Remember RS in your Christmas givings

This is going to be a brief and to the point Diary.

While the “Contribute” link (bottom of the RS Front Page) only goes to a “stub” I still urge you to find a method to help RS this Christmas season. As Neil Stevens’ reminded me, RS is a business… It has ADVERTISEMENTS! So please take the time to Click an Advertisement or two, or three, or ALL OF THEM… in order to get RS click-through credit for the Advertisements!!

Keep your eye on the “Contribute” Diary (via the “Contribute” link at the bottom of the RS Front Page (or remember the: http://www.redstate.com/contribute/ URL and check it at later dates to see when it goes active.

Hope they had enough funds to keep all the Hard Working folks (paid and volunteer) in sufficient supplies of Pizzas during all those (and future) long hours as they bring RS4.0 to life.

Thanks to RS for all it is and all we hope it will be in the Future…

Please give a RECOMMEND to get it in the Reco-list (once it’s working 😉 need to keep it on that list) so we can be sure all RS’ers see… Use the “Share This” function to send this to all your friends you know visit RS…

God Bless,

with humble regards,

PS: Maybe they can let us know a local Pizza place that we can call and Charge a Pizza to be sent over to the crews 😉

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