Who BlahGo (IL-Gov) should appoint to US Senate NOW, and why they should accept? Plus, Special Election, Mike Ditka, Special Prosecutor, and more... [UPDATE]

In this Article, The Blagojevich ordeal basics, following the Obama connections, Chicago thug Politics, the need for a Special Election, Mike Ditka, who should Blagojevich appoint IMMEDIATELY regardless of this controversy (before he is stripped of authority to do so), and more… (now including updates: “Burris appointment” and “Harry Reid right for the wrong reasons” as well as, in the be careful what you wish for and how you argue the case in/for, “Blago Impeachment under ‘Fit To Serve’ concerns” and “Campaign contributions versus Quid Pro Quo conspiracy” thoughts/concerns [see comments section])

The IL Gov arrested in corruption scandal broke early yesterday (Tue 12/09) and we early morning bloggers got immediately to commencing the discussion (I’ll provide as many cross-references to those discussions links as possible here in this blog). Yesterday afternoon I already started saying What did Obama know and when did he know it? … The need for a Special Prosecutor, because after all it is a “serious set of circumstances” and any allegations, or even implications, “demand we look into this matter.” I say that, specifically, because you (may or may not) remember how the Democrats always ask the General Public to get behind them in the need to invoke Special Prosecutors to investigate anything/everything that involves Republicans, whether a Republican President is involved OR NOT!

So, DEMOCRATS, let a Special Prosecutor look into this matter and make sure your Radical-Elect isn’t involved. We suspect, and evidence is starting to surface to back up the notion, that Obama is already lying (see Moe’s: Apparently Axelrod “misspoke”) Diary, or listen to Rush and/or Hannity over the next few days (as the “soundbites” of Oblahblah are already being played) about how Obama DID meet with BlahGo about his replacement! I also joked that soon we’ll be hearing from Oblahblah that BlahGo is just another ‘guy in the neighborhood’ and how there are not enough Buses in IL for all the people Obambam will now have to throw under them. Like he had to do with Wright, Ayers, Rezco, etc…

We’ll get to WHO SHOULD BE APPOINTED to the seat IMMEDIATELY, but next let’s look at the continued news/potential. Immediately after the news broke over BlahGo (yes, that is not how the beginning of his name is spelled, but it goes better this way with Oblahblah’s nickname), we at RS began the discussions of the need for a Special Election, the chorus of which began to resonate across the country (even in IL) soon there-after. Frankly, IMHO, WE AT RS should take the credit for that. 😉 Deserving or not – what the heck! I also started a plea to any/all Republicans listening (er, reading) to attempt to recruit Mike Ditka (Chicago Tribune: 2004: Ditka punts on Senate run) again. Amidst the countless blogs on this topic, I contended Ditka (had he run) may have SAVED US THE AGONY OF OBAMBAM! Perhaps that notion will help to convince him to step up now.

Should a Special Election take place to replace Obama, the Issues (RS: 2008 Election Issues recap) may matter much less than the “CHARACTER” issue (Finally, it may resonate) and Ditka’s celebrity, integrity, popularity, etc… may lift him to victory as the people of IL look to distance themselves (we can “HOPE”) from all the IL Politicians and the corruption that runs deep and wide. A “standard” Republican candidate, IMO, WILL NOT CUT IT!

As for who could/would/should BlahGo attempt to appoint to Obambam’s empty Senate seat and take it?!?! I have several options. If Blagojevich (which appropriately sounds like a Russian Mafia figure name) wants to still boldly go forth with his appointment process out of spite, and I greatly encourage him to do so. 😉 Blagojevich has the following potential options, and the following folks should seriously consider accepting the post for the short time they would get to Office before being voted out in the next election cycle.

Good tease? hope so, 😉 because before I name them… Why should a potential appointee say Yes? Simple…. they (these folks otherwise) are relegated to obscurity anyway, and here is there ONLY chance to actually make a splash in national US Politics…

A great name would be Tony Rezco, because Rezco is the 1 (one) degree of separation between Obama and Blagojevich. Obvious trouble would arise from that name, the first of which being his convictions (we mean “convictions” as in “found guilty” of Criminal charges, not personal convictions, but that is nothing an Obama Pardon couldn’t fix) and the MSM begins its attempts to distance the Blagojevich to Rezco to Obama linkage..

Seriously though…

First, Kathy Cummings of the Green Party (NOTE: Green Party statement on arrest of Blagojevich) candidate. Here is a chance for BlahGo to appeal to Ralph Nader (deep pockets for eventual pay-back) by appointing a Green Party candidate and putting in place someone that will caucus with the Democrats. Since BlahGo is so bold and undoubtedly feels he’ll escape all charges, he’ll have the seat ready and waiting for him to run for.

Next, there has to be an up and coming, and eager to make a splash, Socialist Party candidate. In an area full of “Progressives” that are assured of getting Democrats elected, many must be “unhappy” with the degree to which the Socialist… er… “Progressive” agenda is not advanced quickly enough and would lend themselves to the Chicago Socialist Party as an alternative.

What about Libertarian Party candidate Jerry Kohn (from the 2004 election for IL US Senate).

Also running for the seat in 2004 was Independent candidate Al Franzen (Franzen snubbed, not Senate Debate invite).

Then, of course, there are the fun suggestions… like asking Al Franken to move to IL to be appointed. How about Obama’s original opponent for the seat Alan Keyes (which might drive both sides of the aisle crazy, especially if Franken picks up the MN win – could you imagine Franken and Keyes facing off in a Senate debate)?

Lastly, and beyond all these immediate/current concerns, will everyone learn the Lesson!?!? ALL States should amend Laws/Constitutions to REQUIRE a Special Election in these cases to avoid any potential for corruption. There is an alternative, and the one that I PREFER is, by letting a State Legislative body make the selection – WITHOUT GOVERNOR APPROVAL OR VETO! If you want to save the CO$T$ of a Special Election, let names be entered into nomination into a States’ Senate body, deliberate, and let the States’ Senate make the final appointment. You will have an honest/open discussion and vetting of anyone that gets promoted to the US Senate from any State in these situations then. Another reason why Illinois especially needs to let IL Senate decide (permanent change to their process) is because if a Special Election is held we know record number of Dead people in IL will come out to vote for the Democrat in the Special Election!!

[Update – Sunday 12/14 – after-thoughts]
I have held this questions since day 1 that it became a need for THE PEOPLE OF IL TO REPLACE ITS SENATOR SEAT!?!?!

It is up to the people (and its processes) to determine… Obama has LEFT the Senate seat for his own PERSONAL Political POWER GRAB, not for the betterment of the State of Illinois…. How they aren’t Ill-annoyed at this yet is beyond me… WHO CARES WHAT OBAMA THINKS… It was NOT Obama’s Senate Seat… it was/is a US Senate seat belonging to the People and State of Illinois that Obama happened to hoodwink people into electing him to so he could launch a Presidential bid and Oblahblah should have ZERO say in it being filled!

Some other references that factor into ANY Illinois Election:
Exporting Chicago Thug (Obama “Get in their Faces”) Politics / Voter Intimidation / Violence – Banishing anti-ObaMedia (FBI/IRS investigations of opposition next!?!?) or try VA Obama supporters mishear it as “Spray ’em with Mace” so they did see Erick’s – behavior like 3rd world despots and tons we discussed I was unable to find those links, but try as well as RS:Category:Voter Suppression

[UPDATE:] BURRIS APPOINTMENT Dec 30, 2008 CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Burris appointed by Blagojevich

So BRAVO BLAGO…. for playing his fellow Democrat Fools for the Fools they are…..

Blago has done EXACTLY what I said he should do (in this blogs original text) in appointing a lame duck Democrat that isn’t otherwise going anywhere in Politics and/or the Democrat Party…..

While Blago will probably be Impeached… He is still the sitting Governor and has the RIGHT AND OBLIGATION (as Blago himself has correctly pointed out) to make the appointment to the US Senate. Clinton WAS Impeached, but none of his “appointments” or anything he ever did thereafter was EVER questioned as “legitimate” by the Left and MSM allies!!!!

So… BRAVO BLAGO for playing this PERFECTLY and exposing the SHAM between this and the MN situation….

[UPDATE:] HARRY REID, HAS IT RIGHT FOR THE WRONG REASONS Jan 5, 2009 CHICAGO SUN-TIMES “Burris: ‘I am now the Junior Senator'”

Harry Reid has it right (Breitbar tv: Harry Reid cites ‘Legal Authority’), but for the wrong reasons…. This situation varies from SCOTUS decision that everyone is touting (Adam Clayton Powell)…. This is an issue of the “Appointment” not having been properly “Certified” at the State of IL level by the IL SOS and the MN (Franken seat) which was also NOT yet Officially/Legally Certified by the MN SOS they would prefer to rush into the Senate….

Moe Lane’s thread (RS: Reid and the Franken seat) points out how Reid was dissuaded from rushing to seat Franken… shame we stopped him… it is their desire to rush Franken into the Senate (before that Race is Officially certified) that points out the hypocrisy and blatant POLITICAL nature of how Reid is picking his stands!

The US Senate (Harry Reid) DOES HAVE AN ISSUE/POINT….. Since the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois has not yet “certified” the appointment, then this is still an issue of the State of IL! But it is ONLY on that point they are correct. We have heard endlessly how the Democrats (the Madigan Liberal clique, of which Blago is not part) is opposing this pick (really, any Blago pick of course) and that the SOS of IL was/is on board with their UnConstitutional (IL Constitution and IL Law, let alone US Law/Constitution) attempts to prevent Burris from taking the seat….

We KNOW that Harry Reid does not give a darn about this as a State Right issue….. Reid, and the others, will be more than Happy to Welcome (well, happy it’s a Liberal/Democrat, not that it is this particular clown being) Al Franken to the US Senate …. the game will be CLEARLY up when/if they do indeed do so before the MN SOS certifies the Election…. Further, whether MN Dem’s push to have it certified before the REQUIRED 7 DAY PERIOD allowing Coleman to File Official Challenge (Contesting the Election) and the 25 Districts that have more votes than those checked in to vote there issues…..

All I am saying is that we be clear in this issue, that Reid may be denying him PROPERLY if the State of IL has not got its act together. Burris can/will/should File suit against the IL SOS for not “certifying the appointment” as required by IL law…. The IL SOS (from my understanding) does NOT have any choice in this matter but to certify whether the “appointee” meets Constitutional and/or other IL legal requirements to be a US Senator (and Burris does) PERIOD. but until he is actually certified by the State of IL SOS his “credentials” are indeed NOT IN ORDER and he can/should be barred from the US Senate….

Again, we all know this is a sham, and the Franken admittance ASAP would further expose that but we must keep our discussions/arguments to be Factual and Complete.

Don’t get me wrong… we certainly want to keep the issue in the fore-front…. These fools need to be continually called on this hypocrisy….

Once the IL SOS signs off on this appointment, there is ZERO grounds to block Burris from the US Senate!

If further is wonderful that Bobby Rush is trying to portray this as “RACIST” or a “Racial” issue….. how hilarious….. There is only one group LIBERAL DEMOCRATS that have to interject Race where it has absolutely NO PART. This has nothing to do with the Race or Party even, it has to do with Legal Authority and the Constitution at both the State and Federal levels!

More discussion on this particular aspect (the Jan. 6, 2009 Burris to the Senate) in Moe Lane’s Burris festivities blog.

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