failure to Drill here, policies prolonging CRA induced Mortgage meltdown, upcoming ObaNomics $timulus plan, etc…) design? Certainly the fact that Obama to push Global-Warming agenda (despite the current scientific data) is going to have a bearing.

Of course, knowing of the real pain to come the MSM is covering for Obama (before he even takes office, rather a continuation since his Iowa caucus start) by attempting to pre-blame anything and everything on the Bush administration. The NYT even is preempting the inevitable by introducing the Return of the Misery Index story, to associate and attach the stigma to/with Bush. The new “Great Depression” proclamations have gone on since the Election, while we still wait for the official “Recession” of Two straight Quarters of Negative growth. It cannot be denied we are on our way out of an “Economic Slow-down” and the direction isn’t currently up. With Obama poised to take the White House, with a cast of Democratic leadership characters in control of the House and Senate, the “Progressive” wish-list of what they “HOPE” to do to (er… for) America ensures Obama’s Pledge (sure he meant it as a warning though) that “The Economy is going to get worse before it gets better.” The Misery Index currently is at 7.77%.

Misery Index Facts: Bush’s current 7.77 (which might creep a little upward his last months in office) equals that of JFK’s first year, about the same as Clinton in 1997 (mid-way administration), and barely higher than Clinton’s 7.35% when he left office. It is also lower than the Bush 41 years average of 10.5%, and is in stark contrast to the high (Carter legacy) of 20.76%. Bill Clinton’s average was 7.8 and George W. Bush’s is 7.88, but you never heard the “Misery Index” term even once during the Clinton years!

So, to close… You can follow with the line of thinking of how Obama will certainly NOT be the return of Camelot and more be Jimmy Carter Jr. Further discuss the Misery Index, or its Inflation and/or Unemployment rates sub-parts. Laugh at my minds ability to wonder and/or wander. Or, just have some fun (in the spirit of The Match Game) and complete the following: Obama _______!

PS: Remember RedState this Christmas giving season.

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