Dem's always ignore this Law (and we all pay)

We’ve all seen it, and you can make use of this Diary to recap the countless occurrences of, when Democrats do not think through the Legislation, Regulations, etc… that they push through and impose on Americans. They, without regard to reasoned objections, rule with the old 60’s philosophy of “If it Feels Good, Do It.”

Anything that perpetuates Government (especially when it’s Liberals that will get to continue to administer it) they are sure to push through with a great flowery title. Other times it’s just the Title to provoke a “touchy-feely” reaction from the General Public while hiding language (and often Spending) that people would generally oppose.

Barack Obama, as we’ve discussed endlessly here at RS, and have had countless examples of Obama himself having said in his own words, interested in “Marxist Professors” (from his book), redistributive Justice, etc…

What has been the current response to the Democrat Party openly moving toward more Socialism?

Rather than explaining how/why their policies and plans are not Socialist (because they can’t, because the plans are) they whine about the label. Their minions across the country (and not just the ones that will be getting the handouts) rather than attempting to persuade the Democrat Party to heed the lessons of history and that Socialist Nations Fail and fall in on themselves, they get defensive (us vs. them) in the usual “touchy-feely” Liberal action/reaction and are willing to march headlong off the cliff.

At risk is the future of the Country. The long term consequences are dire. We have been unable to stall, let alone reverse, the out of control Power mongering of Bureaucrats put in place by Liberals 20, 30, even 50 years ago. We cannot afford to let this happen and potentially pushing the country to the point where the only method of correction becomes “the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed!”
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The Democrats latch onto something that purports/portends (yes, you can say ‘pretends’) a “good intent” (but that belongs within the realm of individual Charity) and always/eventually twist it into something unrecognizable and only to do with consolidating their power and making people dependant. Again, many people fall for the notion that they can feel good about themselves for having done something (voting for someone else to do what they should be doing themselves), and not taking any responsibility for the unintended consequences they helped bring about by their vote.

AS FOR REPUBLICANS (plenty [Conservative principles] they have been ignoring lately)…

We/Republicans have (seemingly) given up on the argument that “Government closest to the People is best.” Recent Govt. waste and malpractice are yet more examples why the Federal Govt. must be cut, Taxes lowered, and Power placed back at the States where it belongs.

Then, if States need additional funding, it is up to them and the citizens of that State to determine the course of action. Each State must decide for itself if its own needs are being met and cutting Budgets in one area to meet the actual needs in another or to raise taxes, rather than allowing the Federal Govt. as the shake-down artist (and use of the Federal gun-barrels to enforce) picking our pockets to pay for things we would not otherwise freely offer our funds for.


Some around RS have been talking about the direction and methods the RNC should be using to get things corrected. Frankly, I think the notion of another Contract With America will not fly because it was obvious that the notions and principles of the Contract were abandoned by the Party. When President Bush took office in 2000 and we had control, the Contract should have been IMMEDIATELY DUSTED OFF AND REVISITED – IT WASN’T!

The Contract contained so many things, like my favorite: Spending Cuts, A – Z. This was never under-taken the first time, and should have been brought back up when we had control in 2000 with a Republican President. Even if (yes, no Super-Majority in Senate) the House had NO EXCUSE to not bring it back up and DARE the Senate to ignore the Votes/Bills generated by the Actions. Instead, too many Republicans just wanted to make like Democrats and have an issue (Spending) to demagogue.

Line Item Veto!?!? Why wasn’t that revisited?!?!? If for nothing else than to bring it up and to put forward as far as possible the language of a Constitutional Amendment. Passing another Law and forcing another SCOTUS showdown on the Issue. If SPENDING BILLS are supposed to be passed on their merits but can be lumped into an Omnibus Bill to ram through the Pork/Earmarks, and that is Constitutional – Explain to me again how/why that the concept/act of the Presidential Veto isn’t also automatically implied???

Term Limits!?! We (Conservatives) had tried to get Term Limits. Some Term Limits were indeed passed on Local/State levels, but stalled on the Federal level.

The President is limited, and there is NO EXCUSE that we cannot get a Constitutional Amendment to limit Senators and House Representatives. This will take a long time to get done, and my fellow Republicans have had NO EXCUSE to not have been spending at least a little time (here and there, EVERY YEAR) on keeping/bringing the issue back to the fore-front of discussion and attempt ACTIONS NOT JUST WORDS!!!

Contract Discussion here at RS: Contract With America, part two?

More can be said in this regard, but I’ll leave it at this for now and open up the floor for the rest of you to add to the thought process.

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