What would YOU spend your $3,271 Bailout Check on? A "Bailout" to "Believe in"

As discussions go on and on over whom to Bailout next, and with how much Taxpayer money to add directly to the National Debt, the Pay-Go crowd (what Democrats mean by that is, Pay for Votes and Go unaccountable) prepares a new Stimulus plan. AP: The latest federal moves raised U.S. commitments to contain the financial crisis to nearly $7 trillion.

With $700 Billion (TARP) already half used and a limitless list of those with their hand out to gobble (yep, had to have a Thanksgiving reference lol) up the funds, a new/fresh $700 Billion is being looked at. Some Democrats say that well over $1 Trillion in “stimulus” may be needed to “help” the US economy. Let’s just call it an even $1 Trillion and be down with it…

$1 Trillion would provide a Bailout to each and every American citizen (as reported on Fox) $3,271. If we’re going to have a “Bailout” and a “Stimulus” then perhaps they should be one and the same.

A Bailout we can Believe in, or at least participate in…WARNING: SARCASM (in part)

A Check of $3,271 to each and every US Citizen would provide that new “Trickle Up” BS Obamanomic (latest incarnation) screwballs are pushing. Of course, Democrats don’t want you to have control of any money, YOU are the ATM machine for their $pending $pree! If they really meant it, YOU could (with your $3,271 Check in hand) help all the following

Every Parent could put into the BANK their child’s $3,271 to actually save for that Child’s own future College Education (helping the Child for College and the Bank, call this section the Leave No Professor Behind act). Yes… No???? Hasn’t Obama PROMISED to help kids afford College… That would help!!!

People behind on their Mortgages would have the cash to help catch up on their Mortgage payments! That would help the Homeowners (DIRECTLY) and the Banks. Hasn’t recent discussion been about how to help the Homeowners directly?!?! And then the Banks can use this cash they get from back payments to Buy up other Banks as they are so anxious to do.

People who have broken down cars (count me in this one) could use the Check as a down-payment on a new Hybrid (yeah, right) vehicle. Wouldn’t that help keep the Big-3 going? You know, actually being able to EARN money by having to meet a demand for cars!?!?! That would help the Big-3, dealerships, Junk yards (for all those old cars), etc… as well as Financing Firms.

Those not paying any Federal Income Tax might actually then have an Adjusted Gross Income to FINALLY raise them to the level of owing Federal Income Tax. Won’t that help them FEEL A PART of the “Rich” crowd that actually has to Pay taxes!?!?

Perhaps local municipalities will have more revenue as some may be able to Pay their back Property taxes with the $3,271?

The local Malls will swell with teenagers shopping for the latest Video game attachments and/or games. Won’t that help Retailers?!?!

Farmers would actually be able to keep their Farms, as citizens would be able to make the trip to the local Grocery stores again. Restaurants will be able to retain Employees (good to keep unemployment down) with some of that $3,271 of those shopping again stop by for Meals once again.

I could afford to go to Vegas in the middle of this Winter and go warm up, Michigan gets too cold.

What would YOU do with your $3,271? Call Obama and the Democrat leadership and DEMAND YOUR BAILOUT CHECK!

Feel free to let us know what you would use your BAILOUT for or use this thread as serious Bailout/Stimulus discussion. A mix of the two can be informative and fun (and therefore therapeutic).