Sarah Palin to US Senate?

The race has not finished as I write for AK, but it looks good that AK will be “attempting” to return Ted Stevens to the US Senate.

Very simple Question: Should Sarah Palin be Ted Stevens replacement?

Or, do you wish to defend Stevens and his Legal Appeal(s)?

Not much to be said here, just an opportunity to turn it over to all of us at RS for discussion (Sarah and Ted in general, or the Senate seat specifically) in a Diary dedicated to the notion!I myself have mixed emotions on the topic. I like the idea of Governors leading the way in/for our Party, rather than Senators. Yet, since she has got the National stage and attention, sending her to the Senate where she can garner the “additional” experience on top of already having been a Mayor and a Governor, even for short times she has that “Executive experience,” and build the Foreign Policy and other aspects she currently lacks.

UPDATE: NOV 20, 2008With Stevens conceding the loss of the Senate seat, the option is lost.