No, he shoe-dint have

You have all, no doubt, heard (and probably seen the video footage) about the Iraqi “reporter” that hurled his shoes at President Bush during a Press conference in Iraq. However, you probably have yet to see/hear about the Che Guevara connection. The MSM cannot pass any opportunity to display any human they can find that displays displeasure about the Bush administration.

President Bush was not expecting gifts on the visit, and it turned out the Iraqi wasn’t caught up in the Christmas giving spirit (knowing Bush to be a Dog lover) and presenting him with some hush-puppies, but was throwing his shoes in what is known as an insult. A form of saying, “you are beneath me.” President Bush got the last laugh by just ignoring the intended insult meaning and laughed at the man (Muntadhar al-Zeidi of a minor Iraq TV outlet) joking to the remaining Iraqi Press, ‘so you can have the facts straight, they are size 10,’ figuratively throwing the shoes back in the mans face.

Apparently, the Iraqi “journalist” was just trying to point out that George W. Bush is just ducking the is-shoes. Yet another example of Liberal Bias in the MSM, even all the way over in Iraq! Reports were untrue however, that al-Zeidi was singing Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots” as he was dragged from the premises.

I couldn’t have been more correct (re: Liberal) it turns out… a later news story had footage of the al-Zeidi home where a nephew threatened to throw shoes at Iraqi officials if they didn’t let his uncle go free… In the background… A POSTER OF CHE Guevara! While I have been very tongue-in-cheek (catch that one), this part is not at all a joke, there really was a poster of Che (watch the CBSnews video below closely, you’ll see in interview part with his nephew the Che poster on the wall). It doesn’t get any better than that nor more telling.

Mr al-Zeidi refuses to is-shoe an apology. He is jailed, though many call for his unconditionsoul release. Since it is doubtful heel ever learn, he may as well be released, especially during this “Christian” (Christmas) time of forgiveness, love, caring, etc…

Had the shoe been on the other foot and al-Zeidi assaulted the Iraqi President they wouldn’t be so forgiving. In fact, he’d be six feet under had he attempted to do that to Saddam or his Sons while they were around.

In the History of the Iraqi conflict, Muntadhar al-Zeidi will no doubt be relegated to nothing more than a footnote.


In all seriousness though….

I APPLAUD President Bush treating this Pathetic… Little… POS… Petty…. Moron…. with NO RESPECT by demonstrating that he was/is “NO THREAT, WORTHLESS, AND NO NEED OF MUCH A REACTION!”

The room was cleared/swept prior to the Press conference… Those getting access to the room had been screened…. Entrance involved extensive weapon scanning (but shoe-bombs, not joking, may become more of a concern/issue in the future)…. etc….

If you watch the whole ordeal you see President Bush extending his Right arm out to “stand down” the Agent that was going to step in front in order to provide protection, as additional people come in from other rooms.

As for the Pathetic (al-Zeidi) individual… HE NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED, AND MADE EXAMPLE OF, FOR ASSAULT. Terms like “FREE SPEECH” are coming out in his defense over there… This is a good learning opportunity for the morons (and I AM NOT referring to all Iraqis, just the anti-American ones that give us no credit for liberating their country giving them these Freedoms) in this emerging Free State and Democracy that “Free Speech” is ONLY THAT… Speech…. Assault and Physical Manifestations are NOT a protected form of “Expression!” Heck… Good lesson for MORONS ON THE LEFT IN THIS COUNTRY TO FINALLY LEARN!

The US MSM reaction is, of course, typical and expected, as they portray al-Zeidi as indicative of Arab or Islamic viewpoint of Bush and/or America because of G.W. Bush. Any other monolithic labeling of these groups would be deemed Racist and insulting, but somehow when the Liberal MSM does it is is “factual” and “informative.” Yeah, Right… NOT!

The MSM enjoys playing up this story and the Anti-Bush narrative and that somehow violence is the norm, while constantly avoiding the positive and increasing Peace that is over-taking Iraq. We see nothing about the historic SOFA (Status Of Forces Agreement) providing Radical-Elect Obama with the luxury of withdrawal in VICTORY!

Che Guevara