Can we afford an upcoming Obama "$urrender doctrine/dividend?"

October 2008, Joe Biden: “Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking… Watch, we’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.” Suggested RNC reply Ad (YouTube) at end of this article.

Frankly, depending on the crisis and where it occurs, Obama might actually step-up for the “first test” to puff out his chest and pretend he is something he is not. After that, of course (if he indeed does do that for his first test), he’ll resort to the anti-American apologist to the world and the ObamaBinBiden doctrine will be the “Surrender First” policy.

But more so to my point over the long haul. Remember when Donald Rumsfeld said ‘you have to go to war with the army you have?’ What he should have said was “We had to go to War with the diminished Armed Forces that the Democrats and the Clinton Administration left us!” Down 200,000 Troop level, that extra amount for that “over-whelming” force we could have had. Remember all those calls about not having enough ARMOR? Again, what administration cut back on Defense preparedness spending?

Bill Clinton harmed this country, and we are paying the price ever since, for his supposed “Peace Dividend.” …

The Obama plan will similarly cut Defense and weaken America, I coin it the “Surrender Dividend,” which will hurt our country far beyond what Clinton did during a “relative” time of Peace (if you define it as absence of all-out-war, while we were under attack left and right during Clinton and he just lobbed an occasional Cruise Missile). The Clinton “Ignore Terrorism and maybe it will go away” doctrine escalated to the apex of the 9/11 attacks.

Joe Biden refers to JFK in his remark,and as Lord Benson said of Quayle, Obama is NO JFK. The pronounced/declared “Peace loving” (in this definition, just means unwilling to fight at about any cost) nature of Jimmy Carter (Obama = Carter, not even wishy-washy Bill Clinton) yielded the Iranian Hostage crisis. I do have to criticize Reagan in relation to “cut and run” from Beirut following the Barracks, but he learned, moved on, grew, and that experience helped him understand even more that the “Peace Through Strength” doctrine is the only one THIS NATION’s enemies understand and can/will keep us safe. The Clinton “cut and run” from Somalia after the “Black-hawk down” incident, which set the stage yet again of our enemies believing that the US was again a Paper-tiger (as under Carter). Coupled with continued disarmament under Clinton (yes, even under Republican Congress, forced cuts in Defense for other Budget cut concessions and ultimately Welfare Reform, deals were made) inviting the continually escalating attacks on US interests, without any REAL RESPONSE!! The whole long list, which I go into as part of my 9/11 – Day of Tragedy and Miracles article, I’m not going to repeat here (you all know it anyway, and the Democrat Trolls won’t acknowledge).

If elected, while with a Democrat controlled Congress House and Senate, cutting Defense during war-time under his “Surrender Doctrine,” because (after-all) in his pea-brain he really does believe everyone sees America as the problem and now will be the time that Swords are beaten into Plowshares. They will, but only here in America by his command, while our enemies aboard stockpile and use more and more armaments. Once weakened, though we know we (US) will survive, what will be the long-term costs we will pay for his “Surrender Doctrine” which will be to “Spread the Wealth” by cutting our “Strength Dividend” and providing more Government handouts?!?!?

And all of this w/o even discussing how Democrats making Oil Drilling in America even more scarce than it is now, depriving our Citizens/Military of Resources. Get ready to welcome back $4.00+/Gallon Gas prices.

Remember John Paul Jones – “I have not yet begun to Fight” … Why it is NOT time to give up, companion Diary: Voting – Psychology of the “Bandwagon” effect (not time to give up and how/why MSM Polls slant)

This country cannot afford the ObamaBinBiden Change (World retreats from Socialism, why would we move toward it here?):

Suggested RNC ad to respond to Biden:

Just need to change the last few words to “If we are to survive… We must maintain Peace Through Strength… Elect McCain/Palin on Nov. 4”

Historical perspective:
Byron MacGregor (1973) The Americans:

Byron MacGregor (1979) Stand Up America: