Obama to push Global Warming agenda (despite the current Science data)

SubTitle: The Government force of Green agenda against “traditional” Energy to hit new levels of hostility (Big Govt. to push Democrat’s invested agenda) Boston Globe: Obama vows action on Global Warming and/or FoxNews: Obama Plans Meeting With Al Gore To Talk Energy.

Tuesday December 9, 2008 – President Elect (read Radical-Elect) Barack Obama flanked by Al Gore and VP-irrelevant Joe Biden discussed how the upcoming ObamaBinBiden Administration would be advancing, what to them is the undeniable truth, of Man-made Global Warming, and that the time for actions would begin immediately. According to Obama ‘we have listened to the Scientists!’ Trouble is, they ignore the new data and/or anyone that doesn’t care to push forward this Democrat POLITICAL issue/agenda!

We too believe the Scientists that (as of late) have noted that the Oceans have been COOLING the last few years. We PAY ATTENTION TO THE SCIENCE and the facts that WARMING has ceased the last half dozen years despite Al Gores insistence on his “Hockey Stick” graph that while Carbon continues to climb that Warming MUST/WILL continue. Despite their (Democrats) demagogue of this issue, the Scientists DO NOT HAVE A CONSENSUS! Many “Researchers” are more than happy to be on the band-wagon entirely because it puts Grant money into their coffers, and little to do with real science.

Remember all those pre-Election comments, when we were lucky enough to have microphones in front of him (Oblahblah) during a brief moment of honesty, which included the Coal industry (links at bottom of this Diary, as well as other Environmental related Election issues)? Remember the discussion of Job-killing, anti-America-competitiveness, Cap-and-Trade? Just when we finally had the “Drilling Ban” lifted, but I digress…

While the Weather Channel is no absolute final source of/on Weather (and many Liberals within the network push the Global Warming agenda), founder (the man who cared enough about trying to make a Channel that would be the definitive source of UN-BIASED data, study, etc… regarding the weather) John Coleman points out Global Warming as “the greatest scam in history.” More here: newsbuster.org: ManMade Global Warming myth – John Coleman (Weather channel founder).

[UPDATE: June 2009: Further discussion of this agenda PLUS additional conversation on what we can/should do regarding Climate CYCLES (shift, rotation, etc) rather than Warming Paranoia is at: RS: Skanderbeg: First Evening of the ICCC coverage Diary/link
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