MSM prepares ground-work for Election night coverage (more bias to influence outcome)

Tim Kaine (Gov VA) sets the stage (one week out from Election night) on the News circuit as he tries to convince the Nations Voters that this race is over and Virginia is going to go Blue this election.

“We’re East coast time, so Virginia may be one of those East coast States to report early. Polls close at 7(pm EST). Within an hour or hour and a half we’ll know how Virginia is going.” (Tim Kaine – News Sunday with Chris Wallace) “[Virginia goes Obama] I just think the path to 270 for Senator McCain is almost impossible!”

Virginia is an important State in the MSM narrative (the “Bandwagon” effect, a play on/with Voters Psychology) for Election night in that, like with the Polls, they (MSM) want to dispirit, dishearten, and suppress Voters that would be voting for McCain by putting forth the notion that the Race for the Presidency is long over ‘so why would you bother to go vote?’ This site (RS) is full of Diaries/reasons why you cannot allow yourself and, potentially more importantly, “soft-voters” for McCain/Palin to fall for it and give up (drag your McCain supporting friends to the Voting Booth kicking and screaming if need be).

The MSM is quick to project/call/report when a State goes for the Democrat, Blue, but waits to call States for a Republican candidate! Easy to see every election. They rushed to call FL before the Polls were even closed in the western counties of FL to try and effect that out-come in Gore/Bush – tell me who tried to steal the vote again??

The MSM will call (really, has always called) the Blue States as quickly as possible while stalling on the Red States in the hopes of instituting the “Bandwagon effect,” suppress Republican turnout, etc… No more is this true than during the reporting of Mid-West States. Any “Swing State” (and as in this discussion, a State not generally considered a “Swing State” they can play up with greater value/weight) that goes Blue they promote, any Red they delay reports or report as “not enough data.” You will see this again this election WITHOUT FAIL/DOUBT!!!

The law should be changed, to STOP the MSM, and/or anyone else (including campaigns), from trying to shade the votes in other States by reporting “exit-polls” and “projections” or out-right guesses. This can be easily accomplished by FORBIDDING the announcement of Election Results, including any “Polls,” “Projections,” or other means, that indicates the “out-come” or “perceived out-come” of any Locality, State, or National, Race or ballot-initiative, until 3 hours after scheduled voting places have Closed.

This could be tailored to just the contiguous 48 States, could even weight it to be 3 hours east of the Mississippi States and 1 hour west of the Mississippi, and the intent would be (more or less) the same. The point is to stop campaigns, the MSM, etc… from attempting to suppress or otherwise shift/influence election out-comes.

Again, we have been seeing this in high gear to shape, rather than report, the election by the way MSM presents Polls and its General coverage (of course). One thing that is shaping up to allow the MSM to “pretend” the see what had been adequate trend in the past to call a State is by ignoring the Early Voting that is occurring. They can easily allow those DISPROPORTIONATELY CAST DEMOCRAT VOTES to be counted in early, ignore them, make the call, and later recant (if needed) if incorrect and plead EXCUSES that they were just mistaken and didn’t really know that the Early Voting was skewing the models/programs they use to compile samplings and make their determinations. There IS NO EXCUSE, as Early Voting is all over their newscasts, but they’ll conveniently not factor it on Election night – because it doesn’t suit the (most outlets) MSM agenda.

It has been shown that there CAN BE (not always a guarantee) that a “Bradley effect” occurs. Likewise, however, there can be the inverse, in that some may be planning on voting or Obama (in some aspects, in relation to being convinced by the Murtha type comments) and not willing to state such because of their demographic (IMO, much less a phenomena, but just my opinion I have no study to cite). Is this the “White Guilt effect?” or is this something different?

Beyond that, back to the relationship of the “Bandwagon effect.” Part of the supposed “Bradley effect” can possibly be explained, if proper study done, to my point that some may stay home from the polls if they’d been convinced of the out-come and convince themselves to not go out and vote. Also explains how/why so many polls fail/backfire, if you think about it.

One such explanation I have heard, makes much sense (needs more study to see if the theory is truly a plausible explanation), is that Democrats have become “more likely” to be willing to speak with the Exit Poller. More particularly, a voter that is/has a vote for the Candidate that is the MSM projected leader/winner. This explains PA in the Democratic Primary and how the Pre-election and Exit polls did not jive! This too, at least in part, may explain what had previously appeared as (been deemed) “Bradley effect,” but rather was/is another failure in the manner Polls are setup/conducted. Just like with any Computer program, (GIGO) garbage data in and you get garbage results out!

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