Thoughts on "Early Voting" and The "Reform" we need not the "Change" (Progressiveness toward Socialism) ObamaBinBiden promise

Server time-out errors have me paranoid about loosing text/responses, so I’ve been putting some various/random thoughts into a txt file… Rather than “perfect” (yeah right, you know what I mean) them, I thought I’d throw them out for you to help me (and you) better/fully develop the thoughts further… Feel free to focus on the serious questions/issues or the silly ones [had to add this comment and Sarcasm warnings, most will get the point despite stated in the fashion they are].

I make NO APOLOGIES for wanting to preserve the Representative Republic and the Principles of the Founders. [No doubt some clown will turn that into some Race baiting BS.]

EARLY VOTING: or whether folks should actually be expected to Vote on the actual Election day!?!?

One – Early voting, what’s next: Late Voting? So they can go pile on some votes if they (Democrats) find they are behind in a State?

Two – So you want to complain about disenfranchisement?

Here is an idea to frustrate the other side: Go Early vote, procrastinate in getting processed in to vote, drag out the amount of the time you spend in the booth (or whatever, stall), and/or otherwise slow down the process! Make sure people are WAITING A LONG TIME TO VOTE FOR BARRY!

When you are finally done voting – Exit and proclaim how hard it was to decide but you finally voted for Barack Obama

WARNING: SARCASM ALERT on #2 (tad bit of it in #1 also)

Three – Voting should be limited to First Tuesday in November as the Founders put forth…

If you feel voting is supposed to be just another one of those casual things… Perhaps it should be “spread out” officially and properly (uniform). Should it be done through Constitutional Amendment making the Election the “First Weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) of Nov.) and make them National Holidays!?!?

WARNING: SARCASTIC question/comment follows: Maybe Government should just do that for everyone too, or at least arrange to pick people up? People can’t manage anything for themselves according to the “Progressives” many elect.


Reform, NOT Change (especially not the Progressive Change toward Socialism that is really the default stance Obambam defaults to [hints at when he slips – “Spread the Wealth,” “Virtue out of Selfishness,” “Clinging to God and Guns,” etc… Not to mention the Bidenisms and other stupid comments we occasionally hear “Progressives” like Murtha, Pelosi, Reid, etc… all slipping out showing how they really feel]) and what they really think and plan for the country.

This Diary should not have to be written, and (in the minds of my fellow Conservatives) would write itself. So, I’ll just set it up and let you join in:

We need to Conserve/Preserve the Constitutional Republic and save its tenants and principles, NOT fundamentally Change (PROGRESS) it into the Failed models of old Europe (ruling Elites that oppress with high Taxes) or the newer (which is a slant of the oldest) Asia Socialism/Communism (a different set/kind of Elites ruling and suppressing Freedom, wealth, peoples) and constantly looking to pit people (in order to cast blame away from themselves) the people against each other. We see everyday the Liberals (oops, sorry “Progressives”) dividing and conquering based on Race, Class, Sex, using/fomenting envy/jealousy and/or distrust.

Help me (and more-so, our Democrat and Independent “Friends” here at RS) out and explain it further. Some, might still be reachable/savable. I hope!

SEE MORE HERE AT RS: Turnout and Voter Fraud (CO, NM, NV, OH, OR, PA, VA) – Early Voting (Constitutional?) and Reform or Change or Military Vote Suppression in VA and Having to over-come the Legal and ILLEGAL votes cast for other side as well as B. Faughnan on how OBAMA’S OWN CAMPAIGN, like acorn, has submitted FALSE VOTER REGISTRATIONS then there’s the VERY DETAILED Alyson’s Diary – FAQ Voter fraud/suppression another example 2000 people found in one IN county also in FL and see more via RS:Categories: Voter Fraud / Voter Suppression / Voting

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