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Some Diary entries get lost in the shuffle, IMO. Some days the number of entries trickle and other days they FLOOD and good stuff gets pushed off the page, sometimes in less than 8-12 hours. I hope you’ll consider reviewing some of these (in the Issues specific labeled area) that I thought worthy of note (alot more also are worthy, some I enjoyed but can’t find off-hand to link them now and probably still many more that may not have ever been seen) as well as mine from the last few months below. There are great ones in the RECOMMENDED box on the Front Page, obviously, all worthy of reading, this is meant to point out some you won’t find there (yet?) and some that were in the RECO list but valid far beyond their time there and worthy of revisiting. Feel free to add some Posts here to make the case for Diaries or Posts (your own or others) that may have also already rolled off the “Recommended,” “Members Diaries,” and/or “Front Page.” Though Front Page ones kinda already had a big chance at exposure, some may be worthy of being revisited, let me (us) all know…

Most of these focus on arguments against the Obamabots (Trolls/Mobies) roaming around and deal with ISSUES of the campaign. Obviously, I hope you’ll be so kind as to check out mine (Many Thanks to those of you that have stopped by and read and/or Recommended some of mine already and/or take the time to do so now):

NOTE: Since the site upgrade some directories have changed and therefore some of the links broken here and/or in other Diaries… I’m working on them as best I can to get them functional again. So, my apologies if some aren’t working still/yet! The issue is often if the word “diaries” is present, and some with issue having or missing an “archives” directory (just so you know, so you can trying correcting them yourselves as you come across them here or anywhere else across the Red State pages).


Actually, I’m going to throw in here some favorite RedState Quotes (some with links to where they were said):

Some Diaries and/or Posts (many comment links are mine, but are within a Recommendable Diary with good discussion on subject matters that keep resurfacing) follow. I enjoy so very many (and I click the “Recommend” button as I find them) of the writings from so many (can’t mention them all here – see also: 2008 Election Issues recap [with categorized links]), these are just some I happen to have had links lying around to (by Subject):

I hope you’ll also consider reviewing these of mine and a few others’ mixed in:
* Mike Devine’s – American Exceptionalism
* Democrat Health Care Townhall propaganda – a chance to directly report on the specific events and the Talking Points they spout and refute them
* Republicans must be the Party of NO [to Socialism] not the Party of SLOW[er Liberal Incremental-ism]
* Are we preparing Conservatives via 2010 Campaigns for ’12,’14,’16 Races? – shouldn’t we be?!?!
* The “Pretend you’re a Liberal MSM reporter (and Spin the story)” Challenge
* Tony Cruz’s: But He’s Black!
* ObamAgenda – So, What does Obama NOT want you paying attention to?
* So, What does Obama NOT want you paying attention to? – revisited/updated(July ’09): current Distractions
* How Obama’s FAILURES are the country’s SUCCESSES – since we have to spell it out
* Red-Dogs, RINOs, CINOs, DINOs, PLINOs, and Blue-Dogs, oh my… The Political Zoo – what/who are they?
* Exporting/Expanding BLUE-ism
* Moe Lane’s: Handy Checklist for people who wish to complain about the RINOs in the GOP
* Democrat Money Laundering (a/k/a: Re-Distribution of Wealth and/or Pay-For-Play)
* The RNC Called… I hung up
* Can we afford Obama $URRENDER doctrine and Defense cuts during time of War?
* Loose Lips Sink Ships (Feinstein D-CA Torpedoes Pakistan), why Democrats cannot be entrusted with National Security
* Obama to Push Global-Warming/Climate-Change Agenda (despite the current scientific data)
* What would you Spend your $3,271 Stimulus check on?
* Dem’s ignore Law, we pay
* Who BlahGo (IL-Gov) should appoint to US Senate NOW [updates on Roland Burris], and why they should accept? Plus, Special Election, Mike Ditka, Special Prosecutor, Campaign Finance, and moreโ€ฆ
* Obama/Democrats Climate $cam (Global Warming agenda despite current Scientific data)
* Iraqis acquire SOFA, is a TV next? (can Democrats still snatch defeat from Victory in Iraq?)

Some older (somewhat outdated) or lessor Diaries:
* be respectful, or be banned (the Diary)
* RS Help Files
* CRA, Sub-Prime crisis, Mortgage Meltdown, & Democrat deregulation Lies
* No, he shoe-dint have (the al-Zeidi shoe throwing), both a comedic and serious look at it
* Match Game: Obama _______.
* Who BlahGo (IL-Gov) should appoint to US Senate NOW [Roland Burris update], and why they should accept? Plus, Special Election, Mike Ditka, Special Prosecutor, links to Obama, and moreโ€ฆ
* MSM Election Spin/Narrative, they decide you’re to follow
* Eric Holder (Obama AG nominee) puts Elian Gonzalez back in News
* Vote Psychology (Bandwagon, Bradley, etc) effect
* “Early Voting” and “Reform” NOT “Change” (introduced the “Late-Voting” term going on in MN Franken/Coleman Race)
* Contract With America, II?
* Delaware needs a new Senator (replace Biden) who could/should it be?
* Sarah Palin to US Senate?
* 2008 Presidential Election Issues recap
* Went to Hockey Game and a Sarah Palin Rally broke out
* Remember RS this Christmas

* 9/11 Never Forgotten
* Web-Articles/author:JLenard

LEST WE FORGET – some Historical perspective:
Byron MacGregor (1973) The Americans:

Byron MacGregor (1979) Stand Up America:

Byron MacGregor (1979) How Good You Have It In America:

Byron MacGregor 1979 album (partial info):